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Screw the foundation with his own hands - and particularly the construction of a step-by-step

you decided to mount its own foundation screw?Then you need detailed information about the features of this design, as well as instructions for installing it.Works must be thoroughly thought through, because of the foundation depends on the stability of the entire structure.This article provides relevant and useful information on how to properly build a base of screw piles for private construction.


foundation on screw piles: Testimonials about its advantages and disadvantages ↑

Master for a long time working with the pile-screwfoundation, unanimously recommend to use it.Why is that?

  1. This versatile, stron
    g ground as a low-rise building and for garages, fences, beacons, poles, etc., time-tested.It is used in the construction of more than 100 years.
  2. This design does not require pre-ground works.Piles are twisted into the ground using special setup or manually.
  3. Construction permissible for any challenging surface in all weather conditions.
  4. Such foundation appreciated by environmentalists and people who are concerned about the environment.When its construction will not damage the roots of trees in the vicinity, as well as other ecosystems.
  5. Mount screw foundations with their own hands with a key or a rod not be easy, and it takes no more than 2 - 3 days.He just dismantled, therefore suitable for temporary structures.
  6. With proper selection of screw piles for the cost of such a foundation will come much cheaper than similar conventional buildings.
  7. It is convenient to use as a basis for an extension to the existing building.
Structure on Ground Screws
Construct helical pile foundation can be at the site with a relief of any complexity

The disadvantage of this type of foundation is the fact that it is difficult to organize a cellar or basement, although this issue and decide.

Yet it is suitable mainly for low-rise buildings (up to about 5 tons).

Where to install a screw-pile foundation for the most appropriate?↑

  1. Where there is a movable unstable ground.Piles are unstable portion of the soil balls, crashing into a solid foundation.These metal construction withstands lateral forces.
  2. in a harsh climate.In areas where the ground freezes deeply and earthworks not possible, use a screw pile foundation.Mount it can be even at very low temperatures below zero.Pile runs almost every layer of frost.
  3. In flooded or flooded areas.If you want to build a house on the shore of a lake or river, you only need to use a screw pile foundation - reviews of the owners 'lake' homes confirm that this is the perfect option.In swampy areas and in humid climates without it too can not do.

turns out that it can be installed anywhere.The only thing it's impractical to do on the rocks soil as the foundation stone itself - an ideal base for the building.

Screw pile foundation: design features ↑

Screw pile
design of piles with a screw tip

In order to build a foundation for its spiral arms, it is necessary to provide details of its design features.

Screw pile - a special hollow tube made of steel.On the one hand it is a pointed tip with thread or drilling blade.Pile diameter can be an average of 10 to 33 cm with a wall thickness of 8 to 12 mm, and the length - from 0.25 to 2.5 m. In the upper part of the tube (ground) located bonnet (rectangular, circular, U-shaped) designed for mounting pile cap, which is a framework for building.In the inner and outer surface of the tube with a layer of a special anti-corrosion coating.Its thickness is significantly influenced by the durability of the pile.The operation period of these products from a trusted, reliable products is a minimum of 50 years.

What piles used for the construction of the helical foundation?↑

  • with standard thread (only at the tip).
  • a combined thread (not just at the tip, but also in other parts of the pipe).
  • with blades.

Standard - the cheapest and blades - the most expensive, as compacted soil better than ordinary screws.Standard and unified range of products to date there.Each manufacturer develops its own range of products and consumables (clamps, caps, adapters, etc.).

What to look for when choosing piles?↑

1 .The first criterion - quality products, which can be determined by the location and shape of the blades.The tip should be asymmetrical to provide an easy and gradual entry of the pile into soil.If the pile is screwed hard, the reason may be its low quality.

2. It is necessary to carefully study the technical data sheet, compare it with the information in the form of screws.

4. Also, no harm will be guided in choosing the piles on top sellers, buying products from well-known and trusted companies.

5. For those who have decided to install a screw base - consumer reviews can be a great help.It is important to consider the views of people who have purchased the product of a particular company.

Calculation and Design ↑

Location piles at the base of the screw-pile foundation
This is the starting point of the work on the foundation.From that, how well drafted, "the basics" of your home will depend on the reliability of the entire structure.Therefore, for help in this matter is best to contact the experts, who accurately calculate the right amount of the pillars and their technical characteristics.Many large firms that implement piles conducted similar calculations for free to their customers.
The calculation of the foundation of the project is taken into account:

  • soil type, its properties;
  • groundwater levels and their seasonal variations;
  • depth of freezing ground.It is necessary to know exactly what "secure" the depth, that is the one where where are stable soil.Piles bump below the frozen ground.
  • weight of the future building.Taken into account the weight of all its contents, the different kinds of possible loads on one pile, and all together (eg, seasonal, wind, dynamic, etc.)
  • bearing capacity of the pillars;
  • stock left on the trim to equalize the piles (primerno15-20 cm).

Construction screw-pile foundation with his hands ↑

Once you have acquired the required number of piles required size, you can start the installation.If the depth to which you want to install the pile, no more than 1 m, it is worth trying to carry out installation yourself and decently save on it.

piles that are longer than 1 m (this is the most common option, as in most parts of the freezing depth is equal to 1, 5 m), set more complicated.But if you have the proper skills, then you can do without specialists.Stages of work will be as follows:

1 .Layout area

Place each pile mark pegs around the base of the structure.They are distributed uniformly and at an equal pitch (typically 1.5 m - 3 m).Piles must prop up the units and angles of internal walls.

2. Tightening piles

Once made marking the territory for the foundation piles are starting to screw up.If you do it manually, it is best to take advantage of the bar.Once every few turns necessary to check the horizontal level, in order to avoid running the curve pole.

Important!The pile does not get closer than 30 cm to tighten the existing fence or wall.

3. Align at one level

twisted piles.It may be that they will be placed at different depths (this is due to the peculiarities of soil cover), and their height will be different.In any case, they need to be cut in the level of certain projects in order to achieve the best possible level horizontally under the "box" structure.This is done with the help of special equipment (laser leveling rotary) or grinder.Surface pile height determined by the height of the cap (usually from 40 to 60 cm).

4. Concreting piles of trunks

In the middle of the pipe is filled with concrete solution (peskotsementny or peskotsementnograviyny).At subzero temperatures is necessary to add the additive antimoroznye.By concreting plombiruesya interior of the pile, which excludes its corrosion inside.If the structure of the time, the concrete piles are not allowed.But it is risky, because the piles can be filled with water and burst in the winter when it is freezing.

Important!Concrete pile outside can not in any case!

5. Fitting the upper part of the lattice pile foundation (raft foundation)

grillage installation depends on the material of construction.Under the wooden houses generally use Planking bottom plate, which is attached to the end walls large screws (screws-grouse), and for block and brick buildings - a metal bridge, which is welded to the joints with piles annular inner seam.

Features mounting screw-pile foundation
options screw-pile foundations for the "light" of houses

Piles, if necessary, can be closed with front panels that in a wide variety on the market.Only it is necessary to leave otduhi.

construction process practical screw-pile foundation shows video

As you can see, in the installation of screw piles is nothing fundamentally complex.It is important to do this efficiently, and then the design will be reliable support for your building for many years.