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Handrails and stair - what material to do and how to perform the installation

called railing fence of different configurations, which, firstly, serve to provide easy movement along the stairs and prevent the fall of man beyond the walling, and secondly, are quite noticeable element of the interior.Handrails - a narrower concept, which corresponds to the top of the railing, was grabbed by a man when ascending or descending the stairs.Railings and handrails for stairs - an integral part thereof, and any reservations in this case is not provided.The absence of fences and handrails on the stairs is a serious violation of safety rules, so the designers and builders usually object to those customers who for whatever reasons want to do without this feature.


What is the difference between the guardrails?↑

In order to avoid confusion, it is necessary to be clear about the difference between the guardrails, as the same ladder pos

sible combinations of elements guardrails of different materials, which will be an organic look to the interior.However, non-specialists are often called hand rails, and vice versa, which could lead to misunderstandings with designers, builders, consultants stroymagazinov.

rails are an integral part of the design ladder, so it is assumed that they are made should be the same style and of the same material, although today some designers offer to experiment in these areas.In most cases, the ladder is made of metal or wood.The range of materials for the manufacture of handrails slightly wider - apart from metal and wood found glass stair and railing made of PVC.

requirements ladders ↑

Whatever material is chosen, do not forget some of the rules common to all types of fences and binding in terms of safe operation of the stairs:

  • outer side of the ladder must be equipped with a handrail;
  • if the width of the ladder less than one meter, then at least one side must be installed railing or railing, even if the ladder is limited on both sides, such as walls;
  • if the width of the stairs more than one meter, the railings should be installed on both sides;
  • if there are stairs winders, the side where they are wider, have to be railing.

height of handrails on stairs and strictly regulated: it is assumed that it is on average equal to the distance from the feet to the human stomach, so the intercommunication staircase railing height must be at least 90 centimeters, and the maximum distance between the uprights shall not exceed 15 centimeters.

Type correctly installed handrails
Installing guardrails in accordance with the existing rules would make operation of the stairs comfortable and safe.

Important!If the stairs are children, then these figures are, respectively, 150 and 10 centimeters.Also, construction of fences should be such that small children can not climb on them.

Advantages and disadvantages of different materials ↑

rails and handrails stairs can be made of one material or of different combinations of metal, wood, glass or PVC.Each of the options has advantages and disadvantages, which is better to know before installing the ladder.

The most common material for railing, and, especially, for the handrail is considered to be a tree.Even if you plan to do the very fence of a different material, experts advise to install wooden handrails for stairs or their imitation PVC.Stair of wood are popular for several reasons, including the increased use of wood as a building material, non-elite affordability of wood, ecological and texture of wood products.This is especially true handrails, because it is in contact with them the palm of a person in the operation of the ladder.

However, wooden stair have disadvantages, of which the most unpleasant considered their relative fragility, limitation of use (mainly for interior decoration, as the tree is susceptible to various external influences such as humidity, heat, extreme temperatures) and high costvaluable wood.

Carved decorations transform the railing into a masterpiece
Intricate carvings converted wooden railing in a work of art

If for any reason a tree as a fence does not fit, you can install metal railings for the stairs, which are reliable, affordable, fit harmoniously into the interior,decorated in any style.Some people think that metal railings for the stairs is not so pleasant to the touch, like wood, but it is largely mistaken belief - moving cool surface handrails made of metal or stainless steel does not cause repelling sensations.But if prejudice is still more rational arguments can be set on a metal fence wooden railings that give the whole structure a complete form.

stair metal have another major drawback - the fence simple standard form which is easy to manufacture affordable to almost all, but the intricate openwork wrought iron railings for the stairs, which are the pride of the home and the envy of guests, will cost considerably more expensive.

Classic forged railings
Wrought iron railings look luxurious and can serve not only fencing but also an important element of the decor

As an alternative, you might consider installing balusters instead of the usual wooden or metal decorative glass inserts, which today are considered the most elegant and refined.Extensive glass decoration will give an opportunity to make the most unexpected design solutions.

If the ladder on a plan the customer has an unusual shape or too steep bend the wood or metal can not cope with the task.But handrails for stairs PVC is suitable for such cases: Their main advantage - the possibility of bending using special tools, and more - these rails can simulate the texture of wood, they are durable and practical.

PVC handrails can create true works of art
Thanks to the plasticity of PVC railing made of this material can be formed into any curved shape

How to install?↑

Skilled craftsmen claim that to make a stair with your hands is quite possible, if you follow clear instructions and not to violate the basic rules of installation:

  • before to make railings for the stairs, you should make all the necessary calculations, taking into account additional factors (for example, use the stairs children or the elderly);
  • then make marks on the wall, which is expected to set the rail, and on the surface, which will be installed support balusters, supporting the whole construction fences;
  • when the work has been done, you can install a simple handrail balusters and fasteners.
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