Windows for bath - wood or plastic?

Bath - a place where we give himself up, maintaining cleanliness, not only the body but also the mind.After the sauna you can relax, have a drink of hot fragrant tea while admiring the view outside the window.Some believe that a window in the bath is not required, since there is no need for bright light, and heat losses are minimized.However, it is unlikely that the bath without windows is spectacular view from the outside.There are other arguments in favor of the windows.To make your stay comfortable in the bath, this room has traditional windows for natural lighting.They are also needed for better ventilation.Windows for bath require special attention during its construction.


Bathroom window wood ↑

In the design process necessarily raises the question: what

should be a window in the bath?Most often selected for this purpose the wooden window.This tree can withstand changes in temperature, while maintaining the original appearance.But it should be kept in mind that not all types of wood are equally good for this purpose.They differ in the insulating properties, softness, exposure to temperature effects and others.

Wooden windows for a bath - a good option
Wooden windows for a bath - a good option

advantages and disadvantages ↑

Windows in a bath of lime, oak, aspen and other species have certain advantagesthrough which they will always be used for everything Russian baths:

  • First, they look more aesthetic and more preferably, the skeleton bath or chopped.
  • Secondly, windows made of natural materials, do not emit harmful substances at high temperatures (as opposed to plastic).Moreover, the wood exudes while nutrients and pleasant aroma.
  • Third, wooden windows in a bath - a tribute to the ancient traditions.They created a special and pleasant atmosphere, unique to the Russian bath.
Wooden window in the bath
Wooden window in the bath - a tribute to the ancient traditions of

Important!In the washing and steam room offices can not use the wood of coniferous trees for the production of windows, as it highlights the resin at high temperatures.

There are, however, disadvantages.The first thermal deformations may be noted, often leading to desiccation of windows and formation of gaps.The same problem is the swelling, in which case you need to make a lot of effort to open the window (if any).Furthermore, wooden boxes for baths have a shorter lifetime than the designs of plastic.These problems are producers of wood windows solved by drying of the quality and subsequent processing of wood, so that the moisture level does not exceed 12%, in which the material is little deformed and at least several decades.

windows for bath ↑

Currently, builders often have to choose plastic windows as a variant of the glazing bath.Of course, it comes to the dressing room, but not the steam room, where there are high temperatures, which are unacceptable for structural glazed windows.

Windows for bath made of plastic
windows for a bath

Pros and cons of PVC ↑

A suitability of these windows for a bath?High quality of consumer PVC windows allow you to set them not only in residential, commercial and industrial applications, but also in the baths.They are:

  • durable
  • not afraid of steam, humidity
  • resistant to temperature fluctuations
  • well ventilated
  • have excellent soundproofing
  • not deformed
  • not require regular painting.

should also be noted that if the wooden box, have suffered from accumulated condensate, becoming a lure for all kinds of termites, carpenter ants, cockroaches and other pests, the plastic window will not attract the steam room "intruders."By cons of plastic windows include:

  • weak air permeability (in the room stuffy, it may be condensation)
  • fear mechanical effects (scratches or cracks and remain)
  • a large coefficient of expansion (in extreme cold profile greatly compressed, andheat - expanding)
  • can not be considered completely safe to health (no matter how cool, yet plastic - synthetic material rather than natural).

Important!When choosing plastic windows for a bath you need to make sure that they have good quality fittings with high resistance to corrosion, adapted for rooms with high humidity.

windows with a profile of high quality suitable for installation in the bath, but if the room itself is made of wood, of course, it is better to doors and windows for a bath were made of wood.

Wooden windows for a bath
In the bath made of wood and wooden windows should be

size, shape and location of the ↑

smaller windows in the bath, so it is warmer, the area of ​​glazing does not usually exceed 5% of the floor area.Furthermore, they are much smaller windows in houses and apartments.Compact windows allow to minimize heat loss.Optimal size:

  • width of 60-80 cm;
  • height of 40-60 cm.

These dimensions of windows in the bath provide rapid heating and preservation of the thermal regime in the bath room.You may wish to install windows and smaller.Of course, in the dressing room can be built large windows that provide comfort and coziness of the room.Especially because there is no need to maintain a high temperature.

If the window bath with beautiful views, a window can be made a little more.

form window may be square, but is most often rectangular, it is placed so that the long side becomes parallel to the floor.

upper edge of the window is not higher than 100 cm from the floor.The low promotes better conservation of heat.

For the most acceptable form of baths windows - rectangular
to bath the most acceptable form of windows - rectangular

to better retain heat bath windows make double, with separate cover.Application of triple instead of a double glazing will reduce heat loss by 30%.

Double glazed windows retains heat better in the bath
double glazed windows retains heat better in the bath

Well, if the windows are opened completely or have a window, it makes it easier to dry the bath, which increases the life of the regiments, wooden floor, lining the walls.

The presence of vents in the window makes it easier to dry bath
presence of vents in the window makes it easier to dry bath

hinges and locking devices must be selected from the metal resists corrosion, such as copper or brass.

Features installation of windows in the bath ↑

Setup window in the bath - a kind of process that requires special attention, as the task of reducing the maximum possible heat loss.If the room is built of stone or brick, window boxes installed without grooves.The wooden baths there is the problem of shrinkage timber.If the window for a bath with his hands to fix before the timber had finally sag, it may cause destruction of the frame and glass.Experienced builders install windows into thin slats in the walls (top and bottom) make slots in accordance with the size strips.In this case, the window moves freely up and down.Slots insulated insulating materials and set casing.Final assembly of the window is performed after 11 months when the final frame will shrink.

Euro windows are made of glued beam
Euro windows for a bath of laminated veneer lumber will last longer than a simple analog of wood will not be deformed and to pass drafts

The bath is set as a normal windows and Euro windows of laminated veneer lumber (double glazing).The latter have a contemporary design is distinguished by quality and durability.

This is important!Installation of plastic windows in the washing and steam room offices is extremely undesirable.But in the dressing room - this is an acceptable alternative to wooden counterparts.After all, there is no plastic is exposed to high temperatures.

Video: experts about the windows in the steam room ↑

correct choice of material, the size, the location of windows in the bath, as well as their professional installation will ensure the longevity of the bath and maximum reduction of heat loss.At the same time attractive windows give a spectacular view of the outside of the bath and it will significantly improve the design inside.