Banja hiking with his hands - the instruction for gardeners and lovers of the "wild" holiday

tent on the banks of the beautiful river leisurely in the shade of ancient trees, the starry sky and a tea party at the fire, Ushytsya flavorful fresh fish - a growing number of people newly prefers outdoor activities.Walking back into fashion, because it is a weekend or holiday pastime allows you to return to work in stuffy offices and skinuvshimi rested the burden of everyday worries.One of the problems faced by holidaymakers, is the lack of opportunity to wash in normal circumstances, and even if the rest in the Altai mountains, then wash in raging rivers of ice can be compared to an extreme sport.There is a solution - a camp bath.About them and their construction we discuss in this article.


historical roots of hiking baths ↑

exact time of occurrence of the first hiking baths can not be specified, but it is known that even the ancient Romans during the military campaigns erected structures that resemble Roman baths.In the descriptions of the Russian military transitions of the 18th century, and earlier periods, too, there are mentions of hiking baths, in which the role played stove stone cannonballs and wood, and the walls are constructed of thick, soaked in a special solution, the fabric.

Great for gardeners ↑

Bani hiking, despite its name, is not only a good option for people who prefer outdoor activities.This facility is ideal for country cottages and houses.Especially in the case where the construction materials currently can not afford it, and warm up very desirable.

It is also an ideal option for construction crews, the will of the employer neglected to remote locations.In general, such baths help out lovers succumb to the park in a variety of situations.

Choosing a place for bath ↑

What can compare with the pleasure derived amateur lightweight steam pouring steamed body refreshing ice water!To get and it is a delight, a place should be selected for the bathhouse near the pond.Ideally, it would be nice to build a structure over a small brook, then you are always on hand to cold water.

Choose a place in the camp bath
Hiking bath is better to build near the water in a sustainable, quite soft, but not viscous soil

When choosing a location should take into account the structure of the soil.It is impossible to construct a bath on the sodden earth, in this case, the stakes can become loose and the whole structure collapses.If the ground is too hard, it will bring some inconveniences when driving stakes.

What does the industry ↑

In today's market there is a huge range of ready-Mobile baths.You can purchase construction with oven-heater or a tent to cover.Some models are equipped with just a skeleton, while others involve self-assembly bases baths.

Ready for Bath field conditions
Ready hiking design baths can be purchased at specialty stores

Of course, if you buy a turnkey package, including a stove, a problem with the washing in field conditions will be completely solved, but had difficulties in transporting this rather massive structure.If you are traveling group on multiple machines, this is the option for you.Other travelers may be advisable to buy only a tent.Rather, in the place where you relax, there are certainly some poles, which can be used for the frame, and the stones for the stove will not be a big problem, but keep these couples tents much better polyethylene.

hiking bath of canvas tents ↑

Marching room with your hands can be easily assembled from the usual classic canvas tents Soviet times.As a rule, they are highly water-resistant, so ideal for this purpose.Also in this case will not have to carry with them an extra tent.Enough plenty napar, transfer structure in place overnight and it will again turn into a sleeper.

Tip: Do not use as a curtain for the bath modern tents.Typically, the material from which they are made, poorly withstands a very high temperature.

Instruction: the construction of a camp bath ↑

So where do you start?

prepare all necessary ↑

First we need to prepare everything.We need:

  • frame.It is best to use aluminum or carbon fiber rack.To did not bother, you can take a ready-made elements of the four-seater tent.At observance of all norms of fire safety, they are able to withstand relatively high temperatures.If anything is to create a suitable framework, suitable ordinary wooden stakes.

Tip: When using wooden materials is necessary either to treat them with special fire-fighting appliances (which are unlikely to be found in your stowed the backpack, but during the construction of the temporary bath on the site this advice may come in handy), or carefully monitor their heating during operationin order to avoid ignition of the whole structure.

