Masonry stoves and fireplaces - circuit poryadovkoy, specific facilities

How nice cold rainy night when the windows poured torrents of rain and wind noise, nestle at the lights with your favorite newspaper and a cup of hot tea.The dream, you say?Not at all, because if you really want, even the most incredible dreams turn into reality.The tranquility and warmth home atmosphere - not only the merit of all family members, and the hearth fire.Masonry fireplace will create a cozy atmosphere and bring to the interior a special detail - a symbol of happiness, prosperity and well-being.


Fireplace - resurgent popularity ↑

Fireplace - an attribute unique appearance of your home, experiencing a rebirth today.Furnaces of all shapes and options facing can be called the best decoration, which supplies dank autumn evening will bring, and the mood, if you want to raise, and close friends gather together.In addition, a fireplace, as few know, prevents the formation of moisture and odors, this is possible due to the constant movement of air in the room.

Fireplace organically fit into any decor
Fireplace organically fit into any interior

masonry fireplaces with their own hands - a laborious process that requires a careful and responsible approach, because this will depend on the result.

brick masonry fireplace: where to start?↑

most common type of material for the construction of fire - brick.Fireplaces made of brick, fit perfectly into any interior.The process of resettlement, although it seems very complicated, when the competent organization of progress, it will carry out their own hands.

To simplify the problem and coordinate the procedure, it is necessary to devise a scheme of installation.

What is the scheme of masonry?↑

scheme masonry, made right - half the battle, becauseit reflects all phases of work, which helps to avoid fatal mistakes.The scheme should be reflected poryadovkoy masonry fireplace, step-by-step sequence.Develop a drawing (in the presence of great desire and related knowledge) you can own, or you can use ready models, which, by the way, on the Internet abound.

scheme masonry clearly reflects the progress of work

And here are some options for interesting poryadovkoy:

Poryadovkoy fireplace - version 2
poryadovkoy fireplace - Option 2
poryadovkoy English fireplace - option 3

special material and the solution ↑

Masonrystoves and fireplaces is most often made of clay solid bricks.However, it is allowed to use other refractory materials such as refractory brick or stone.For the face of the bricks should choose the highest quality, absolutely identical in size and color, with right angles and smooth edge.

Production of stoves and fireplaces require a special solution.The solution for masonry fireplace is made of cement, clay and sand.The cement content should be small and not exceed the required ratio of 1 part cement to 8 parts sand.First, mix the dry sand and cement, then add clay.Need complete homogeneity of composition, the mixture should be the consistency of paste-like, lump-free.

This need to know!
as part of the solution is critical: the sand must be sifted through a fine sieve, clay must not contain impurities.Before laying the clay soaked in water until the clay milk which should also drain.

Corner Fireplace: specific devices ↑

Corner fireplace - one of the most beautiful ways of heating homes.This is due to the fact that the placement of the fireplace in the corner itself is very attractive, and if at the same time opening the firebox is oriented symmetrically with respect to the axis of the corner formed by the walls of the room, then the best option to create an original look of the house you can imagine.

organically corner fireplace looks like inside and the outer wall.The main thing - to consider the future location of the pipe.If the fireplace is located at the inner wall of the Perepadnaya roof, you should know that you need to construct a chimney above the main ridge of the roof.

This is important!
At long pipe and the furnace rear wall fireplace is heated quite strongly, so the wooden house is supposed to think through the plan fire prevention measures.

dimensions that must be followed ↑

fireplace dimensions are selected, guided by area and volume of the heated space.But if this parameter you define yourself, that is, numbers that should be considered mandatory.For example, the height and width of the flue openings for small fire is 2: 3 (height to width).The depth of the firebox 1: 2 or 2: 3.These dimensions must be observed, because the smaller the depth will cause smoke and large - reduce the heat.

flue hole size is selected in accordance with the area of ​​the opening of the furnace, this value should be approximately 10 times less than it.To increase the heat transfer capacity of the back wall of the firebox operate tilted forward, starting at 1/3 of its height.Above a furnace smoke box.

This is important!
between the rear wall of the firebox and smoke box is necessary to release the ledge called the pass.It will prevent the removal of sparks and soot out.

poryadovkoy corner fireplace brick ↑

Intending to make a stove fireplace, poryadovkoy will be the main assistant to do a good job.Poryadovkoy - a detailed diagram indicating the position of each brick.Whatever you asked to find "poryadovkoy: fireplaces" or "poryadovkoy: stoves, fireplaces" almighty Google will provide you the same information - poryadovkoy will accurately calculate the number of bricks and avoid overpaying for supplies.

poryadovkoy corner fireplace

This is important!
poryadovkoy especially needed for the inexperienced novice masters, becausewithout laying make no alterations are unlikely to succeed.But this does not mean that the professionals do not enjoy poryadovkoy even virtuosos of the business do not neglect this important means of drawing.

Placing the fireplace with his hands ↑

construction of the fireplace - a multi-stage process consisting of several stages, each of which requires utmost attention and responsibility.

foundation for the fireplace ↑

If we talk about the right technology facilities furnaces, is not superfluous to note that the base for the fireplace should be carried out separately from the foundation of the main building.Please be prepared pit with dimensions larger than the future of the fireplace is 10 cm. The depth of the pit - 50-70 cm. The bottom is covered with a layer of gravel, then under construction formwork.

This is important!
Remember the height of formwork is to be an average of 5 cm below the floor level.

The formwork stacked rubble stones, which are then filled with cement mortar 3: 1 (sand: cement).The foundation aligned, cover with plastic wrap and allowed to shrink for a week.

technology facilities fireplace ↑

on a foundation waterproofing material to be laid in 2 layers.Then fit the plinth, and a number of ground bricks put on an edge, while the rest - the flat.Brick before using soaked for a few minutes in water.This is necessary to achieve good contact with the solution.

Masonry fireplace brick
brick masonry fireplace is performed by well-prepared scheme

This need to know!
scheme masonry can be any, do not forget that the fire - individual creation of architectural art.

If masonry turned featureless or found defective brick oven can be plastered, or use any other type of cladding that will help hide errors without costly alterations.

Laying floors - an important stage ↑

method of laying floors is important to create a whole composition.Furnace overlap can be original decoration.You can lay the bricks in neat vertical or horizontal rows, but you can create the effect of an arch.On the role of additional decorative elements fine job gems, wood, marble.

This need to know!
most expressive considered canted, and an arched beam bridges that fit with the projection.

Masonry fireplace with his hands
masonry fireplace with his hands

canted jumpers made of bricks laid on edge and lined formwork.As a result, wedge-shaped joints, the thickness of which should reach 3 mm from the top - 25mm.
Arch and beam bridges are placed on the formwork, corresponding to the shape given shape.The clutch jumpers need to finish the central brick being placed strictly in the middle and vertically, relative to the overall size of the furnace.

Svezhevylozhenny fireplace - the result of
Svezhevylozhenny fireplace - the result of

Before you start laying important to carefully examine the chart, consider the decor.Adjustments made poryadovkoy make difficult, and often impossible, sincechange in the position of even one brick leads to a change of series.

competently compiled plan that fully reflects the stages of work, thoughtful decor, quality materials and your desire - it's everything you need to create an interesting fireplace, which will adorn the interior, carrying the warmth and comfort.

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