Draining and water drainage from the bath: how to ensure water abstraction

Before starting construction of a bath is necessary to provide high-quality tap water used for washing.Drain the water from the bath is necessary to build a given building codes that did not have then nothing to alter.Reliable plums will protect wooden structures and the foundation of the destruction will prevent mildew and odor.In this matter, there are many details that need to be taken into account and make it right to the diversion of water from the bath gave the expected results.


Methods of diversion of water from the bath ↑

Draining and water drainage from the bath
complete circuit drainage and wastewater from baths
  1. When building baths, designed for a maximum of three peopleit makes sense to dig a hole directly under the foundation.The walls of the pi
    t obkladyvayut brick and covered with sand.The pit will collect sewage that will be displayed and then the cleaning machine.
  2. to divert water from the bath, designed for a large number of people, it is recommended to drain pipe to the manhole.
  3. underground filtration system.It can be used to clean waste water and to distribute them evenly in soil.Such a system requires equipment septic cesspool drainage pipe for the well and distribution.But the construction of such a system is quite difficult and costly.
  4. filter well.This method of removing water from the bath, perhaps one of the most difficult.This is a special unit with filter material (gravel, slag, brick fight, etc.).The soil surface is covered in the well during irrigation sludge that contains microorganisms capable of purifying the waste water.Further purification is done by the soil.

Installing drain pipe ↑

Installing drain pipe
Laying the drain pipe with a slope to the drain hole

correct draining of water in the bath will depend largely on how the drain pipe is laid.It must lay the foundation during the construction of baths, passing under his bottom.Drain hole dug, usually 3-5-meter distance from the building.

width and depth of the hole depends on the number of people who will use this room.The edges of the holes to protect against collapse.For this purpose insert a ring or put concrete formwork and concreted them.From bath dig a trench with a slope toward the drain hole.Install pipe.

Important!Drain pipe is installed without kinks and bends to avoid possible blockages.

device well to drain wastewater ↑

Experts recommend to those who undertook to build a sauna yourself, deepened well below the frost line (about 50 cm).At the bottom of the well is drainage, using, for example, expanded clay.He placed a little above the freezing ground.The rest of the area should be well covered with soil and compacted.In this system, it is important that the drain pipe is not frozen, so it needs to be warm, and then the waste water from the bath will be free to blend in well.

device well to drain waste water from the bath

to device Photo used pipes made of cast iron, asbestos cement, concrete or ceramic, but can be applied to pipes made of modern materials, such as PVC (steel are not suitable - they are subject torust).The diameter of the pipe must be at least 50 mm.Joints for pipes obscure the strength of concrete solution.

method described above is not bad, but there is one disadvantage: over time, the pores of the soil can become clogged with soap and water, and then the soil will not pass water - may need cleaning.The best option is to remove the water in the sewer system, of course, if there is one nearby.If it does not, the output of wastewater can be done, for example, to a nearby ravine, but as a rule, you must have permission to sanitary surveillance.

device floor bath ↑

floors in the bath worth special attention.They usually concreted, making the slope around the perimeter to a drain pipe.To avoid clogging the drain, it set the net.Cover the cement floor tiles.The additional floor insulation is not required.Cold air will not penetrate through the concrete and tile, and when will drown in the bath, then the tile is well warmed up.

The device is sex in the bath
concrete floor covered with tiles in the bath

And not too hot to step on the tile, you need to make a wooden lattice and put them on the tiles.Such lattices are good that after each use of bath can be removed and dry, sometimes antiseptic process, but if destroyed, they can be easily replaced with new ones - it's not such a great cost, as in the complete replacement of the floor.

Septic method of wastewater ↑

Periodically drainage system and waste water to be cleaned themselves.There are several ways, but the most practical and cheapest method - septic.Its implementation takes place in several stages.The first stage - the preliminary mechanical cleaning.Waste water is separated from the lime and all sorts of precipitation.The second step is to filtratsionno- biological treatment.Filter is the pits, wells or the ground itself.Septic tanks are autonomous, local and centralized.For individual septic tanks area used stand-alone.

The device septic tank for sewage treatment
device septic tanks for sewage treatment

Local septic tanks are used to group sites.And for filtering wastewater whole village used centralized septic tanks.When the system is designed bath-water drainage should be provided cases where unforeseen clogging may occur.To do this, a distance of more than 3 meters from the bath, the pipes should be laid in a manhole arrange a square or round shapes sizes 1h1m.The walls of the well can be both wooden and brick or concrete.Its bottom is a flat concrete tray.That it does not freeze in winter, inside put a cover that insulates and then placed outside the second cover, which is filled with slag, sawdust or earth.

drain in the bath for the owners of private plots ↑

Because baths were built in the owners of private plots, then they can be recommended, except for a drainage system, a few ways to drain the device in the bath.For example, an embodiment having many advantages - a dirt filtering.It is a system of pipes and treatment plants, which discharge waste water into the sewer.

After filtration, the water is distributed throughout the property.This system uses a stand-alone septic tank, which is also a septic tank, and distributes the well.Purified water is distributed over the septic tank drainage pipes around the area, successfully performing the function of irrigation.Drainage pipes in this case lay in the 0.5-1.5 m above the groundwater.

Drainage pipes
distribution of treated waste water drainage pipes

This system is attractive for use in home gardens - it allows to save the water for watering gardens and orchards.Moreover, after the water purification has no unpleasant odor.The use of such a system will be difficult, but if the area has landscaped.After all, this will have to search through the entire sewage station.Plus, the system is not cheap.But to build a bath on a suburban area is ideal.Spend one day at a sewage system, you can use it for many years, to the benefit of themselves and of all vegetation on the site.

Standard drain hole ↑

method of draining the water from the bath and its further utilization is the construction of a drain hole, which will drain the water used for washing.To do this, dig a huge pit, which is draped stone or brick and cement.

Drain hole brick
Construction of a drain hole of brick

disadvantage of this method lies in the fact that for this type of tank to choose the lowest place in the area to the wastewater out by gravity.Furthermore, when filling it must be well cleaned, ordering a special machine, which - additional costs.Yet another drawback is that the location of the pit to be chosen so that it is available for entrance assenizatorskaya machine, and it is not always possible.

Video: Rules buildings baths ↑

view video will bring you a lot of useful information on the technological standards of personal bath facilities and rules drain devices.

device drain and drain the water in the bath - one of the main components of the construction of a bath.To address this issue should be taken with full responsibility, because the proper discharge of the bath will provide protection against destruction in the first place, the foundation, as well as walls.This means that the service life of the bath will increase significantly.