How is the roof of the bath with his hands: a detailed description of the technology

duhovity wet steam, birch and oak twigs, welcoming aroma of hot wood - all this special atmosphere bath, in which a man is not just clean, but enjoys the process.Roof for bath - an important element, it is lighter than that of residential buildings, and has its own characteristics.Therefore, it is necessary to know the building and, above all, take into account the many requirements and nuances.


Types of roofing ↑

final stage of construction of a bath - construction and, if desired, the roof insulation.Depending on the size of the room, materials for walls, foundation type and nature of the terrain on the roof of the bath may have a different shape and design.The role of the roof can not be overstated, since it is a guarantee of effective protectio

n from wind, rain, snow, heat and maximum savings.

practical gable roof

If the area of ​​the bath more than 12 square meters.m., and is a separate building, it is advisable to choose a gable roof.Plus, such a coating provides essentially presence loft.It is more attractive appearance and is more functional.And a stable and economical in terms of material consumption.

Roof baths constructed by standard techniques applicable to the construction of any roof over wooden structure

To avoid excessive accumulation of snow in areas with a predominance of rainfall, the roof has a slope of 45 degrees.But in open areas (in the steppe and forest-steppe) erected flatter design to prevent the sail from the destructive impact of strong winds.

features pent roof

Where the bath room is a part of another building that is an extension, it is acceptable for a bath pent roof.Its slope ranges 30-60 degrees depending on the type of roofing material and the climatic conditions.

should be noted that there are pitched roofs without attic loft.As a rule, the first cold, without thermal insulation, and the latter can be cold (if the room is unheated) and warm (respectively, over the heated baths).The attic can be used for storing household equipment, dryer and brooms.

Pent roof
Pent roof often erected over-bath extension

carrying out the construction of the roof bath, we must remember and understand that the most reliable and durable design is considered to be easy to assemble.Mnogoskatnaya roof is characterized by the increasing complexity of the work and increased costs.There are people who wish to stand out by any means and come up with the most intricate elements (tabs, breaks), of course, outwardly it looks elegant, beautiful and spectacular.But there is another side: the weight is greatly increased, and this fact may in the future adversely affect the duration of the operating room.

standard component elements ↑

To learn how to build a roof for a bath with his hands, should be thoroughly familiar with the basic elements:

  • rafters (hanging and inclined);
  • crate;
  • roof.

Truss can be assembled on a wooden house or a bath possible that the truss is going on the ground and then mounted on the frame.Rafters should be as firmly associated with the walls and support elements, such as trick protect against the demolition of the roof in the event of strong winds.

Important: as the fixture is very convenient to use threaded rods, staples, or steel wire.

Crate can be performed in a continuous shield or with gaps between the bars (planks).It depends on the type of roofing material, for example, under the roofing felt desirable solid sheathing with a minimum gap, and a bituminous sheet allowed the wave length - 15-25 cm.

Important: If the roof covering is of metal or asbestos-cement flat slate, the crate should bebe in the form of a continuous sheet.

assortment of roofing materials ↑

The bath cover the roof?There are many solutions as the market offers a huge range of building materials.But in any, roofing material should be durable, reliable, durable and functional.This article will look at the most well-known.

Robust metal roofing

It is divided into two types: using galvanized steel and non-ferrous metals.Quite popular material - steel roofing.It can withstand high loads, easy to use and relatively inexpensive.A non-ferrous metal is most frequently used copper, zinc, titanium, aluminum.Their main advantage - durability and corrosion.

Roof: benefits

This type of roof is relevant for flat roofs.It may be plastic roofing sheets, which are rolled into a roll or roofing mastic, representing a seamless material.The polymer compositions used in the manufacture of the roof enhance the quality of coverage and complement its other advantages.Its service life - 30-50 years.

roof tile - a tradition

Ceramic tile and asphalt, as well as metal differ and have their pros / cons.But any type of roofing tile must fulfill the main task - not only to protect the premises from the effects of the environment, but also to create a harmonious look.

Ondulin - modern solution

It is easy to use, and performance plasticity expanding range of applications, because ondulin can be used in the roof with curved roof forms.Its main advantage - low price and high performance operation.

