Boilers for bathhouse - types, features of operation, production drawings for DIY

What contains in itself the concept of "boilers for baths?"The boilers are different from sauna stoves, different device or whether it is one and the same?Can I make a bath boiler yourself?Such questions puzzled many Internet users who choose to build their own bath.To help amateurs baths we have prepared detailed answers to these questions.You know what coppers are how to make pots for a bath with his hands, and much more.


boilers for baths: types and characteristics ↑

applied to the bath we can say that there are only boilers for steam and boilers are - for the entire heating system of the bath house.If it is a large multi-baths, where there are washing, waiting room lounges, treatment rooms, then no additional boilers can not do.They are placed in separate rooms, and steam rooms set in the stove, which can also take the form of boilers.Thus, in large baths are usually installed two u

nits - boilers and steam boilers for space heating and hot water.

If it is a small, family baths, the heating device there is usually one thing - the stove-heater or boiler for the bath.With the help of a heated room, get steam heated water.

The metal in the steam boiler
metal boiler steam
Alternative location of the boiler in the steam room
arrangements of the boiler in the steam room
Metal pot, surrounded by brick fence
metal pot, surrounded by brick fence

Species boilers very much.They may vary, for example, by type of fuel used and be:

  • solid fuel (working with wood, lignite or coal, shale, peat and other solid organic materials);
  • liquid fuel (working on kerosene, diesel fuel, fuel oil, furnace fuel distilled);
  • operating on gaseous fuel (liquefied gas and natural gas);
  • electric.

regard to the materials, then there should be noted especially.For example, cast iron boiler for a bath is rarely used.He was not used in the steam room.If set, then in a separate room and is used for heating bath rooms, hot water.

Diagram of the boiler in a small family bath
scheme boiler in a small family bath

directly in the steam room can be set:

  • brick oven;
  • metal boilers;
  • metal boilers lined with brick.

has long been characterized by a massive Russian bath brick oven, are made by hand.However, new technology, and now the plant mainly produces compact metal stove.Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy this machine.Perhaps someone possessing the relevant building skills, wants to construct a boiler for a bath with his hands.To learn how to do it correctly, will be discussed further.

What knowledge and skills are needed?↑

The first thing to consider is the type of fuel that is to be used for home-made boiler in the steam room, and a view of the boiler respectively.Gas boilers for the baths as well as power - not the best option for self-installation.If we stopped them a choice, you should buy a ready set of good quality, because in the event of incorrect assembly and installation of a high risk of accidents.

In addition, a gas boiler for a bath, incorrect installation, on a mandatory basis should check the relevant regulatory authorities.But solid fuel boilers working with wood, and make install will be much easier.For their proper installation, you must:

  1. imagine how the diagram looks boilers for baths -chertezhi boilers - that's what you need to get everyone Samodelkina initially.In these figures, it is desirable to be seen as looking at boiler sectional top and side views, parameters are specified all parts separately made sketches most significant ligament structure.It is important to know the "language" of schemes, own special terminology, understand the principles of operation of the boiler.
  2. buy supplies for the boiler.Some details can be found in the building supermarkets, but for the components of the furnace would have to go to a specialty store.
  3. Cut metal.From standard steel sheets have to carve out a thick-walled box, which is a metallic casing of the boiler.You must get a pair of scissors for metal good quality (this will depend on the extent to which even turn pattern).
  4. Cook the steel casing of the boiler.You will need the skills of the welder, since cut steel sheets have to be welded.Docking seam must be perfect.
  5. overlaid boiler bricks.Brick box is created in order to mitigate the effect of the intense heat coming from the metal furnace.Therefore, building a brick wall-box with ventilation holes extending along the perimeter of the boiler body.To do this you need to know all the basic rules of bricklaying.The box has to stand on a solid foundation, it is also necessary to take care.

Make a boiler for bath ↑

We suggest you make a simple metal stove-heater open type, in other words - pot, topped with a brick.

Homemade iron boiler for steam bath
Homemade metal bath boiler for steam
Driving a simple metal bath boiler
scheme simple metal bath boiler
Driving bath chimney boiler
scheme chimney bath boiler

you need:

  • steel sheet 5 mm thick, from which will be manufactured boiler walls;
  • steel sheet 10 mm thick for the bottom.The steel will be tightly thicker, since the lower part of the boiler is exposed to the highest temperatures.
  • reinforcing bars of 3 mm in diameter.Of these will need to make a metal mesh on which the stones are placed.These bars will be based on channels, welded at the wall.
  • plate 1.5 mm in thickness and 15 cm in diameter and asbestos to create chimney.For pipes provided the combined design, tin will be made the lower part of the nozzle.The upper - asbestos.Both parts of the chimney should be connected by a special flange connection with mandatory shutter.We propose to use that option flue, it is the most fireproof: asbestos part of the chimney is very well protected, it is not afraid of exposure to extremely high temperatures.
  • finished parts factory boilers (water tank, faucet, door, faucet and so on. N).

Connect all of the boiler, as shown in the diagram.If you have the required building skills, it is not difficult to construct a simple boilers for baths - photos in this article and diagrams that accompany the text, this will help you.If confidence is not, and you've never were making anything like this, it is best to contact the experts.The boiler - Fire-risk device, so as not to risk the health and lives of the people should be to design and mount it perfectly.

Video: boiler with a closed stove

How to design and make a simple bannuyu oven with a closed stove and water tank will tell the video clip: