Bath screens Sliding: beautiful solution!

This article describes a sliding curtain for the bathroom with their hands, their characteristics and the procedure of self-manufacture and installation of both the blind and their elements, such as rods

interior space often depends on a variety of small parts, bearing both a practical andaesthetic function.Various screens and sliding curtains for the bathroom to help diversify the premises and hide out of sight that is not desirable to see. Bath screens Sliding Many are still used in the formation of style bathroom textile curtains, but becoming more common in recent years get the plastic and glass sliding curtains in the bathroom.

should not fear that the sliding glass curtain for the bathroom can be broken as a result of accidental impact - used for the manufacture of high-strength tempered glass, to make such drapes are absolutely safe for use in the bathroom.

quite popular as curtains for the bathroom sliding plastic.At their manufacturing high quality plastic that provides products of high strength and durabili


And, if earlier, plastic and glass sliding curtains were installed during installation is only the shower, at the present time they are placed on the baths themselves.

glass surface sliding doors and curtains provide protection against ingress of water droplets on the floor.Specially treated glass helps to maintain a perfect state of sliding curtains - it does not remain water stains, and there are no conditions for the growth of mold.

Features sliding curtains for the bathroom

sliding curtain for the bathroom

sliding curtains

At the moment, take a shower comfortably and accurately can be a number of ways:

  1. using the shower, bath or combined with the simultaneous installation of the shower in the bathroomand baths - the most expensive in financial terms of the way;
  2. Using fabric or plastic blinds, which is quite inexpensive method, but quite outdated;
  3. Using sliding curtains for the bathroom made of glass or plastic - pretty cheap way to while fully equipped bathroom complete cockpit shower.

Installation of blinds is produced directly on board the bath, there may be used a part of their frame design.By type of sliding curtain for the bathroom is divided into the product, equipped with frame and without frame, as well as combined.

In appearance Tautliner devices like door shower.

The design of the sliding shutter may include two to six wings, while the model with a large number of leaflets are rare.Increasing the number of flaps involves reducing the amount of available space inside, but significantly increases the input and improves the overall carcass strength.

When opening sash are rolled in one or in opposite directions by special rollers, which are arranged inside the frame.The configuration of sliding doors for bathroom may vary depending on the size of the bathroom.

example, the curtains for the bathroom sliding glass curved characterized by high hygienic, since they hardly accumulate germs and exclude the possibility of propagation of mold or mildew.

Therefore, these curtains do not require special care, and quite easy to clean from dirt, which makes them a great alternative to the usual rag curtains.

increasing popularity in recent years is also gaining sliding curtains of different shapes and designs, which are used in the construction of aluminum and glass.

sliding curtain in the bathroom with their hands

the curtains for the bathroom sliding

transparent curtain

most often family members prefer to take different water treatments - someone loves to take a shower, and someone - a soak in the hot tubwater, etc.To avoid conflicts on this issue, you can use transparent sliding curtains for the bathroom.

curtains as the curtains do not allow water to get on the floor, providing a tranquil showering.Manufacturers of hard showers made curtains, allowing one movement to transform the bathroom into a shower cubicle.

Exterior blinds for the bathroom determined by the type of glass and color profile - aluminum profile is generally used for the manufacture of the frame with anodized or mirror coating, and a transparent partition made of polycarbonate.

Producing sliding curtain for the bathroom with their hands, can be used as the glass with a thickness of 4-6 mm.

glass used can be the following types:

  • Matt;
  • Patterned;
  • transparency;
  • toned.

Usually the cost of the entire shower partitions depends primarily on the type of glass used.

Rigid frame and shutter are frameless, and by the process of opening the following types:

  • Folding - on hinges or joints;
  • Rotary;
  • Sliding - on the rails.
sliding curtains for the bathroom

sliding shower curtain

Set in the bathroom sliding shutters allows not to worry about cleaning up after you shower.Little transparent house formed such trailers, it is of particular interest to children.

In addition, sliding partition can be installed on the bath, which often takes up the entire length of the bathroom from one wall to the other.

Installation sliding shutter is also performed along the entire length of the bath.

The structure supporting framework includes the following elements:

  • aluminum frame;
  • two uprights, fixed to the wall;
  • upper and lower rails.

upper guide is attached to the uprights at a height of 120-140 cm, and the lower - to the side of the bath.The joints between the wall and the rack are sealed using silicone sealant.The frame is inserted three flaps: mobile (mounted in the center) and two fixed.

Important: in the case of total washbasin and bath mixer is recommended to install not one but two or three movable sash.

in large DIY stores can also buy curtains, screens for baths to limit the center or in a corner of the bathroom a separate shower area.

number of flaps may vary from one to five.Single-models are folded outward or inward, and folded like an accordion shutter mnogostvorchatye.In the inoperative position the shutter is pressed tightly against the wall.

Important: mounting racks should be done very carefully, because any deviation can cause them to warp.

That's all that I wanted to tell you about sliding blinds for the bathroom.Proper selection and installation of this element will make the bathroom taking a shower or bath more comfortable and relaxing, as well as improve the design of the bathroom and reduce the time spent on cleaning of the premises after each receiving water treatments.