Interior and bath design: create favorable surroundings

Wooden bath is a full range of treatments in combination with a great opportunity to spend an unforgettable holiday of deliverance from the burden of everyday worries and tiredness.Even fashionable spa is able to replace the rejuvenating effect of this Russian baths, where you can not only warm up, wash yourself with negative dusty metropolis, but also to communicate with friends.But all this is only possible if the design of the bath meets certain requirements.Interior need to consider so that this wonderful place was a real guide to the world of untouched nature and the best way, at least temporarily forget about the vanity of everyday reality.


What should be the design of the Russian bath?↑

Thinking internal situation, whether it be relaxing in the room design or interior steam bath, you should follow some rules:

  • the regeneration is necessary to use simple lines that emphasize comfort and convenience.It is not necessary to use fanciful, unusual shapes and flashy colors annoying;
  • need to consider the interior design of the bath so that the view is not clinging to unnecessary details, try to smooth out the corners of rooms, or at least not to show their presence.Adversely affect the atmosphere of the elements, focuses on the isolation and the small size of the room;
  • best material for a bath - a tree.Wood is not only perfectly absorbs moist heat, but also has a therapeutic effect on the body.For the manufacture of furniture are especially good hardwoods: lime, aspen, pine.

This need to know!
course, can be used to finishing synthetic materials, but then the healing effect will be hopelessly lost.

Interior bath must be careful attention to detail, every detail is crucial, it carries a hidden meaning.And to help pick up the design of the bath within a selection of photos presented below:

Design baths inside: a selection of photos
Design baths inside: a selection of photos

Design baths inside: composite components ↑

interior of any room is made up of many components.We consider these in more detail.

furnace - the heart of any baths ↑

As is known, the main feature is the center of the Russian bath furnace.Oven, traditionally made of red brick, perfect harmony with the wood paneling of the ceiling and walls.

By and large, the furnace does not need additional decor, but the furnace area can be decorated with stone or glass.

Furnace - a central element of any bath
oven - a central element of any bath

Shelves - functional element ↑

shelves - special item to help enjoy your holiday to the maximum.Flooring should not be made of a monolithic, solid wood.It is recommended to use narrow boards, lumen between which will be within 2-3 cm. This is necessary not only to create uniform lighting, but also for air circulation.For the same reason, to sew up the side of the shelves should not be.

Convenient shelf - a pledge of good rest in the bath
Convenient shelf - a pledge of good rest in the bath

This need to know!If
shelves hang to the side walls, there is a large amount of air, light, visually expand the space.

Doors are important too!↑

Thinking interior design bath, pay attention to the door.Preferably glass doors tinted tempered glass thickness of not less than 8 mm.This door is sealed and will not allow hot air to leave the premises.Do not forget also that the door should not be opened inside.

For the bath preferably glass doors
preferable for bath door glass

Options lighting device ↑

Creating the right lighting - not such a simple task as it might seem at first glance.The light should be uniform and soft, should not dazzle the eye.Lamps are better placed in different locations on the upper shelves.If steam is small, two lamps of 40-60 watts is more than enough.It should be understood that several lamps arranged not for brightness, and to create a uniform illumination of the bath.

lighting can be created with different lamps, allowing to implement any fantasies and turn the bath into a magical spot where peace reigns.Here is the design of the bath: Photo lighting options that may be useful in the interior.

Options for lighting in the bath
lighting options in a bath

Russian Bath: design floor ↑

As already noted, baths and saunas design involves consideration of many nuances, and the flooring is not an exception.Many make the wooden floor in the bath, but it is not practical: wood gets dirty, even when walking barefoot or in slippers.Cover the floor varnish can not even quality lacquer highlights when heated toxic substances.Therefore, the best option would be to impose a floor tile and hold heating system.In such a bath, the floor is always warm and clean.

ceiling and walls: fully ↑

Somehow widely believed that in the interior of the bath to use several types of wood is not desirable, steam room, supposedly from that, take a few lurid look.This erroneous statement, because the competent combination of several colors and types of wood can create a delightful picture of the environment.It can be used for light-colored wood ceiling and wall - dark.Looks very interesting

color in the interior baths ↑

color palette has a great importance for the design.Here, too, it has its own rules.For example, if you specify in the search - Design baths: a photo, you can see that most of the interior is dominated by bright, pastel colors.It is not without reason: unobtrusive shades is the best help to create an atmosphere of peace and euphony.

This need to know!
also preferred for bath purple, brown, yellow color.

But this does not mean that you should give up the bright accents.An invigorating bath when the goal - positive energy, will like juicy shades of red or deep orange.It may be cloth or towels - you decide.

Bright accents not be redundant
bright accents not be superfluous

In this situation, the furniture should be chosen taking into account the cladding, wooden parts are often coated with stain and varnish.

Video of settling private baths ↑

About tastes, as they say, do not argue.This truth allows you to create an interior unlike previously seen, the individual.Someone dreams about the big stove and the effect of the "northern lights" in the ceiling, and someone impressed with design baths with a swimming pool.Everything will depend entirely on your preferences.Interior made with the soul, will bring joy not only you, but everyone who decides to visit the beloved island of purification of the soul and body - bath, after which you feel reborn.