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Multipurpose ladder

It was initially developed as a sort of add-ons to increase the height of a conventional ladder, resulting in some improvements on the part of the author of the project, this staircase is a very attractive product for use in construction, installation or repair.

Ladder is easy to use - just pull the ladder support to the slides will automatically lock in the most secure position.

as installation and dismantling of the stairs are made in less than a minute, and thanks to the use in the manufacture of aluminum stair profiles are resistant to corrosion and rust, her weight barely reaches 4 kg.

Therefore, it can be easily transported in the vehicle or manually.Rubber parts handrail made of neoprene designed for maximum convenience and safety of the user.

design ladder is fully compatible with the standard size of most Australian ladders and scaffolding.A structurally it can withstand 5 times greater load than those recommended in the document (150 kg).

key features and benefits of the stairs:

1. Through a sliding platform user receives 10 times more legroom.

2. The construction of the ladder means 4-way EME protection worker.

3. The ladder can be put to any surface, including walls and circular columns, corners, and if necessary, you can move away from small windows, gutters and other obstacles.

4. staircase provides 32 times better adhesion to the surface of the wall, even with perfectly smooth walls.

5. Through a spacious bar for frequently used tools to strengthen the handrail stairs, there is no need to go down for a necessary tool.

6. Thanks to the support the rail design allows the user to work safely with both hands.

7. The design provides the ability to quickly change the height of the working platform that can not be done on existing ladders or scaffolding.

Editor: Roman Adamov