Features and installation of the machine to log cylindering

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Historically, that in ancient times, people built their homes out of wood.It's pretty easy to explain the simplicity of handling, availability of acquisition of such material and excellent thermal conductivity properties.After many years with the advent of new technologies wood processing steel with the help of special tools.To get the cylindered logs of the same diameter and length, use a special woodworking machine for cylindering logs.


  1. Features Otsilindrovochnye machines
  2. design of the machine to log cylindering
  3. Classification Otsilindrovochnye machines
  4. Installation Otsilindrovochnye machines with their own hands

Features Otsilindrovochnye machines

Otsilindrovochny machine is a woodworking machine that is designed for the production of logslogs and shaped timber from roundwood for manufacturing log cabins.Otsilindrovochny machine makes it possible to perform all the operations which are provided by the technology of pro

duction log: sample the mounting slots girth cups otsilindrovyvat beam (primary and secondary processing) to perform milling and smooth surface.

And you can make the machine and operations such as sawing carriage for edged boards, sawing logs on a carriage and a board manufacturing moldings and parquet preparations for face, getting edged boards unedged.

When using the saw unit without removing the timber from the center, you can make a compensation groove for removal of internal stress caused by drying the logs.All these operations are carried out sequentially on a machine with one set of tools in a single setup logs.Because of this, the production of the finished timber is not necessary to reinstall the cutter and log.

combination of different modes of processing makes it possible to obtain products rather complex configuration - baluster, beam profile and complex with different diameter.Formed geometric profile allows you to build structures made of wood of any complexity.Besides machines for cylindering logs helps to perform material handling length of 7 meters.

design of the machine to log cylindering

Otsilindrovochny machine includes the following blocks: a common frame of metal, made of square tubes, in which there are guides that are designed to move them the power unit and the saw carriage.In the same frame are also front and rear headstock, which are needed for installation in the centers of the original workpiece and the rotation of the drive logs.On the headstock is present dividing head, serving to secure the timber in different positions, as well as the spindle head rotation cutters.

as a working tool used cutters special design - curly and versatile, which are installed on the shaft of the machine spindle.Universal milling required for cylindering, milling plane and ventsevyh sample cups.Shape cutter is designed for mounting the sample slot.Technological features cutters which are used in the machine, is to provide "soft entry" into the treated wood surface.This reduces vibration and increase accuracy.

knives used in the mills, are removable.If the operator saw that is not maintained the required size of the treated surfaces, it is necessary to sharpen the blades removable.Removable blades are made of tool steel, which makes it possible to use one set of them for a long time, and thus the resources of the cutters is not limited.

To reduce the time and ease of installation in the center of the beam using special mechanical levers, they can be installed on a frame to any place, as shown in the photo machine for cylindering logs.When passing on small diameter (200 mm) mounting groove can be observed some deflection of the beam to be used to eliminate roller-stress, which is regulated under the machining diameter and is installed on the opposite side of mill logs.

When selecting girth cups requires reliable fixation of the carriage, for this purpose use mechanical brakes, which put at both ends of the carriage and securely fixed.And there is a special mechanism for fixing a carriage, not giving her rotation in the selection of bowls.In the manufacture of a longitudinal mounting groove or bowl also need a very precise (manual) adjustment - for these purposes is a special mechanism for manual rotation of the timber.

Classification Otsilindrovochnye machines

Otsilindrovochnye machines for logs of technological schemes can be divided into two types:

  1. -through devices with continuous movement of logs.The log is processed into feedthrough machine while running the tool in the zone without stopping.Traffic logs can be performed with no gap or spacing between the ends of adjacent logs.
  2. Cycle sets with intermittent traffic logs.For one treatment cycle in a repeating cyclic machines occurs complex movements.Cycle machines are divided in turn into two types:
    • Cyclo-communicating Otsilindrovochnye machines: logs processed by the cutting tool, which makes the labor movement;
    • Cyclo-position Otsilindrovochnye devices: logs processed by moving relative to the region of the working tool.

Each combination makes it possible to determine the movements of the kinematic scheme of cutting different methods of treatment.Operation of the machine is represented by the following combination of movement logs and working tools: linear and two rotational, linear and rotational.

The log in through the processing Otsilindrovochnye glasses makes linear motion, and the tool - rotary respectively.The log in cyclo-through-processing machines at the moment along the axis of the beam makes linear motion, and the tool position - rotation, as shown in the video of the machine to log cylindering.The log is in the processing position in the lathe produces rotational movement, and the tool (cutter) is moved in a straight line, parallel to the axis of the log.