  • coating material.If you can not buy or use a special tent covering material of the tent, suitable conventional polyethylene large.The optimum size of the web - 6x6 m. In the bath, which was built from a piece of polyethylene of this size, can simultaneously soared up to 6 people.

interesting: quite often lately found hiking baths, built of old banners that perfectly hold heat and steam, and are highly resistant to high temperatures.

  • water.Without water bath it loses all its meaning, so it is necessary to arrange at least on the bank of a small pond.
  • Stones.You need to prepare in advance for a number of large rounded boulders.Note that one approach will need at least a bucket of stones.Not suitable heterogeneous and fractured rocks, as well as laminated and flat.They may crack when heated and cause splinters flying off the leisure serious injuries.It is not necessary to use and granite, which, when heated to a specific temperature simply disintegrates into sand.
  • Drove better score in excess than their lack of experience in the process of evaporation.Take should be dry trees with a diameter not greater than 15 cm.

We describe step by step how to make a camp bath.

camp stove for baths ↑

Please make a stove, which will warm up the stones.If you already have a furnace casing, it should be from two opposite sides impose large stones as possible without gaps.The two sides are left open to maintain traction during combustion fire.Further, with the two sides of the oven and top obkladyvayut stones smaller size.This will be the basis of our steam room.

Oven-heater with a finished frame
That such should turn the oven, if you already have a framework

You can light a fire.Please be laid inside the construct small chips and achieve a smooth continuous combustion.Now, the cavity is completely fueled with wood.Burning is supported for at least 2-2.5 hours, ideally in the morning until the evening.The flame should be strong and not fade for a moment.

Furnace for hiking baths without frame
But this oven should happen if there is a metal frame

If the finished frame is not present, instead laid the foundation of the larger wood, and on top evenly with small openings are arranged stones.The fire ignited in the combustion process and procedure laying wood and stones is repeated until then, until all the boulders will not be covered by dense fire.Such a fire capable of burning up to 4 hours.

to construct a framework for the tent ↑

Prepared racks are interconnected in such a way as to obtain a structure that resembles a cube without a bottom.For cords can be used any suitable material:

  • electrical tape;
  • Scotch;
  • rope.

ends of wooden stakes to be carefully wrap the cloth so that they are not torn awning material.

To construct a framework for hiking baths
frame of wooden stakes for hiking baths

Tip: For greater stability of the roof construction can be diagonally connected to each other by means of poles.

Our room with a camp stove is almost ready, it remains to cover the frame and you can bathe.There are two options for further construction: in black and in white.

Banja marching in black ↑

In this case, all the coals and ashes scraped from the oven, and all the space around the well is filled with water.Ready frame with put on it or polyethylene tent set on the hot stone.There also are made tanks of cold and hot water (water can be heated in a kettle over the same bonfire).

Council: in such a bath is better not to go without shoes, as if sweeping the furnace-hot small stones may be left on the ground and cause burns.

detailed video of the process will help to better understand how to make yourself a bath.

wishing to bathe in a white ↑

This room is characterized by the fact that the fireplace is in the same place, but the hot boulders roll quickly with a shovel on a specially prepared track under the framework.Track is also necessary to carefully pour cold water.Now very carefully on the frame snapped up top, it is important that the inside was a man, and for ensuring that the web did not fall on the hot boulders.

Sauna in field conditions in the black
main difference hiking baths in black and white, is the location of the frame.In black baths it is located above the point of the fire, and white - separate and hot stones rolled down into it

to room turned hotter and has long been functioning in both cases the ends of the shelter should be pressed to the ground with stones, pebbles or just sprinklesand.

things you need for hiking baths ↑

Firstly, what room without brooms?Therefore, a couple of these attributes should take with them from home.In field conditions zaparivat a broom just cold water.

Second, by heating water for dousing stones, it is necessary to add some aromatic grass, for example, cranberry leaves, pine needles and juniper.In addition to inhalation health effects and you get another great pleasure from inhaling the invigorating aroma.

Light are a couple!