Garden Tools

Inventory for your garden

garden tools Even if you do not often visit your garden tools simply must be reliable.Returns to the city, if broken rake, at least uncomfortable, so take care of additional verification of purchased equipment.For example, you need to pay attention to the metal parts of tools.They have different strength and edge - sharpness.In turn, watering cans and buckets are best taken in view of the reduced weight of the plastic.Among other details, you can select a bright color tool handles (easier to find), pleasantness to the touch materials (decrease fatigue hand) and ergonomics.Not all growers have in their possession a large plot, so bulky items will interfere with the operation.

bayonet spade
This tool is needed in the area of ​​any size.Indeed, the cultivator very comfortable for a large garden, but only with a shovel can be made small work on digging the plants or weeds.The best blades of shovels made of steel.She did not give the blade to bend and stainless steel will enhance protection against corrosion.On the

other hand, with stainless shovel head portion often inconvenient when working with hard ground.The greatest strength of titanium have a shovel, but the price they have quite high.

garden tools shovel
not mandatory, but very useful tool on the site.As a rule, shovel used to carry bulk materials.However, if you wish you can get a metal bucket and shovel ordinary bayonet.

Another useful, but not the main tool for the job.Use the fork is very easy to carry grass clippings or hay.Any special criteria for the purchase of the instrument is not, so it is best to focus on the size and weight of the fork.

Required garden tools to loosen the earth and gather different materials from the site.It is best to choose a rake with hard teeth as they can be without too much trouble to break up lumps of excavation and collect leaves.For fine work in the garden rake handy little soft teeth.

But this tool is designed for the removal of unnecessary branches, should be in every garden.It is preferable to acquire ordinary pruners of durable materials.There is also a particular type of tool for working with thick branches, but it may be replaced by an ordinary saw.

Good replacement pruners if you often work with shrubs than with small trees.Experienced gardeners recommend buying the brush cutters with long handles and an average weight.Separate the tools with smooth and wavy-edged blades.Smooth blades are necessary for the processing of thick bushes, but wavy need for more precise handling.

garden tools For small areas with few trees right for this kind of garden tools.It is recommended to buy a medium-sized chain saw with a fine tooth comb and a reliable lock on the handle.

indispensable tool for every garden.For the average garden sprayer with a tank suitable for 4-5 liters, but for the larger area will need a balloon to 7-10 liters.When you purchase it is crucial to pay for ease of use.If any valve protection?Is it convenient to fill in the liquid?If the answers to these questions are positive, you can take a closer look to the model.

Kos and mower
Depending on the area sown with grass, you can select one of the two instruments.If you're constantly caring for their lawn, then opt for a mower is obvious.