A fence made of stone blocks

of natural stone - the former German pavers (crushed granite), Vladimir began to build a fence on their summer cottage.From the granite he decided to make the pillars, and between them an iron fence.

Construction stages

pillars of stone blocks he did so:

1. First of all, Vladimir dug a hole rounded shape depth of 80-100 cm. (In their climate zone is that it is necessary), the diameter of which depends on the thickness of the columnplus 5 cm.

2. The hole is placed shuttering of roofing round shape.

3. She fills it with laying concrete reinforcement.4x4 stone - 3 valves 12 mm, 3x3 stone - 2 fittings for the height of the column.He even raised the bricks.In Gate poles set channel 10.

4. Laying stone Vladimir produced on the basis of the well masonry.For very dry solution he gets no more than 4 rows.The next day, and again poured puts 4 rows.And so to the required height.No grid is not used.The solution for masonry 1 * 3 with a minimum of water, sand washed, respectively, prevented

him longer in a concrete mixer.

5. Seams processed in 5-6 hours with a stiff brush on metal.This gives concave seams, but Vladimir prefer, the main thing for him stone texture.

6. Where it has been claimed he put the valve in the form of the letter T in the joint at the correct height.

7. On top of poles covered with natural tile.Vladimir argues that it is at least 150 years (I was on the roof of German house built in 1862) .It has found it, did not even wash that could be seen that ancient.Although it would have bought the beaver tail - less fuss with him.


plans Vladimir buy forged elements as much as possible similar to the German and welded to the fence.He began to build a swimming pool with waterfalls and hope of paving it will look much prettier.