Design project Bathroom: demand solutions

Until recently such a service as the creation of bathroom design was not in demand by consumers, because most of them have created it themselves, using the same simple tricks - tile with flowers and shelves with household cleaning products.Today, before you begin to repair or remodeling, it thinks about it already almost everyone.You can create a design project the bathroom with their hands, using examples or specific computer programs, but you can order it from professional designers.

Our article is intended for those who decided to go on the first way, but do not know where exactly to start work on the project.

Design project Bathroom

choice of style furniture

first step towards the creation of the design project of your dreams is to find a basis for future bathroom interior, whether it is small or large.Very few people under the power to create it yourself.

much easier to see on the Internet the design of bathrooms in the pictures and find the image that most closely matches your preferences.

Design projects bathrooms

Ready design project (top view)

design bathroom design

Ready design project

At the initial stage it is important to determine the overall style of furniture, regardless of general relativity is a design of small-sized or large bathroom.

There are several dozen directions, ranging from classical to avant-garde, but if you find it difficult to understand their intricacies, just select one of the two big areas:

  • geometrically simple furniture, which is characterized by the absence of unnecessary decoration and simple lines;It corresponds to modern trends in the design of both small and very large bathrooms;
  • furniture with smooth lines, which is more inclined to the classical style and is characterized by a predominance of streamlined forms.

Examples designs

selecting the model form of furniture, it is applied to the plan.Later, visiting the plumbing shop, you can pick up a specific implementation ideas.

then pick up the overall style of the interior.Best of all, if it will match the rhythm of life of residents.

For clarity, we consider the design of the bathroom in the pictures, it is designed according to the principle:

  1. Bathroom is designed primarily for business and active people, because it is equipped with a shower. can make a dark accent on one wall or post simple geometric shapes.
    In any case, the interior should not divert attention to herself.

    Bathroom Design in Pictures

    Business style in the bathroom

  2. This bathroom design project is designed to create space to provide relaxation all family members.
    large and comfortable bath will help relax after a hard day will bring joy to adults and children.Soft shades of brown and beige will help create the necessary comfort.

    Design bathrooms in pictures

    Bathroom for vacation

  3. third option will suit a young family who is not afraid to experiment.
    ¬ętrick" of the interior can be the use of animal prints "zebra" and a panel in the form of the city at night or, for example, red and white mosaic.

    Design project Bathroom with their hands

    example of bold design bathroom

Professional design projects bathrooms can not do without the use of mirrors, so they, like light, is provided at the stage of planning.No less important, and decorative accessories.Give the interior a stylish completeness help soap dishes, cups for accessories or spare hooks.