How and what to do pool in the bath: to define and organize

today introduced steam room without a pool of cool water, which after a hot air invigorates, refreshes and gives a powerful charge of positive energy, is almost impossible.Of course, financially it is fun is not cheap, but there is always a viable option to achieve the desired, for example, build a swimming pool in the bath alone.


pools in the bath: variety ↑

first step on the way to the goal is to define the type of pool.Pools for swimming pools are of three types.

stationary tanks for cooling ↑

Stationary swimming pool in the bath
Stationary swimming pool - the most difficult option, but also the most aesthetically

This type is considered the most reliable and durable.In the role of foundations in favor concrete bowl that is installed on a foundation of pre-dug pit.Statio

nary pools may be of any size and depth.

Mobile collapsible bowls ↑

Collapsible swimming pool for a bath
collapsible pool bath

this kind of pools for the bath is also called time: mobility allows at any time to dismantle the font and to move where you want.

base is usually done from PVC, so on the strength of such plastic pools for baths fixed slightly inferior, but easy, quick installation and low cost - benefits that led to the incredible popularity of modular models.

Pool Spa - massage and relaxation ↑

Mini-pool bath
Mini pool bath

special feature whirlpools is a compact size, sincethey are not designed for swimming and relaxation, toning and relaxation.These mini-pools for the bath are sold ready-made, and therefore do not require special installation and assembly.

This is interesting!
Many spa pools mistakenly called a jacuzzi, although this word has two meanings.The first - the name of the man who invented the whirlpool, and the second - the name of the most popular company that produces such ponds.

pool with their hands for bath ↑

Construction of swimming pools in the steam room - not an easy task, which would require taking into account many nuances.

Where to start?↑

before taking over the construction of the pool, you should answer a lot of questions: where it will be located (in the streets or in the steam room), who will swim in it (adults, children, or elderly people).This will help to find the optimal settings.

The rectangular pool for a bath
Think about the shape and dimensions of the future pool

Also think about the size and shape of the bowl of the future reservoir, because these characteristics have a direct impact on the cost of construction.The more complex configuration and the larger the size, the higher the price index of costs.

Expert Advice!
Note that although the construction of rectangular bowls can be saved, because the consumption of materials obtained less rounded shapes are more attractive and in perfect harmony with the design and the surrounding landscape.

What is a project baths?↑

Among other things, you will need technical documentation that can be found on numerous websites dedicated to construction.If you do not have existing projects attracted, you can order a set of drawings with all explanations and hydraulic circuits assembly line.Drawing greatly simplify the installation and construction of the works.

This is important!
When ordering online project not too lazy to sketch a rough plan of construction - experts will be much easier to work with.

competently compiled project will:

  • calculate the reservoir cup to static and dynamic loads, which is very important when planning a wooden sauna with a swimming pool;
  • know the impact loads on the structural components of the bath and on the ground;
  • to place and pick up the equipment and utilities;
  • properly mount fitting pieces;
  • ensure construction of a bath with pool electricity;
  • take into account all the necessary conditions for the safe and comfortable operation of the facility;
  • calculate the amount of materials and determine the cost of the construction process.

Expert Advice!

correctly drawn bath with pool project includes a set of drawings with calculations and explanatory writing.

shall specify the installed equipment, reagents, methods of water purification and other subtleties of construction and operation.

In general, the design - it is the most important stage, which consists of several items:
1. Architectural binding, providing equipment pool selected accessories - slides, trampoline, falls, etc.
2. Design elements bowls (individually).
3. Statistical calculation of load-bearing structures.

One of the interesting projects bath with pool show video.

Construction of the pool in the bath ↑

So when all the organizational issues and resolved at hand has everything you need, you can start making monolithic concrete bowl.

This is important!
coefficient of water absorption of the concrete should be fairly high.The best option - concrete class W-8.

now under the pool bath you need to dig a pit and foundation reinforcement, which will serve as the bottom and the walls.The cup is filled with concrete.

Expert Advice!
the cup should be poured in one step.This is extremely important, because it will reduce the reliability of the multi-casting pool several times.Without waiting for the setting of the concrete, it is necessary "to expel" vibrating hammer any air bubbles.

next step is to align the surface of the bowl and leave it for a month, do not forget from time to time to moisturize, to avoid cracking.To plaster is well kept, it is recommended to use special solutions for renovation with the addition of latex.Such a plaster will not only become more elastic, and acquire additional water-repellent properties.

next step - waterproofing.The quickest and cheapest option - Flooring PVC film.
pool bath is almost ready, it remains only the final stage of construction - facing.Species facing a huge amount of material, but the most popular are:
1. Tile.For pools produced special porcelain tile that absorbs water much less ceramic.

Expert Advice!
buying tiles pay attention to water absorption.It should not be more than 3%.Ceramic tile for facing the pool - not good becausedue to the porosity, it can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

2. Mosaic.Top categories covering materials - tiles, cast glass, which is different density, water resistance and durability.The advantage of the mosaic that the small size of the tiles allows you to create unusual composition, putting into practice all ideas of the designer.

Pool bath: Coating
Mosaic - the best facing material

3. PVC film.This is the cheapest material for the cladding, having, by the way, a lot of pluses.The film is easy to clean, resistant to natural and chemical exposure.

That's all.Now you know how to build a swimming pool in the bath and create the perfect conditions for rest and recovery of all the members of your family.Health, good spirits and good mood guaranteed!