Frame bath with his hands: rapid construction of different buildings

I would like to take a steam bath, and there is no money for the construction of structures made of bricks and logs?Then the room perfectly suited skeleton hands.For its construction does not need expensive materials and competent figures.This option is by far the most advantageous in terms of the flow of money and time.And the benefit is obvious: the material savings doubled and quick erection.


list of advantages and disadvantages ↑

Frame baths have an important advantage - the walls are not subject to shrinkage, and using high-quality modern insulation structureit turns out quite easily.

high speed facilities, and technology-specific: it is possible simultaneously to finish the bath insi

de and out.The frame is going to a few days, and finishing work and installation of heating equipment takes a couple of weeks.

Banja shield frame - a unique view of the baths, it is rugged, durable, and very popular in Canada, the United States.Her term of service is less than brick construction, but superbly constructed frame building is more than 100 years.This figure is confirmed by the fact that in Europe there are structures erected two centuries ago.

significant plus - many options for exterior and interior.For example, it may be outside siding, tiles, boards and even conventional plaster.

specifics of the processes allows to hide all the hardware in the wall: automation components, pipes.

And, of course, the cost of the project framework baths much lower than those of brick and timbered baths.

Frame Bath
Frame Bath has many advantages and few disadvantages

Along with the benefits there is one drawback - the humidity.It penetrates during the rains and snowfall in the slot design and can accumulate inside the frame.But knowing the nuances and subtleties of building processes, you can avoid such undesirable phenomena.

Vapor - protection design ↑

possible to avoid condensation?And how to build a framework bath, which will be used in the winter time?Undoubtedly, the moisture brings a lot of harm to the general condition of the structure, in order to preserve the original state of the bath, you need to take care of the vapor barrier.For this purpose, perfect asphalt and special vapor barrier film.These materials are placed between the insulation and the inner lining of the room.

Vapor frame for baths
vapor control sheet with foil side passes evaporation, retains heat

Important: Ruberoid as a vapor barrier material used is undesirable because when heated it emits odor.

insulation - minimum heat loss ↑

Frame bath requires good insulation to ensure the integrity and to reduce to a minimum the heat loss performance.These baths have a low thermal conductivity, so the proper organization of steam is essential.

important: integrity should not interfere with normal air.

The most common baths insulated with mineral wool or fiberglass, as these materials have good thermal conductivity and are considered the best.

The choice of wood - in point ↑

Frame sauna in the country have to be built from the dried wood, for example, aspen, larch, linden.These rocks have low thermal conductivity and a long time retain the original form of the building.With the construction of the wall, use the board (thickness - 2-3 cm), for the outer skin can take the boards from pine and larch, and the internal version Select another breed.

Important: When the internal cladding boards are arranged vertically.

stages of construction framing baths ↑

Before the construction and establishment of the project, it is necessary to analyze these details:

  • location next bath: it will be a separate room or a continuation of the building;
  • selection of land for construction;
  • definition of the type of soil on the site;

Then you can design a skeleton bath, that is, determine the location of the furnace chimney, veranda, ventilation and choose the kind of roofing.Many people want to have a good frame of a bath - projects are an important component, as the more detail will be designed, the easier it will continue to promote the construction of the structure.

important when such inferences cause difficulties, it is best to seek professional help or a construction company.

foundation for framing construction ↑

Since the light frame construction, the foundation can be made at the simplified scheme.The most suitable option - pier foundation of asbestos pipes that are filled with concrete.

Construction of frame-baths
for easy frame construction is enough budget columnar foundation of asbestos pipes

essence of the work is as follows:

  • purchase of four-meter asbestos cement pipes (diameter 100 mm);
  • using benzobura drilled hole - depth of 1.5 m, a diameter of 200 mm;
  • tubes are cut into equal halves and inserted into pre-drilled hole.Then around them is filled with sand, later he carefully compacted.

Important: grout consists of the following components: cement, sifted sand, fine gravel and water.

  • resulting mixture filled the tube set.

device sill ↑

Usually it is made of several edging boards to cobble together among themselves (cross-section 150 × 50 mm).After finishing this work in harness cut into logs, made of planks.They are intended for a floor.

We should not forget the careful construction of this part of the waterproofing.To this end, under the harness and sex lags underlay roofing segments.In order to give additional strength to the structure, the joists and trim are attached to the foundation pipes with pre-walled metal plates.

then the resulting structure should be treated with a special solution (several times): Provides high-quality protection of wood from insects and rot.

sequence walling ↑

Before this stage the material should lie down and dry thoroughly.Then, according to the project should be prepared from the same frame racks of boards and details for the roof truss construction.

Framed structure
frame ready, it remains to sheathe and decorate

then marked up the place of installation of frame racks and then you can begin the final assembly of the frame.Installation takes place in the following order:

  • installation of two corner posts and several intermediate;
  • from one corner of the selected frame is sheathed with oriented strand board (they are set according to the level and the screws fixed to the frame);
  • install several racks that are trimmed similarly.

this way, that is by the successive addition of racks and fixing them OSB manufactured and assembled structural integrity.Of course, you will need to take into account the openings of windows and doors.

Roof - the next step ↑

During the construction of the carcass baths all truss collected directly on the ground, according to a uniform pattern.They took turns climbing the roof, each placed on his desk.

Important: Before installing the last farm on it is necessary to carry out the layout - to designate the form of sheets of OSB.They are sheathed with a pediment.

For more practical to conduct the assembly work is desirable to lay on a kind of temporal beam ceilings.For this purpose, suitable conventional boards.

Roofing: gable roof ridge device

It is best to operate the roof ventilated.In the space between the rafters and laid kontrbrusom special film and crate stuffed right on the board.The material is optimally suited ondulin.

When the work is finished and the roof gables closed (pre-prepared sheets), it remains to window and door frames in the provided openings.

Finish - completes the process ↑

construction framing bath - it's not just the creation of a reliable and robust construction, but also carrying out finishing works.Outside it is sheathed pine or fir boards.They are mounted in a horizontal position, since this method provides additional rigidity and stability of bath.Also often used, and other variations of the compounds, for example, placing the boards butt.Then, under a covering layer of waterproofing is laid, and the space is filled with insulating material.

As for the inner liner, it is a guarantee of protection against environmental influences.Rough ceiling is made of the same sheets of OSB, which are fixed to the joists below.

Important: for thermal insulation is placed three layers of insulation.

In the area where you want to steam in the piers fit the screen foil, and the rest of the walls are closing Pergamino.

Interior decoration frame baths
framing interior finishing bath can be carried out simultaneously with the facade work

Thereafter joists are nailed boards, overturned on the front side (you can take the ones that are used as forests).The steam bath is usually set oven heater, and from the waiting room - the heating boiler.

On the rules of fire safety should not be forgotten, so part of the wall that shuts the steam room of the recreation rooms, spread from the building bricks.

As already mentioned, the construction of frame type is very convenient in terms of finish, it is possible to carry out the work at once inside and outside.For this reason, if there is a forced break can be prepared skeletons of partitions, or to upholster their Block Houses made of natural wood paneling.So time is not lost in vain, and will be carried out with use.

Important: it is desirable for greater convenience to equip the ceiling hatch with a ladder.

level in the steam room ceiling can be lowered to a value of 2.1 m, it will give the opportunity to additional warming and upholster it "clean" lime lining.From this material it is recommended manufacturing the shelves.

Frame baths with their own hands - a distinct advantage: the economy, the rate of construction and a beautiful building.They can bathe the whole year and admire the walls, created by their own efforts.