Perspective polycarbonate

most modern material, we can say the novelty, has excellent light transmitting and light-scattering properties.In the bath creates an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, which is based on natural lighting.Thus the level of light intensity can be adjusted, it is necessary only to select panels of color, texture and thickness.

Phased construction of the roof to the bath ↑

How to make the roof of the bath?For this it is necessary to build a support structure and to equip the roof.Bearing frame - trusses and rafters, and the roof - sheathing layer and water shutoff.

  • roof with his hands in the bath begins with the laying of the beams on the upper walls of the harness, which will serve as a support.If the project provides the attic, the floor joists are fixed in the sockets.

Important: at this stage you need to follow horizontal mounting beams.

  • This wooden blocks must not protrude beyond the walls spanning more than 0.5 m, because then need to install an additional support pillar.
The roof on the bath
roof structure in the bath
  • Further support members are mounted wooden rafters in the form of bars, logs or boards, adherence to all construction norms.With the help of metal or wooden linings executed mount.

Important: the distance between the rafters must not exceed 1 m.

  • The "ridge" roof cut away parts and butt joined.
  • If the roof of the bath room will be covered roll material, the required pre-construction wood flooring on the frame.And in the case of sheets of slate or tile battens need manufacturing of timber.It is mounted in this order: fixed near the ridge board, and then she nailed crate (top to bottom).
  • Skate closed galvanized material or workpieces made of asbestos.
  • How to make the roof of the bath is clear, we can proceed to registration gables.They can be sewn or clapboard siding, it depends on the taste of the owner.
  • If there is attic space, it is necessary to leave the ends of the openings for windows and doors.It is possible to arrange them on the one hand, and with a gentle slope desirable location in different ends.

Shelter roof slate ↑

I would like to elaborate on the roofing.

  • laying of roofing material - a guide is the first lateral edge of the strip.This dressmaking roofing is done with an allowance of 10-15 cm, so as not to miscalculate the length of the ramp.

Important: stacking technology should be of high quality, without waves.

  • marker marked edges that protrude beyond the edge of crates, and then cut off.
  • first sheet attached special buttons (to the wind not blown).
  • second stacked overlap (8-10 cm).
  • more expedient to cut into halves slate sheets.
  • Manufacturing skates of two planed boards or galvanized iron.Also, these products can be purchased in the trade network.

insulation works ↑

How to insulate the roof of the bath, it's also an important process?The simplest option - laying insulation between the rafters.

insulation must always be solid, without the presence of cracks in the connecting areas (with the wall, pipes and other structures).Also, do not forget about respecting the thickness of the air layer (not less than 2 cm).

Roof Insulation baths
roof insulation from the attic will somewhat reduce the amount of attic space

insulation material must not sag, it is necessary for good ventilation.If the design is flat, it is rational to improve the ventilation by using bars, that is, having increased their rafters.

Important: There is another option - the separation insulation and laying one side between the rafters and the other underneath.

Today roof insulation bath is an easy waterproofing system, which consists of insulated panels with excellent protection from moisture.The use of these systems eliminates one level of circulation since laying under the roof waterproofing is not necessary.

Important: significant time when installing insulating panels - creation of the inside layer, which will not miss pairs.

insulation is placed above or below the roof parts and the individual parts are joined in the seam.It should be understood that the laying of the material under the rafters reduces the attic space.Therefore it is better to insulate the roof above the rails, that is, the structural elements of the roof will remain visible.Open rafters can be used as an additional element of decor, if you want to design the interior of the attic space.

green roof - the original decision ↑

This option is popular in Europe and in Russia, this tradition has been extended.

The roof of turf
green roof - an interesting solution to the ancient folk roots

Making such a simple roof: roofing flooring is covered with two layers of turf.This bottom layer is laid up roots, the upper vice versa.Courtship in such exotic roof is the same as the green lawn.

Important: roof slope of turf rather flat - no more than 10 degrees.

This publication was considered: how to build the roof of the bath;adhering to these guidelines, you can make the roof yourself, without the help of professionals.The main thing is to do everything on the conscience, then the roof with his hands on the bath will serve long.

Video: technology construction roof ↑

Video instruction in detail demonstrates the process of construction of the roof: