Garden Tools


Types sprayers

sprayer The simplest kind of sprayers - the so-called spray bottle, plastic bottle volume of 0.5-2 liters with a narrow neck.Screwed head is provided with the supply tube, the piston and the lever.These sprayers are used mainly for the care of seedlings, pot and balcony plants, small beds.

on small plots sprayed chemicals and liquid fertilizers is most convenient using devices with built-in hand pump.In these two-phase operating principle of the - first pumping lever in the tank is pressurized and then sprayed solution filled in advance.Working volume sprayers of this type - from 3 to 12 liters.Models of average size for easy transport equipped with a shoulder strap, and large-volume devices provide support for the feet, carrying handle and wide fill port.Feeding tube and relief valve control the internal pressure and excess air is vented.To the outlet by a flexible hose length of 1-1.5 m rod connected to the spray nozzle.

next type sprayers - knapsack machines with continuous pumping (work
ing volume - from 10 to 20 liters).They can be used to treat 10-12 acres, but it and they weigh a lot.Therefore, for convenience, they are behind as schoolbags.The principle of operation of such sprayers is the same as models with pre-pumping, but with one difference: in order to maintain the operating pressure, it takes a few swinging movements per minute.To facilitate the work of gardeners manufacturers have created a model with an electric motor, the pressure which forced the touch of a button.

What to choose

sprayer Companies - manufacturers of garden tools, such as Gardena, Solo (Germany), EFCO, Di Martino (Italy), Kwazar Orion and Marolex (Poland), "Beetle" and "Greentek" (Russia)They offer a wide range of sprayers.To navigate in all their diversity, consider the features of modern models.

All sprayers are generally equipped with two types of rods: telescopic or standard (nerazdvizhnymi).The latter option, of course, is not very useful, because it limits the spray sector.But now on sale there are all sorts of extensions, thanks to them any post easily modified.At the end of the rod screwed spray nozzles, and some manufacturers such as Gardena, Kwazar Orion and Marolex, let adjustable nozzle.Turn them around its own axis, you can select the type of the torch from directional jet to fine mist.

To limit the sector of the spray, the company offers plastic caps Gardena-sockets that attach to the end of the rod.This is useful for spot treatment of plants - like stopper put on top of the plant, protecting it.In order not to clog the nozzle, inlet or outlet spray rod mounted filter.Many modern foreign models (EFCO, Solo, Tecnoma) equipped with dual systems even