How to make a shower in the bath - options and ways devices

Bath traditionally associated with hot steam bath, scented brooms, tubs, buckets, watering-cans gangs, including showers in the bath seems not always appropriate, but do without it almost impossible for modern man.If you are going to the steam room, much nicer to stand under the warm jets of the soul than the splash of the basin or bucket, and the steam room after a refreshing icy rain can completely replace the font or hole.In short, bath with shower - is a source of pleasure and well-equipped place for daily hygiene.


Options arrangement shower bath ↑

Universal instructions telling how to make a shower in the bath, does not happen -depending on the purpose of the soul, the kind o

f water supply and heating method builds a list and sequence of upcoming work.

It would seem that everything is clear with the appointment: a shower in the bath is set to wash.Only a few believe that is enough to bath a cold shower for contrasting procedures, summing him hot water - excess.In this case, you can do without the construction work, installing wooden bucket-waterfall.This simple device is installed above the door, and a special mechanism overturns his desires.We'll have to just tap for filling buckets with water provided.

Popular options for resettlement shower bath
Exotic tub, waterfall and traditional in fact, but the innovative content of the soul are harmoniously blended into the interior of the bath

However, not a hindrance, and without excluding the exotic tub, waterfall, you can install and traditional shower in the bath,which will be equally good and contrasting water treatments and for an ordinary washing.Where to place it?

the construction of new bath and shower can foresee a small room with a separate entrance from the waiting room or highlight area in the washing compartment.The existing bath is also possible to pick up for this Area size 1,2h1,5 m or build an addition to the shower with entrance from the waiting room.

Finally, without further ado, in every corner of the bath, of course in addition to the steam room, you can install the shower cubicle, from the simplest to the most complex, with Jacuzzi and other treats.However, such a shower not always blend well with the special appearance of the wooden interior of the patriarchal Russian bath, but this is a matter of taste and preferences of the future owners of the device.

In any case, for trouble-free operation of any soul need a cold and hot water is supplied under pressure.The rest of the features of its arrangement depends on the individual conditions of water and heating the whole house and baths in particular.

How to apply water to the soul ↑

In cases where the house or the cottage has summed central water supply, or to create individual water supply from wells or well, will only lend one branch water pipes to the bath, do not forget to include in the scheme of water supply toheated shower.If your bathroom is heated only a stove and you still believe that the hot water for a bath and a shower are incompatible, something to ensure a constant pressure set to the water storage tank on a ceiling or roof and shower Organize near the furnace.

How to apply water to the soul
Diagram of the "cold" shower: water is not warm, but the air is heated by a stove

If the water pressure is too low or the water in the shower will be supplied from a well, it is necessary to ensure that the pressure to take care of the pump.Have to choose the pump that matches your water system, and there are three kinds:

  • depth.They can pump water from great depths, ideal for wells with very small diameter holes.
  • submersible.Pumps of this type are used to supply water from shallow wells and other sources - rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs.
  • surface.This type of pump is used to supply water to a height of no more than 7 meters - for more of their power is not enough.But these devices can be used to ensure optimal constant pressure in the existing water pipe system - ideal for the soul.

designing a water system soul, especially from public sources, be sure to take care of the water filters, and set desirable both types of instrument:

  • coarse filter - a simple mesh filter that purifies water from sand, mechanical debris, algae, and other majorinclusions.
  • fine filter - membrane filter holes with a diameter of 5-10 md, retaining the smallest particles of silt and other sediment.

Key elements of the water supply system selected, it remains to choose the method of heating it and then we can start assembling the shower.

methods of heating water ↑

Selecting a method of heating water for showering with a few exceptions depends on the civilization of the village or a single site or at home, namely whether it is connected to the gas mains, lines of power supply sufficient power, or, in extreme cases, to provide your ownelectricity from the generator.

