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The best way to decorate your yard - make vases for flowers with his own hands

Why street vases for flowers?There are several reasons.Firstly, they facilitate the work of the gardener.They can grow all kinds of plants, even the most capricious, who do not like transplanting and require special soil composition.Secondly, potted flowers and planters easily migrate to the right place or to protect from the rain and cold.But most importantly, the use of containers helps to decorate stairs and terraces, patios and garden paths, as well as other places where the soil is not in principle.


Even at the modest yard, where no tiles and unique plants, flowerpots can play an irreplaceable role.Growing flowers in them will make your garden more colorful and unusual.What do you need?Just make bright accents i

n the right places!In this article we will examine the main criteria by which you can choose the appropriate colors for pots that have become decoration of your territory.

flowers at home
Flowers adorn our house and give joy

Choose pots size ↑

choosing the size of the flower pot, remember this moment as proportionality.Pot should match the value of the site and harmoniously fit into the existing space.For example, if the area of ​​the yard is not too big, it is not necessary to place it on a large container with flowers.It is unlikely that he will make it extra comfort!Rather, dominating everything else, it will look awkward and intrusive.The opposite effect - when a small pot is lost and becomes invisible on the widest and longest avenue.

What color of the pot will help ↑

What is the function of flowerpots?They should emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of the plants planted in them.Therefore, plastic pots for flowers or made of other materials should not be bright and colorful.Since the frame can not be richer than the picture itself.That is why in landscape design is dominated by white, terracotta, beige, cream and brown colors and delicate pastel shades vases.

on what material to stop the election ↑

These products can be made from both natural and artificial materials.In the first case, it is a stone, clay, metal, china.It does not include natural concrete and plastic.All of them have both advantages and disadvantages, which we discuss below.

how to decorate the plot
to spice up your site enough to have a normal log
  1. Decorative stone products

These individual gorgeous vases usually made-to-order and, therefore, are considered to be expensive.These monumental tower on its pedestal and are designed to emphasize the status of the host building.Their indisputable advantages - it is extraordinary durability and decorative effect, which can be increased several times, making the surface textured pattern.They perfectly retain water and do not allow to dry ground.

  1. Concrete flower pots

They have the same value as the stone products, concrete can be considered as artificial stone.This material is cheaper and therefore received greater recognition.The soil in these pots for a long time retains moisture, which is particularly important during the hot summer.Concrete perfectly capable of not too overheated during the day and very quickly cooled at night.

types of vases
Concrete flowerpots can be not only the traditional form

significant drawback of vases made of stone (natural and artificial) - their severity.Because of the heavy weight they are difficult to carry from one place to another, often making it impossible to change the garden scenery.

  1. Flowerpots plastic

main advantage of which are plastic pots for flowers - an affordable price and low weight.The achievements of modern chemical industry can create a plastic that looks like a natural material - clay, stone, etc.At a great distance the difference between them is quite difficult.These planters and pots are well able to retain moisture, not allowing plant roots to dry out.It is very important for the water-loving flowers.

  1. Vases of natural clay

This natural material has a unique flexibility.It allows you to create products of very different shapes.Due to its high porosity, saturated soil in the pots natural oxygen, which has a positive effect on the root system and the further growth of the plants.The downside is that such factory-made and flower vases are porous material.As a consequence, there is a rapid drying of the soil, so the pots can not be placed in direct sunlight.It does not apply to products covered by glaze.All of the above deficiencies have reduced to zero, but there was negative - the roots can not get supplemental oxygen.

material flowerpot
Clay pots emphasize the rustic style

Making flower pots with their hands ↑

Decoration section are not necessarily ready to use pots and planters.They may look even more original if they do with their hands.Moreover, the case will go to the most unexpected materials - wooden barrels, boxes, wheelbarrows, carts, etc.Wood perfectly retains moisture and is therefore the best option for moisture-loving plants.Having made such pots for flowers with his own hands, do not forget to cover them with lacquer or varnish.So your "creation" will not lose decorative properties even after heavy rains.

a great option for the landing of colors can be a normal stump.The interior of the timber is removed and the void is filled with soil and planted in a plant.

with their own hands
original pots can be made with their own hands

as material for the improvised vases many people use plastic bottles.Their tops cut off, and make a few holes at the bottom for drainage.Options how to decorate a pot, there may be many - it all depends on your imagination.It can be painted or glued funny little animals, plastic flowers and butterflies.

Video: how to make a cascade pot for flowers ↑

Place a "decoration" on the spot ↑

placed outside pots should attract attention.But this does not mean that it necessarily is given the place of honor.This is possible when the pots for flowers made of concrete placed in the center of the flower beds.In other cases, their place - this is the edge of the tracks, paths, steps, stairs.

flowers around the house
how harmoniously this corner of the yard looks

Remember, flower pots and planters created with a purpose!This goal - to make the area a spectacular design "flavor".We hope that you will succeed!

Video: ideas for the creation of flower pots with their hands ↑

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