Step by step instructions on cleaning the wells with their own hands

Well - is the "heart" of the plot, is not equipped with running water, because it is the source of drinking water for the inhabitants of the house and "breadwinner" for all plants in the garden and the garden.However, even those who have equipped their holdings of technological know-how, and not averse to drink life-giving water, donated by Mother Earth.Of course, it is important that the water in Krynica was a clean, clear, delicious and safe for health.Fortunately, thanks to the current access to a database of useful information cleaning wells with their own hands - to solve the problem.Now you yourself understand this.


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Examples of pollution and ways to solve the situation ↑

Still well - it is not a natural body of water, and the work of human hands, soNature, of course, as far as possible take care of your plants, but do not forget that first of all it is - your "child" and you need him "to take care of."How often do you think about cleaning its water "zavodika"?

a well on the site
If in the old days the well was one of the village, now afford such a "luxury" can each landowner

Often, when you feel that worsened the taste of water or shade, it became unpleasant smell appeared unusual sediment.Why is this happening?The reasons for this can be set.To those experts consider the following phenomena.

  • Violation sealing joints or other constituent elements of the design, so that the particles fall into the ground, making the water turbid.Typically, these problems appear after snowmelt or as a result of protracted rainy season.We solve the situation is simple: all the holes and seams must be inspected and to make tight;
  • overabundance of sunlight, which is why the multiplication of microorganisms is activated and the water takes on a greenish hue.In this case, you may not need cleaning.To get started, try to make a shed or other protected from the sun's active design;
  • irregular operation, for which reason there is a surplus of water in organic substances.However, this problem may occur each owner Krynica.Correct the situation will help cleaning, disinfection, and regular use of your water source;
  • illiterate selection of materials for the construction of Krynica.Sometimes not enough to choose the right device for cleaning the well, because the problem may be more serious than you can imagine.There are cases where site owners make more disastrous mistakes at the time the construction of buildings using unsuitable or low-quality materials that are either short-lived or have a negative impact on water quality.For example, professionals do not recommend the use of materials for the construction of wells of organic origin.This error is fraught with penetration inside buildings nitrogen compounds, because of which the water becomes artificially-sweet taste.In some cases, it is necessary not only purge, but also to change the design of the components, and then - and rebuild anew;
  • time has come.Yes, cleaning and repair of wells - is as much a necessary measure, as, for example, laundry or cleaning the house.Some owners of structures argue that clean your source twice a year, others say that it is sufficient to purge after the formation of the well, and then repeating this operation once every few years.Who is right?Ironically, all opinions have the right to life, as a lot depends on what materials is the design, which is a filter, how competently performed work and a variety of other factors.Therefore, guided by the circumstances, as in the well often fall branches, dust, leaves, and even animals.On the walls of buildings may grow moss or mold.Keep an eye on your water source and clean the dirt as the change in quality of life-giving moisture.
execution of works
For work you need a rugged ladder

technology process and milestones ↑

cleaning wells - time-consuming and difficult operation, however, producing such works once, you will already be able to develop the technology of cleaning, and the secondtime the process will take less time and effort.For a start you can rely on this procedure works:

  1. Purchase of the necessary tools and resources.
  2. organizations free access to the mine.
  3. Visual inspection.
  4. Pumping water.
  5. Wash mud and mucus from the walls of buildings.
  6. Removal of mold and moss.
  7. Cleansing bottom of debris and foreign objects.
  8. Removing silt.
  9. washing or replacing the bottom of the filter by laying new drainage, consisting of a small river pebbles schungite and quartz sand.
  10. repair welds and other components of the structure (embedding holes and cracks with liquid glass and / or cement mixture), if necessary the installation of steel staples that protect ring against displacement.
  11. Disinfection.
  12. renovation or construction of a zero external parts of the building (house, shed).

It is important to know!If the mine is very deep, and you suffer from heart disease, it is risky to go down, because the depth may be a lack of oxygen.Charge this unit works to someone from the household or professional, hired by a specialized firm.

Pumping water
Any cleaning of the well begins with the pumping of water.Prior to this, it is desirable to remove the debris from the water surface

preparations and precautions ↑

To start, you need to make sure that the farm has all the necessary tools for work and money.If required to procure materials.Focus on such a list:

  • stairs (regular or rope - depending on the device shaft);
  • device for lowering and locking;
  • pump;
  • retaining straps;
  • winch;
  • safety belt;
  • sturdy rope and the board to make a "swing" that may be needed, if the length of the ladder is not enough;
  • buckets;
  • device for cleaning the walls (big sponge, soft brush metal);
  • construction helmet and boots;
  • mixture and means for the necessary work.
how to clean the well
If you are using a well rarely, it will have to be cleaned more often

What safety measures should be taken before the surgery?

  • find two companions (they can do nothing, but simply to be near the well).Such a safety net is needed for emergency recovery work from the mine - one person to do it quickly not do.
  • equip properly.Wear waterproof, comfortable clothes, waders and head-protection construction helmet.
  • discuss the plan of work with partners, make sure that everyone knows their functions.
  • Tie the belt safety rope.
  • Make sure that mine is not harmful gases.To do this, take a candle, go to the bottom and light the wick.If the fire is lit, it means that everything is in order.
  • Do not stand at the bottom of the well is too crude for a long time because the legs can begin to suck.
seal holes
formed in the walls of the hole must be thoroughly repaired with a mixture of liquid glass and cement

yourself cleaning the well, step by step ↑

When all materials purchased, assistants found, you are equipped, it's time to get down to business.Start with open access to the mine, it is possible that a house or a shed for the well will be in time to dismantle.This is followed by a stage as cleaning the well pump.Just before that you need from the water surface to remove debris that is not clogged hose assembly.However, now there is a new-fangled device that are not "afraid" of debris.In general, it does not matter which model of pump you use, but experts advise to buy or rent the unit to float.This model turns off by itself as soon as the water dries up in the mine.So, your machine is not in danger of burn while working in vain.

required for the device filter materials (crushed stone, gravel) can often be found in the limits of their possessions

When the water is pumped out, you can proceed to clean the walls.It should be clear to all of them unnecessary, namely, mud, slime, moss, mold, and other education.Use for this purpose the chemical mixture or customary in the household cleaners can not.At your disposal sponges, brushes and other tools for cleaning.The next step - cleaning the bottom or, as is often said, the bottom of the filter - of schungite, zeolite, gravel, pebbles, gravel, silica sand or a mixture thereof.Whether or wash the old part or all remove and make a new filter.The layer thickness of 10 cm is recommended. If the bottom has a viscous or movable structure, the airbag can hold the filter and the shaft 50 cm.

a well on the site
Well maintained well - the pride of the host site

Next, you need to carefully examine the walls of the well.If the joints or other connections deformed holes should be sealed with liquid glass cement.Completes work in a mine disinfection.For this purpose the walls and bottom are treated with a bleach solution (10%).Well covered with the cap and the sheet and in this condition is two days.After the operation the water should be pumped out twice.And the final touch - mounting or construction of a new house for Krynica.

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If the well cleaned and repaired on a regular basis and in good faith, it will be many years "treat" you healthy and tasty water.