Methods of heating water for showering
scheme of heating water from the heating device and supply it to the souls

So, how hot water shower:

  • furnace;
  • gas;
  • Electric;

traditional methods - heating furnace ↑

ancient antiquated method of heating water on the stove for a bath used in the absence of other sources of heat.It is irreplaceable in the most exceptional cases, when the hosts quite civilized homes and estates are a special pleasure in the patriarchal tradition of bath.Use a special tank for a bath shower, external or built-in, in which water is heated by the stove is burned in the wood and then distributed in the washing sector baths and walk-in holding tank.

gas type for areas with gas supply ↑

If a house or villa connected to the central gas supply system and a room baths meet all standards connecting gas appliances to heat the water for the bath and shower, you can use a gas water heater gas column -good familiar with a modern edge.It is capable of rapidly heating, running water, but you can use it to heat water and for the future, pumping into the storage tank.

practical electric heating ↑

Electric water heaters are convenient, inexpensive, and are divided into

  • flow;
  • savings.

Instantaneous electric water heaters - a simple compact devices that are mounted in close proximity to the mixer.Storing space they have, and the jet of water is rapidly heated by passing through a system of heating elements of the device.

The disadvantages include the electric water flow is too high consumption of energy (2-12 kW) at the highest possible temperature of 70 ° C.

should remember: Instantaneous electric water heaters are a group of electrical appliances increased danger.If you are installing a flow device mistakes insulation and grounding, when operating in conditions of high humidity is too high a risk of short circuit and dangerous injuries of people, until irreversible.Accumulating

water heaters (and electrical and gas) to heat water to a temperature of 110 ° C in large volumes - from 30 to 200 liters.Accumulation water heaters are particularly valuable in the settlements, where they often cut off electricity: a storage tank is designed on the principle of the thermos and is capable of for a long time to maintain the desired temperature of water.Disadvantages cumulative electric heaters too bulky dimensions of the storage tank and a high price.However, the dimensions of the problem can be easily deleted by setting the unit in an attic or other auxiliary room.

Methods of heating water for showering
If a bath, a shower and a house located under one roof, for the supply of hot water in the shower, you can use hot-water circuit of the boiler heating system

If the room and the house are located in the building under one roof, for the supply of hot watershower, you can use hot-water circuit of the boiler heating system in all housing.

Regardless of the method of heating the water, it is from the tank or cylinder is supplied to the shower mixer and mixed there with a cold.However, at the final stage of the bath shower is no different from any device fellow city apartment.

How to choose a pipe for a shower in the bath ↑

When creating a shower system in the bath using the same pipes as for heating and water - copper, plastic, polypropylene.Given the cost of copper pipe and the characteristics of their installation requiring welding, the popularity of metal-plastic and polypropylene analogs significantly higher: the pipe is cheaper, and their installation is so simple that you can not invite experts and perform the work.

Opting for plastic pipes for arranging shower in the bath will not disappoint you: it is not afraid of corrosion, they are easy to install as plastic products, flexible and compressible, as copper, and it is very strong and durable.

How to make drainage ↑

When designing the drainage system of waste water from baths, provides special concreted pit.In this pit trapik through - hole in the floor - enters the water used, which is then displayed in the pit outside the bath.On the same route, and to apply for a waste water from the shower, equipped with the appropriate trapik in the floor and connect it to the pipe with a storage pit.

How to make a drainage
competent solution for arranging the drainage in the shower

can, of course, to arrange drainage of the shower and into the sewage system at home, scaled, whether favorably to this decision cost.After bath and shower and consume and derive a lot of water, which is too fast to fill the common cesspool and cesspit have invited more often.

Video: the choice of ready-made shower cabins ↑

But if the idea is to build a shower in the bath you personally did not captivated, you can buy multifunctional factory option.How to select it, the information will tell the video:

Shower - This is another water treatment in your bath, you are so lovingly create.Water treatments needed by the body and extremely good for health and it is good that in your bath for several of them.Love each water procedures: the bath and the bath and shower, and take each of mood, listening to the desires of his body.Light your match!

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