Installing underfloor heating in the bathroom: the rules of design of different systems

floor heating in the bathroom - the comfort available to everyone.What could be better than the feeling of heat, one experiences when walking barefoot in the bathroom?In addition to the pleasant tactile sensation, a warm floor in the bathroom successfully eliminates excess moisture, preventing the occurrence of mold, mildew.Installation of underfloor heating can be carried out throughout the living space, but the most popular is the device of such floors in the bathroom.

There are two different systems of underfloor heating - electric and water.The core of each of them is the application of certain heat sources.Step by step guide that describes the process of installation of each system will help you make a warm floor in the bathroom on their own, without the help of qualified professionals.


Water "warm floor" in the bathroom ↑

dwell on some distinctive features of the water floor heating.It should be noted that the installation of floor heating in the bathroom is suitable for private or a country house.For tenants of apartments in high-rise buildings is problematic to connect this system to the central heating.Of course, this does not apply to the "elite housing" project which often provides the device water floor heating.

System of water underfloor heating in the bathroom
water systems underfloor heating in the bathroom

positive side of such a system of floor heating abound to resolve the issue of its installation.The undeniable advantages include:

  • Security - floor heating elements are safely hidden from the public access, thus reducing the likelihood of damage.Due to the small number of joints is achieved by minimizing the risk of leakage;
  • Economy - radiant floor heating can reduce energy costs by 15-45% while maintaining a comfortable temperature in the room;
  • Environmentally friendly - the system is safe for human health.Water floors do not emit harmful radiation and does not create an electromagnetic field;
  • Comfort - quality floor heating, which allows to feel pleasure at the exit of the bath or shower.Temperature control allows you to provide optimal comfort temperature surface.

The disadvantages are present in the water floor heating, should include:

  • existence probability of leaks, which will be very difficult to find when it occurs;
  • Obligatory presence of the water pump to maintain the pressure when it falls in the water system;
  • complexity of system installation of floor heating.

should be noted that radiant floor heating is positioned as a complex engineering system requires consideration of the parameters of your home in the drafting.

choice of equipment for installation depends primarily on the characteristics of the existing power supply.

Installing underfloor ↑

Water System "underground" heat ↑

consider in detail especially the water floor heating installation, stopping at every stage.

modern radiant floor heating in the bathroom is a structure of tubes, which are connected to a source of hot water.As the last speaker tube receipt of hot water or heating risers.By circulating water through the pipes included in the floor structure, heating takes place of its upper layer.Then, the heat rising up from the heated surface, helps to maintain a comfortable temperature in the lower layer.

Installation of water underfloor heating
Mounting water underfloor heating

The installation process starts with the device PP risers hot water provided if not previously made their installation.Prerequisite is charting (project) the location of these pipes.

One of the things that determine the quality of work is a competent waterproofing the floor, allowing to avoid the serious consequences in the event of leakage.Bands waterproofing material must be laid overlapping and joints to connect through a blowtorch, construction dryer.Good waterproofing - the result of high-quality connection of joints.

Rough screed a mixture of expanded clay filled with cement.It should be noted that the level of the screed must be maintained at the level determined by the level of the finished floor minus 5-7 cm. When pouring the surface allowed small and small bumps.Within 2-3 days after application is necessary to wet the surface of screeds with water to prevent it cracking.

The next step is laying foil insulation.Joints glued using strips of aluminum tape.

Laying of polypropylene pipes
Laying polypropylene pipes

Next, go to the immediate installation of water sex.Polypropylene pipe is bent according to the scheme and are attached to the screed.It is important that the distance between adjacent portions of the pipe does not exceed 15-20 cm. The curved design, which turned out as a result, must be connected to the risers by means of regulating tap.To avoid trouble, immediately check the system for leaks.In the absence of problems disconnect the water supply and give the floor to cool.

second screed poured a similar mixture.Before it set the beacons to sustain the level.At this point, flatness is an important point, which should draw your attention.After drying screed can start tiling.

device floor with heating cables ↑

Installation of electric warm floor cable consists of a number of important steps that require sequential execution.

