Heat guns - factory equipment and a homemade device

Who has not dreamed of a vacation in the summer in your own holiday home, basking in the rays of the hot sun and swimming in the pool?And if the house is not for seasonal residence and permanent way to warm in the harsh winter?The answer to this question is not so difficult - it is necessary to arrange in house quality heating.Heated house is possible by means of various devices and technologies, not the least of which are the heat gun.


General characteristics of heat guns ↑

This device differs a sufficient degree of power to be used for heating, ventilation and drying of a room at the same time.Such versatility makes the heat gun is extremely popular and in demand in the market of heating devices.

principle of the device is simple and it is that a powerful fan blows air through the gun embedded heating element, and then - already heated - circulate in the room.

apparent advantage of a heat gun can be considered a high level of performance, thanks to which it is possible to uniformly heat the living room quite a large area.In addition, in the winter time heating the whole cottage can be done with minimal energy consumption.

Heat gun is perfect for those premises where there is no heating of the stationary type, as fuel consumption at it a little, and the thermal efficiency is high enough.The ability to pick up the device with a thermostat will allow to regulate periods of operation.So, the gun can be turned on only when the room temperature drops below an acceptable level for you.

Heat gun
heat gun to heat the indoor air

worth noting that virtually no heat gun spread unpleasant smell during use and do not form soot.However, experts do not recommend to install the devices in unventilated areas.

gun can be used not only for traditional heating homes already built, but at all stages of its construction.For this highly selected model.Thus, a wide range allows you to choose for a residential house is exactly the product that will meet all the conditions of residence and the requirements of the owners of the house.

To date, all the guns for space heating can be divided into:

  • gas;
  • diesel;
  • power;
  • heat gun waste oil (multifuel gun).

gas gun for heating residential building ↑

Gas heat gun allows you to rapidly heat the house with minimal cost.Ideal for heating warehouses, construction sites, hangars.In addition, it can help to heat the air in the semi-open and open areas.

The main elements of this type of device are: a fan and a heat exchanger.Fan for forming air streams, and the gas is combusted in a heat exchanger.These functional elements are placed in a metal casing, wherein an increased degree of durability.For the fan will require 30-200 watts of electricity, which will consume a heat gun on gas.Ignition of the heater can be automatic or piezoelectric.

Heat gun Gas
Gas heat gun is able to heat the indoor and outdoor playgrounds

principle of operation of the gas heat gun is as follows: the gas entering the combustion chamber of a special cylinder is ignited through the holes of the burner igniter or enters the burner through the tap of a centralized network.As a result, the combustion gas is heated by a heat exchanger which heats the passing air flows therethrough.

Today thermal gas gun introduced in the market two types of heaters:

  • compact;
  • stationary.

compact model heat guns have small dimensions and a special pen, wheels to easily move the device.The power of such a product ranges from 10-100 kW.

Stationary gas guns are connected, usually in a suspended state, and the rate of capacity reaches 580 kW.

machinery running on diesel fuel ↑

Any diesel heat gun has the following functional blocks:

  • fuel tank;
  • fan;
  • burner;
  • combustion chamber.

Autonomy heat gun of this type involves more stock electronic monitoring system over the flame, the thermostat and timer.

operating a heat gun for diesel fuel as follows: using a pump or compressor from the fuel tank to the combustion chamber is supplied fuel.After that, the fuel is ignited, and the combustion process takes place, supported by the influx of oxygen.It heats the room by heat exchange, which is obtained between the cold air in the room and the warm air coming from the heat gun.

Heat gun diesel
Diesel heat gun is used to heat the non-residential premises with an excellent ventilation

Today diesel heaters are divided into:

  • diesel heat gun indirect heating;
  • direct heating devices.

The guns direct heating of the combustion chamber is opened, and the products of combustion in the operation of the device directly into the room where it is located.That is why such heaters are often used in non-residential areas, where there is good ventilation.The power of these heat guns around 10-100 kW.

Thus, heat guns indirect heating characterized by a closed combustion chamber and the special nozzle, allowing exhaust gas chimney.This type of heater can be used in a residential area where people reside.However, it will be necessary to take care of its regular airing to compensate for the oxygen consumption.The power of guns is 85 kW.

Electric heat suppliers ↑

Electric gun for heating includes such basic elements as a fan and a heating element.As the heating element can be a spiral or PETN.The two main elements are hidden from the rugged metal.

Obviously, electric heat gun works only with the appropriate power supply, differing ease of use.When connected to the mains, an automatic heating of the heating element, which allows for a short period of time to obtain at the outlet a high temperature air.Forced air flow by means of a powerful fan.

Thermal electric gun
electric heat gun

Any electric heat gun has the following characteristics:

  • heat output, which allows you to select which model to choose the heater for the available space.
  • airflow speed which determines the efficiency of the device.
  • weight, which is important when transferring electric gun from place to place.

Heat Guns waste oil (multifuel appliances) ↑

This type of heating devices is better suited for heating residential premises.They differ in efficiency and affordability.To use a heat gun can be used by any type of waste oil: hydraulic, engine and others. The power of these devices up to 20 kW.

Heat gun waste oil
Heat gun on spent fuel - the choice of cost-hosts

Work heat gun waste oil through the free combustion.Special pump is supplying fuel to the burner dish, where it is burned, giving the air is warm.The exhaust gases of combustion output from the chimney.It should be noted that the heating efficiency of the indoor air is also achieved due to the fact that the cup is heated by the combustion.

Heat gun for home with their own hands ↑

If you have the necessary skills, free time and materials can be made heat gun with his hands.In fact, it is not as difficult as it seems.It should be a good understanding of the design features of a heat gun.

So, in the manufacture of guns must perform two buildings: the upper and lower, which will serve as a tank of a fuel.As regards the material for manufacturing the device, it must differ small heat conductivity.This measure allows us to lower housing impervious to heat, which is extremely important, as it will be located in close proximity to heat sources.However, many experts advise to provide a layer of high-quality insulation prevents heat of the fuel tank.

Heat gun with their hands
Homemade heat gun is useful for drying materials, heating cellar, basement, garage

directly above the tank with fuel must be placed body heat gun.So, for the manufacture of the device need diesel piece sufficiently wide tube made of steel or metal.The tube should be selected depending on the thickness of the wall: the thicker they are, the better the pipe.The ends of the body heat gun should be closed mesh or lattice.

In the case itself the product inserted into the following elements:

  • fan;
  • pump;
  • motor;
  • combustion chamber;
  • nozzle.

It should be noted that the housing unit should not rely on the fuel tank, posing a great danger to the latter.Typically, the housing is raised above the tank to a height of approximately 20 cm. The two main blocks arranged the special filter for the fuel.It is connected to the fuel tank of the metal tube.

booster built-in pump fuel reaches the nozzle and then ignited.The process of combustion of fuel occurs in the combustion chamber is ignited and the fuel used in a thick metal tube.Its diameter is approximately 2 times smaller than the body of the heat gun.Mounted on the tube near the center of the entire device and has arranged vertical outlet for products of combustion.

Thus, heat gun to make your own hands, you can, but have to take into account a lot of nuances and treat the process with all the responsibility, because otherwise it may suffer not only the walls of the house, but also the people living in it.The advantage of a heat gun, made with his own hands, is the fact that it will be fairly easy to repair, because you will know its structure and design features.

Video: analogue factory diesel homemade ↑

So modern heat gun on the market of heating devices in a fairly wide range, allows you to choose one or the other model, the most suitable operating conditions.The functionality, usability, aesthetics and most compact heat guns make them the "heart" of an apartment house, warming heat and giving to others.