Depending on the shape and form of the tool and its cutting edges all processing timber can be divided into two types - milling and turning.Turning characterized by a constant process of formation of chips.The main motion, which is accomplished with a fairly high speed when turning, is considered to be the rotation of the tool, or log.Milling is characterized by unstable chip formation process.When milling is the rotation of the main movement of the tool.

Woodworking machines presently on the degree of automation and mechanization are divided into the following classes:

  1. The mechanized looms the main motion and feed movement are produced without human intervention.The operator provides the regulation, setting and unloading and loading of the machine.
  2. in machines (automatic lathes) the whole complex of movements and operations made the machine.A man plays the role of monitoring the work and batch machine workpieces.In full automatic machines and automatic loading of blanks itself.
  3. In semi-automatic machines are automated operations only within a single cycle, and to carry out the next cycle of treatment should be part of man.

comparing different machines for cylindering logs, we can say that is not only the price of machines for cylindering logs, but their functions are:

  • through-type machines have high performance, but at the same time show low accuracy andquite a large surface roughness due to the lack of home;
  • cyclic positional devices ensure high precision and have excellent surface quality, but their ability to discharge much less walk-through devices;
  • Cycle positional machines have a reliable system based, occupy quite a small production area and production are widely used.

Installation Otsilindrovochnye machines with their own hands

usually homemade machines for cylindering logs made on the basis of sawmills.Front cone is replaced by an emphasis, and tailstock mounted ball bearings or tapered roller bearings.Fastening beam is rotated by an additional motor or manually, which is not practical.Production milling causes the greatest difficulty.As easy as possible to perform a task, making typesetting, that is assembled from several elements.It should be noted that the material of the cutter must be durable, i.e. for this purpose are not suitable soft alloys.

The easiest way to ensure the movement of the cutter along the beam is considered to be laying additional rail path that will advance the installation.This will eliminate the possibility of dragging hand.The principle of operation of such a facility similar to the principle of the ordinary milling machine when the workpiece, fixed in poses, spins, and Hiller - moves along it.

Remember that recommended to install the machine for cylindering logs with your hands on the tarmac.It is also possible to operate the machine otsilindrovochny on compacted soil.In this case, set the machine on the cross rails, wooden railway sleepers - for example, the beam cross-section is at least 1500X1500 mm.Ties between the recommended distance is one meter.You also need to eliminate the shrinkage of the soil in places where the machine is installed.

machine begin to mount the assembly frame.It should assemble the frame sections and to install it on a smooth level in the same horizontal plane.Stick setting error at the level of not more than 0.5 per 1,000 millimeters - as a guide across and along.

Installation frame on concreted area frame mounted at a height of about 15-20 centimeters and the joints of sections - concreted.On the set frame mounted power unit, front and rear headstock, rack, pull the rope on which to mount the electric rolling stock cables.Set clamp-stopper on the power unit.Also, the machine is grounded to a common ground system.

further connects the motor that rotates the workpiece.For the mains, connect the machine, check the connection between mains phases corresponding diet.To do this, press the up-down mills.If the actual direction in which the moving power head, coincide with the same direction as indicated on the remote control, then made the correct electrical connection.In the opposite case it is necessary to change the phase.

Then you need to check the direction of rotation of the workpiece.When the direction of rotation is wrong, then you need to change phase positions on the engine.Never run the engine rotation of the workpiece and the engine Otsilindrovochnye machines before, it will be held until validation phase power connection.

If you are after a machine made log cylindering, initial start-up produce more than two months, after a long break or the machine in storage and transportation has been exposed to humidity, it is necessary to support its start-up in a dry placetime to remove moisture from electrical equipment.

Remember that the front and rear of the machine headstock for cylindering logs should be placed parallel to the rails, and therefore the length, be rigidly zafiksirovanna.In addition, check the alignment of the back and headstock Otsilindrovochnye machines.For this purpose, measure the distance with an accuracy of one millimeter, between the longitudinal profile of the vertical and the center of grandmother, the guide between the proximal and the center of the headstock.It is necessary that these distances are the same for the back and headstock.

unbalance cutters and changing the angle of sharpening knives can cause damage to Otsilindrovochnye machines out of order, or to a deterioration in the quality of the product surface.Curly cutter is mounted on a tapered portion of the shaft and secured with a bolt.The corpus shaped cutter screwed universal milling machine and then tightened with a special key.

In addition, if you made a machine for cylindering logs, check and horizontal mounting frame.By placing shims under the rear parallel axes can define front and rear bucks with the plane displacement of the cutter.The thickness of the pad should be equal to half the cone.