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Properly selected and installed a siphon for sinks

Choosing and installing the siphon sink - an important component when installing new equipment.For example, it will be important to know how your chosen chrome siphon sink can become just as attractive and practical point of view.It should be noted that the role of the siphon is difficult to overestimate, because it performs a number of tasks at once.

This conclusion is used in household use of water and preventing fouling of the pipes and prevent sewage odor in the house.That is why the choice of a competent and siphon device must be approached with great responsibility. siphon for sinks

Types of siphons and especially

siphons for sinks come in a variety of species.They are distinguished by their design features, materials of construction for the presence and design refinements.

type-traps for sinks are the following:

  • corrugated siphons.Such models siphons for wash basins have the simplest design among peers, because, in fact, are simply the production and corrugated pipe on the curved frame made so for e
    ase of installation.
    them with one hand release is clipped to the sink, and the other - an adapter that is used to connect the siphon to the sewer system.As for the sink siphon flat, corrugated trap is attractive because it is structurally very simple and convenient installation with their own hands, as it can be installed even in very limited space under the sink.
    If we talk about its disadvantages, there is a fundamental difficulty of cleaning the siphon from contamination.In most cases, this will require a siphon complete dismantling for cleaning.

    plastic siphon for sinks

    Siphon Basin corrugated plastic type

  • Bottle traps. Such models, perhaps, will be the most familiar of all the siphons.Bottle siphon there once was in every home and is the most common option for shells.Compared to corrugated, bottle siphon has reversed the positive and negative qualities.
    Setting this trap sink their own hands more difficult, however, to clear it of obstruction without the need for complete disassembly without any problems.The advantages of bottle siphon is also true that it is often possible to bring them and connect through special fittings downspouts from washing machines and dishwashers, freeing himself from the auxiliary sewer drain.
    Bottle Traps can be purchased at any hardware store, if desired, very cheap.Bottle siphon for sinks with overflow, can be used to control the level of water in the sink, if, for example, the main drain hole clogged, and the water continues to flow into the sink.


    Siphon bottle grohe

  • Pipe siphons , usually installed in sinks for bathrooms, as in the kitchen often need to be cleaned.In addition, these traps is quite compact and attractive.Pipe
    siphon is designed as a tube bent so as to be able to create a water seal.Lower the knee of the siphon is usually amenable to removal for the purpose of cleaning.
    With all this water seal siphon tube is not very deep, so if rarely used, water may evaporate from the gate, thereby provoking the emergence of a specific smell.This model, as a siphon with overflow sink, there is also a tube including a siphon.

    siphon chrome sink

    siphon tube chrome


to block the source of the unpleasant smell of sewage, simply turn on the water in the sink and leave it on for 1-2 minutes.

Selection Rules siphon sink

Now consider how to choose the right model siphon Sink:

  • The first thing you should notice is the features of your shell.If sanitary means of a standard, and then choose a standard siphon drain holes will be easy.If the shell model exclusive, it is better to purchase a siphon in the same place where the sink, it is desirable to set.
  • important criterion siphon is its capacity.There usually will depend on the water pressure from the mixer, as well as the number of additional devices (washing machines, dishwashers), connected to the siphon.
    Naturally, the more, the cross-section of the bends and siphon must be great, otherwise coming to excess runoff can trigger a man-made "flood."Naturally, flat siphon with small cross-section is not suitable.

    Traps for sinks

    Bottle siphon with outputs for washing machine and dishwasher

  • also need to pay attention to the design of the siphon.Here the choice is quite wide, and can easily meet the siphon chrome sink, metal and plastic model with a protective plate and without it, with built-in or plug cover by a wide or narrow.

As the bulb, the withdrawal can also be metal or plastic.All traps with an unusual design are not quite cheap, but if you want to pick up the product does not fall out of the picture of the interior, do not save.

Inspect plastic and rubber washers and gaskets are inspected for their quality, and do not forget to verify the parameters of size of the product with dimensions of the shell (the diameter of the drain and overflow hole, the distance to the sewer pipe, etc.).

Features installation siphon

We describe how to install a siphon.Since the connection to the sink siphons and canalizations, regardless of the model is made the same way, especially installation usually consist in the construction of the product.

But as designs siphons much more than species, the assembly model is recommended according to the instructions.

We describe how to connect the assembled bottle trap to the sink and the water drain:

  1. Omit trap under the sink, make a fitting outlet and the length of the corrugated pipe.
  2. If there is traffic on the release of her record.
  3. Next assemble the bulb according to the instructions attached to the siphon.
  4. Connect release connected to the sink to the bulb.

    trap under the sink

    Connection issue with bulb

  5. closely monitor that the installation was not damaged gaskets and stripped threads.
  6. drainage tube is inserted into the outlet, attach and seal it.
  7. Turn the water for a few minutes and check all connections and the siphon itself for leaks.


Increased attention should be paid to sealing of the siphon and taps to prevent even the smallest leaks.

addition to the rubber gaskets (where they exist), is also required to make an additional reeling thread, especially if it is loose.

first need to tow reel (tape FUM) on the thread so that the nut was tight (2-3 turns).

then coat with thread reeling with a special paste to tow, screw part and the joint test for his integrity.

determine for themselves the right model, you can pay attention to, for example, to siphon sink chrome suitable to almost any modern style.If there is a financial constraints, it is necessary to give preference to the classical model of white plastic.