Garden Tools

Gardening tools

To care for fruit trees is necessary to have a set of garden tools.What tools should be in the arsenal of the gardener?

oldest and most versatile tool is edged knife.But, not being a professional gardener, it is difficult to cope with all the necessary operations using only the knife.

pruner Consider the features of the device and use garden tools that came to the aid of an ordinary knife.

garden pruner

very common tool is the pruner.Pruner may have two cutting blades or one second in this case - the reference.Secateurs feature that it produces a clean cut, formed on branch scars heal quickly.Secateurs cutting blade is usually bilateral groove for outflow of sap.These shears are used to trim the living branches.Pruner with one cutting blade is not suitable for this purpose since squeezes branch, thereby slowing the healing process.But this pruner is perfect for trimming dead branches.


shrub shears shrub commonly called instrument with a long handle about three times longer than a convention

al handle pruning shear.That tool is easier to work when you need to cut a lot of branches.These pruners are also single and double cutting, allow the cut branches up to 50 mm in diameter.


Kustorez - is a kind of scissors with long handles.It has a long blade with straight or wavy blade.Brush cutter is used for cutting thin twigs with a diameter of 10 - 15 mm.Brush cutter with straight edges suitable for topiary bush.The wavy edge of the blade can more accurately cut thin branches, preventing sliding along the edges.This brush cutter is needed for the care of hedges, vines.

Lopper Lopper is a pruner, fortified on Lopper pole extension and actuated by means of twine.Thanks Toggle Lopper mechanism can be used for cutting high branches situated in diameter to 40 mm.

Hacksaw garden

Loppers and brush cutters are not suitable for cutting thick branches with a diameter greater than 50 mm.For this work, the gardener is needed edged saw, otherwise known as garden hacksaw.The teeth of a hacksaw directed toward the handle.This arrangement reduces the likelihood of breakage and bending blade, ensures the formation of a clean cut.


To trim grass and stems, there are several kinds of scissors shears.For cutting grass in hard to reach places using special scissors, the blades of which can be set in three different positions, which facilitates the formation of lawns.Also, gardeners taking care of his lawn needed fillets scissors with long handles, their name speaks for itself - they are used to form the edge of the lawn.Light can be cut with scissors gardener sprouts, cuttings, thin stems.

Knives vaccination

Is the garden is left for the simple operation of a knife?A knife can cut the branches of trees and trimmed cuts thick branches, smooth teaser.But most gardeners use this type of knife as vaccination knife.These knives are divided according to the kind of work.For grafting the kidney and eye - okulirovochny knife for grafting cuttings - kopulirovochny knife.There is also a combined knife, it is possible to perform various types of vaccines.A feature of these knives is the presence of a special projection that allows to push the crust after the cut.