Local sewage country house with their own hands - it is difficult, but possible

To the level of improvement of a country house is now the same requirements as a city apartment.During the construction of new sewerage facilities of a country house, like water, is laid in the project initially.Availability of communication is one of the main requirements of buyers located outside the city.Their absence makes it unattractive housing, which affects the cost.This is beneficial to those people who are able to understand the issue and carry out the work themselves, spending a minimal amount of funds to purchase supplies, tools and machinery for the involvement of excavation work.


Mapping domestic sewage ↑

Drawingthe literate and accurate project, according to which will be organized water supply and sewerage of a country house, is a priority.To solve this problem are encouraged to seek specialist with education and

experience in the development of such structures.The funds invested in this stage, the work will pay off high-quality sewerage system, executed without errors.Although you can take the time and explore spetsliteraturu on this issue, having penetrated into all the details.This will help later in maintenance and repair of communications, because the subtleties of their work will be thoroughly known owner of the house.

sewerage scheme is tailored to site plan.This takes into account the need for a compact accommodation facilities, which will be supply and outflow of water.This is the kitchen, bathrooms, bathrooms, showers.Ideally, try all the plumbing "tied" to a sewer pipe connected directly to a septic tank or cesspool.The high-rise building is required to set the risers.All the little things recorded in the project will facilitate the execution of work in the future.The approximate scheme of sewage country house can be like that.

Driving sewerage system of a country house
scheme sewerage system of a country house

The chart shows the number of units of sanitary facilities and places of their installation.Recognized methods of supplying pure water thereto.Be sure to take into account when charting the freezing depth of soil in the area, because it affects the location of sewer pipes, which eliminates the possibility of freezing.Also draws attention to the level of ground water, on which the organization of work of the external water drain.With deep location of ground water drainage system will operate by gravity.In other cases, have to use the equipment for the force output from the system effluent.

If a large country house and it is provided equipping the pool, sauna, jacuzzi, then spend the sewer up to the engineering level itself is difficult, and sometimes impossible.Such large-scale projects require the involvement of professional builders.If the dimensions of the house are not as grand as the list of necessary plumbing, the drainage of a country house with their hands is carried out without problems.

mounting sewer system ↑

1. Installation work on arrangement of sewerage begin after the construction of the foundation of the house, its walls and roof.The presence of interior partitions also simplifies the task of reckoning outputs discharges when installing plumbing.

2. Defined and the location of the septic tank, which is desirable to select next to the road.This will facilitate further access assenizatorskaya machine.Also in this case it has a value of distance between the house and the septic tank, which shall be not less than five meters.The depth of the septic tank is calculated based on the volume of waste water, with the bottom of the well should be placed on a meter below the level of soil freezing.

3. Collector, consisting of tightly stacked sewer pipes, located under the slope.This ensures the smooth passage of waste water and sewage liquids.The value of the slope should be at least two centimeters per meter of collector.

Pipes and fittings for the installation of domestic sewage
pipes and fittings for the installation of domestic sewage

4. Installation of sewage country house provides for the use of cast iron or plastic pipes with a diameter up to 100 millimeters or more.And for outdoor use special plastic pipe, painted in orange.The joints need a good seal.The depth of the trench is calculated to a centimeter and with a margin not to dig.This will ensure the hardness of the base under the pipes, which are not prosyadut under the weight of the bulk soil.If this rule is ignored, it will bend the pipe which will cause clogging of its appearance at this point.It is necessary to take measures to eliminate blockages.

5. When installing domestic sewage risers, as well as collectors, made of pipes with a diameter of 100 or 110 mm.This allows them to exceed the diameter of the pipes coming from the plumbing, except toilets.By the way, it is desirable to have toilets in the vicinity of the riser.

Types of external sewage in autonomous houses ↑

Usually in every village in the country organized a central water supply, therefore summing up the water in a country house no problems arise.With sanitation difficult, as long when staying in the country people are treated facilities, located in the yard.Therefore, to organize an effective system of sewer accounts independently for each owner of a country house by choosing one of four varieties:

  • Sump.This version is known since ancient times, it is not very effective, is applicable only in small country houses, with a small amount of waste water by a minimum set of equipment and a small number of people permanently residing.Periodically require evacuation of accumulated waste water, which use the services of sanitary workers.
  • Septic, arranged in the form of concrete overflow wells.The system should be at least two wells, and for better cleaning - three.Wells often made of concrete rings, the diameter of which varies from one to two meters.It also requires the forced cleaning with assenizatorskaya machines, but less than in the first case.As part of the water will go into the ground through the filter well.
  • septic tanks, made of plastic, fiberglass or metal.It finished products, assembly of which has its own characteristics that must be taken into account.Purified water redirected on the filtration field.To clean the tank from settling at the bottom of the sludge also require periodic challenge machinery.Manufacturers offer different types of structures such septic tanks, which are different in terms of processed waste water and the level of depth in the soil.
  • Station, providing deep biological treatment, is the most modern and efficient local drainage for a country house.Typically used in multi-storey cottages having multiple lavatories.Due to the heavy loads the system is equipped with a pump that forced withdrawal of purified water.

Choosing a plastic septic tank ↑

It is understood that the unit drain in a country house can not do without the construction of a reservoir for collecting liquid waste or of the finished installation of a septic tank, which can be cumulative or wastewater treatment.Savings septic tank is designed as a single-chamber tank, after which the filling, emptying it held.In principle, this structure resembles a cesspool, but modern material provides better tightness of buildings, which positively affects the environment.

Plastic septic
Plastic storage septic

When choosing a storage tank experts recommend to consider the following points:

  • capacity of the tank;
  • structural strength;
  • location.

Treatment of septic tank design is much more complex storage tanks, which, of course, affect their value.These devices consist of several cells connected in series with each other.

The first section collected sediments and solids are processed as a result of anaerobic fermentation, and then in the liquefied state arrive in the next compartment septic tank.The second compartment is cleaned incoming wastewater.Then the water enters the drainage system and excreted into the soil.

Diagram of the external sewage country house
Diagram of the local sewerage outer

number of cameras determines the degree of wastewater treatment.The design of three-chamber septic tanks allows for 75 per cent of sewage purification.This demonstrates the high-quality processing.For a complete water purification equipment is purchased, condusive biofilter.These settings are volatile.

Mounting plastic septic ↑

1) The work begins with the digging of the pit, calculated by the size of the acquired capacity in view of the stock, equal to 30-40 cm.

2) On-aligned using a spirit level fits the bottom of the concrete slab on which to fix the tank, securing it with ropes shroud.This avoids pushing on the surface of a light plastic container as a result of seasonal effects heave.

3) Clearance of the pit is filled with a cement-sand mixture, with five pieces of cement taken one part sand.Every 20 cm is held to pour seal layer.

Many do not trust plastic structures and build septic tanks of concrete rings.This time-tested technology also enables efficient operation of outdoor sewerage.Execute all works independently under the power of a few men, although a little versed in azah construction business.An advisor can help you find answers to your questions.Although the involvement of professionals will speed up the work.