design. on the floor in the bathroom need to determine the location of cable connection, sensor and thermostat.Then we perform the transfer of the resulting circuit in the plan.In drafting start from the power system, observing the recommended spacing between the stripes material.

insulation. layer of insulation is placed on the surface irregularities which may be 7-8 mm.If the inspection found significant differences bases, the need to pre-pouring concrete screeds.If there is no insulation reflective film should be further put aluminum foil.

laying cable. better heating cable laid on the wire mesh, on which it is fixed.In addition to the locking function so special mesh will not tolerate immersion in filler wire and ensure the stiffness of the whole structure.Carefully follow that there is no crossover cable or damage.The electric cable is connected to the heat by means of couplings, which must be immersed in a cement screed and at a short distance from the maximum thermostat.It is necessary to keep the distance between the nearest wall and the junction of at least 20 centimeters.

Installation of electric underfloor heating cable on the basis of
Installation of electric underfloor heating cable based

Installation of thermoregulation. regulator is mounted at a height of 0.8-1 meters above the floor.Corrugated tubes are placed in the sensor and is placed between the rows of the cable.Through further fill screed, control that the tube and the sensor is above the screed.

Fill the floor. work is nearing completion, so once again carefully check the integrity and damage all elements of electric underfloor heating cable.Making sure that everything is in order, proceed to fill.Grout should be distributed evenly, but in the screed should be no voids.Next, we check the integrity of the entire system and give it to dry.First start the electric floor heating should be made not earlier than 30 days after completion of the work, which will help to avoid cracks in the screed.


installation based floor termomatov ↑

process of installation of electric underfloor heating based termomatov not much different from the installation of the system using a heating cable.But the difference is still present.

flooring layers stacked in the following sequence:

  • subfloor (concrete);
  • Termomaty;
  • Tile adhesive;
  • tile.

In the first stage termomatov laying on the prepared subfloor pretreated with primer.The base can serve even the old floor tiles.In places where there will be stationary objects termomaty not fit.

reinforcing mesh heating mat neatly cut, avoiding damage to the cable, and then termomat fit into place.Between adjacent strips keep a distance of 5 cm.

Installation of electric floor heating on the basis of termomatov
Installation of electric floor heating on the basis of termomatov

Termomat using adhesive tape and Melt fixed to the floor.Furthermore, commercially exist mats having adhesive base.Such a system requires no additional fixing.Termomaty initially unrolled and cut on the surface and then remove the protective strip and glued.

final stage of work is the connection of the sensor and temperature control, isolation of connection points and verify system functionality.

Underfloor based termomatov easier to install and less expensive than its equivalent on the basis of the heating cable.This system is available for installation under any floor covering.

Electric bathroom floor ↑

system of electric underfloor heating is more popular.The constituent elements of its design are:

  • heating cable, the purpose of which is the conversion of electrical energy into heat;
  • thermostat, equipped with a sensor, has an important role in the operation of the electric floor heating.It is necessary to control the heating system;
  • corrugated tube;
  • insulation material;
  • mounting tape.

Electric floor heating in the bathroom is of two kinds:

  • cable Warm floor - as the heating element acts as a heating wire which is single and two-core.Each of these types of cable laid under the screed having a thickness of 3-7 cm;
  • termomatov warm floor - is a system of individual parts of the heating wires of different lengths.Power supply is due to the presence of "installation" ends.Laying termomatov carried out directly on the screed, and then a layer of tile adhesive.Using the heating mats does not have any effect on the height of the floor, as they are immersed in the tile adhesive.
Electric floor heating in the bathroom
Electric floor heating in the bathroom

Electric floor heating, arranged in the bathroom, give you a comfortable temperature regardless of the time of year and on the operation of the central heating.Special controls allow you to set acceptable temperature and modify it as needed.The most common area of ​​the bathroom is not is large, and after installation it is still shrinking (for example, under the sink or the shower unit underfloor heating is not required).Therefore, installation of electrical floor heating is even and cost-effective.

Video: the unit of the electrical system ↑

In conclusion I would like to note that the heated floor in the bathroom - this is your comfort.Modern technologies allow to choose the most suitable system for performance and price category.Give yourself a joy and a feeling of warmth, touch your bare feet.Let your dream become a reality!

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