Design tile: ideas for the bathroom, toilet and kitchen

Tile has always been and remains the best way wall design.It is not surprising, because the tile is considered one of the most practical and reliable species facing almost all rooms without exceptions.The design of the tile in the bathroom, the bathroom, the kitchen is very relevant at the present time.

Finally, the tile is ideal in the external design of interior design.Selecting it is not that great and is huge: from low-cost domestic producers to fine collections of well-known companies from Germany, Italy or Spain.

design tiles

Tile successful combination of green shades


glazed tile design can include an almost any ornaments, and you can arrange the room in a variety of styles, such as:

  • Japanese;
  • Egyptian;
  • retro style;
  • high-tech;
  • Baroque;
  • classicism;
  • Nouveau;
  • country;
  • Gothic;
  • antique style;
  • minimalism and many others.

Note: If you choose to arrange the room tiled in the same style of the above, it does not obligate you to all the other rooms in the apartment to portray in the

same context.

tile design tile

Example of the bathrooms in a modern minimalist style

creating stylish design - tiles can be adjusted so as to emphasize the dignity of the room and hide some unpleasant aspects that certainly present in any room.In most apartments, built in Soviet times and kitchens, bathrooms and toilets are very small in size.

therefore desirable to somehow increase, but as the size of the apartment does not allow it (it will not touch), it remains to increase the space visually.We will tell you some of the secrets of these techniques.

visual extension of the space


  • Do not use tile large size, it reduces the space, the best solution - small tiles for the bathroom.
  • Remember that light colors - to increase, and the dark - reduce space.

Tip: Pay attention, good combination of light and dark tiles can not only visually expand the room, but also a miracle in design compositions.

  • save space in your bathroom will opt for the corner bath, washbasin and toilet.
  • furniture should be the minimum amount is only really necessary items.
  • compact or pendant plumbing, it is not only stylish, but also important for the small bathroom.
  • Great cope with increasing the visual space lighting solution by placing spotlights on the ceiling.
design tiles

Light design - looks brilliant tiles even in the twilight

  • And, of course, a mirror - it is desirable that it was great, but better, and not one.

Note: Do not place mirrors opposite each other, it will look ridiculous.

Also, do not choose a dark mirror, they will create a kind of gloom rather than expand the space.

Tile design in the bathroom can create amazing picture, so for example, choosing the tiles on the wall in the form of patterns or any geometric shapes, stack them advise upright.This method will add visual height of the walls.Yet it should be noted that it is desirable to choose the glossy tile texture, its sheen, it will play the role of a mirror and make the walls in the bathroom bulky.


for any housewife kitchen is a work area that needs to be comfortable, functional and always comfortable.After a very large amount of time women spend here.Tiles in the kitchen, you can choose absolutely any size, color and texture, the main issue is that it harmoniously blended into the interior of the room.Welcomes the use of borders and panels that will perfectly complement the design of the kitchen.

tile design

Tile: Kitchen Design


Despite the fact that today there is a great selection of finishing materials, many prefer a classic, traditional design tiles in the bathroom.

This is due to the fact that the tile has a number of characteristics, such as:

  • affordable price;
  • practical material;
  • durable;
  • along with tile, floor heating can be used, etc.

Interior toilet very often spoil the communication pipe, so it is advisable to hide them in a box made of plasterboard.His later it can be clad in any material, such as mosaic tiles.Color Tile in a small bathroom, it is desirable to use warm and bright colors, but if you want to experiment boldly grasp for it.

tile design

Tile: the design of the bathroom in the original performance

Design flooring tiles

design tiles on the floor

kitchen floor tiles

Tile can be wall and floor, its laying technique is virtually identical.But some criteria for the floor tile still exist.The design of the tile on the floor provides a choice of tiles with a rough surface.

especially when it comes to sex in the bathroom or in the kitchen, where the probability of slipping is much higher than in the other room.Again, you can select a tile wide variety of colors and patterns, this makes it possible to realize the most courageous decisions.

Note: Tile does not require special care, it is perfectly cleaned by wet cleaning.


So, we can say with confidence that the tile perfect solution in the decoration and the walls and floors, it has great privileges in comparison with other types of coating materials.

widest choice allows you to display it in the repair of any room its character and good taste of the landlord.Do not be afraid to experiment, you should stick to the harmonious combination of shades.Eventually, certain boundaries in design art is not, so you have no doubt must succeed.