Sewage in a private home: the specifics of the design and construction

Gone are the days when the property in the private sector associated with the lack of amenities.Now drain in a country house is a common phenomenon.With the construction of new residential buildings sewer system project originally envisaged.The old houses are searched options for improvement, at the same time have to look for a free space for the placement of toilets or perform an addition to the building.Mount the drain in a private home is possible and with their hands, but most owners are turning to professional teams with experience in such work.Involving experts is justified even faster timing of the volume of work, including on the grounds of instrumentation and special equipment.


Design: scheme of sewage in a private home ↑

Before installation work, you must carry out a number of preliminary activities.Availability of detailed scheme allows t

he device to perform competently sewage in a private home.Therefore, at this stage it is generally carried out the following actions:

  • is determined by the location of the drain well, while trying to choose a site which is located below the house.At the same time and place fixed by leaving the house sewer pipe.
  • further defined starting point of installation of sewer pipe directly into the house.This is usually the place of installation toilet.Inlet and outlet pipes must be placed in a straight line.The presence of distortions and any bends are not allowed.This main pipe will take waste water from all available in the house, the drain source: sink, shower, washbasin, WC.
  • Then proceed to the design of the sewage system in the scale of its prorisovyvaya diagram that shows all pipe sizes.When this calculated required amount of the various compounds.The accuracy of the measurements depends on the time it will have to spend on the purchase of consumables.It will be a shame if the private sewer installation domepriostanovitsya due to lack of square footage tube.Also, with proper drafting erected sewage system in a private house quality will last for a long time.

sewerage structures: progress ↑

Diagram of the water drain
Diagram of the sewage

If the private house formerly present drainage and require work on its updates or supplements, you can use previously paved paths.

If the current location does not fit the new challenges, the entire installation is carried out again.

  1. to spend drains into a private house, you need to open the floor.There are some cases where this procedure can be avoided if a floor is enough space for the movement of people.However, in the construction of floors of old houses crept just above the ground, so to perform the work necessary to their spread.
  2. Then proceed to dig a trench in which to pack the main sewer pipe.To determine the depth of her need to dig a hole under the foundation and measure the resulting distance.If it exceeds one meter, this depth of the pipe does not allow it to freeze in the winter.If necessary, the trench is deepened, if for some reason is not possible, at the place of exit from the house sewer pipe insulation spend it.
  3. Then continue to dig a trench in the street up to drain the well, thus making the slope, which will provide unimpeded flow of water through the pipe.The angle of slope of the following rules: for every ten meters of the track depth of the trench should be increased by half a meter.
  4. At the bottom portion of the trench, located on the street, poured a layer of sand, the thickness of which should be not less than 15 cm. This allows the tube to take a comfortable position and withstand the pressure of the soil, pour on top.
  5. After laying pipe in a trench, stykuya them together with special connecting elements to connect them to the secondary pipe coming from the other discharge sources.Plastic pipes are produced two-meter and three-meter, so choose those that are more convenient to install in the private home.Their thickness should be not less than 100 mm.In places where the blockages are possible, experts recommend installing the audit.Through these special removable plugs in the pipes to clean the pipe with a steel cable.
  6. Internal wiring in a private home sewage is performed by means of special adapters, connecting pipes of different diameters.After the thickness of the exit basin, kitchen sink, the shower is 50 mm.

device drain well ↑

Outdoor laying sewer in a private home is associated with the unit drain well, which can be made of concrete rings or finished plastic tanks.When they take into account the requirements of the placement of sanitary regulations, which provide for a five-meter offset from the house and twenty meters offset from the drinking water wells.When calculating the volume of the well count the number residing in the house of the people.One person should be at least 0.5 cubic meter volume.If you would not dig a deep hole to accommodate several concrete rings, resorted to the device of two containers connected by a tube.In any case, you must provide space for the entrance to the tank car assenizatorskaya for periodic pumping of sewage.

The device of drains
device of drains

Well of brick, concrete or concrete is the easiest and cheapest way to installation of local sewage in a private home.Such structures erected without a bottom and the walls do not tight.Wastewater entering the tank such absorbable subjected to primary purification.Thus large particles settle to the bottom and the water penetrates into the ground.

Such a device drain the well is dangerous to the environment, as is likely biochemical contamination of the territory, located in the immediate vicinity of the building.These wells require periodic cleaning and constant use of services assenizatorskaya machine.

Sewerage system for private homes
Ready sealed container for collecting waste water

little better for the environment is a device for mounting the sump drain in a private home.The sealed container, which collects all the wastewater pumping needs.As materials used for the manufacture of the container protrude plastic, concrete and others.It is also possible to organize and better options for collecting and filtering of waste water: septic tank and the latest biological treatment system.

Attraction professionals: one to turn ↑

With a small amount of work, and there is free time to explore the basics of the science can be done in-house installation of sewage.However, assistance is not a knowledgeable person would be superfluous.In such a serious matter is undesirable learn from their mistakes.While handling a part of the organization need to be careful.After all, the market for construction services and is filled with "hacks", who may not know or do not comply with the requirements of the technology of work.Therefore, you should choose those companies that are already known in this field at the local market.

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