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Domestic snow-plow of chainsaws with their hands

In February, spring is already preparing to start their legal rights and the treacherous winter fighting for his place, letting the streets snowstorms and blizzards.So, is not the time to clean the deposit of shovels and snow tools.Member of our forum Step139 offers to spend the winter as it should, having made homemade snowthrower-based chainsaw "Ural-2".
Step139 lives on the lake, where the snow in the cold season such as endless as the very famous lake.Earlier forumchanin cleared land with a conventional aluminum shovel, but once, after the massive snowfall, strong pondered to purchase special equipment.Electric option was dropped immediately because of the need to carry a cable.Gasoline and rolling equipment was awkward to move on the steep slopes of the site.Self-propelled model also proved to be quite heavy, and, besides, it was impossible to descend the stairs.
last factor, prone to making his own man snowthrower became heavy soil - loam with detritus and distance from the town: in the
event of failure, hardware store would have to be taken to the repair of 70 kilometers.The unit, he decided to make as simple as possible, full of iron, but at the same time easy and maintainable.
for improvised snegouborschina forumchanin required:
chainsaw "Ural-2", which was lying around in the garage with the distant Soviet times;
sheet metal 1400h400 mm and a thickness of 2 mm (blades and vanes);
stainless steel sheet 700h800 mm, 1 mm (the cover of the bucket);
d20mm shaft l = 800 mm;
pair of bearings d48 / 20 mm, pressed from both sides into the tube;
two unnecessary arc (square 20x20 mm) and two crossbars (also 20x20) from the greenhouse (frame);
nuts, washers, corner pieces 35 mm and a metal strip of 2 mm width and 40 mm in length needed for fixing the casing to the side walls;
crown of stars on the back of a motorcycle, "Minsk" (led by large star);
star of the motorcycle "Sunrise" (leading, small);
motorcycle chain from "Minsk", "Sunrise";
brake cable from the snowmobile;
trigger for gas;
rubber handles on a snowmobile.
Almost half of this list party found in his garage, the rest had to purchase in the store - it Step139 spent 801 rubles.
Step139 :
- Structurally, I represented the unit as usual in the bucket auger bearings with chain on the saw.Here, just two options - the outside of the bucket chain and a chain inside.I no longer liked the version with chain inside, t. To. In this case, the shaft is clamped on both sides of the side walls of the bucket.Wheels I have not found, and I stopped at the runners.In manufacturing, they simply can bend any of the pipe (I are useful arc of the greenhouse).Due to the fact that the swing rails, can adjust the height of the cutting edge of the bucket from the surface (this topic trapping stones in the first snow).
viewing videos on the Internet snowthrower, Step139 concluded that the shorter frame and above the handle, the more likely burrowing worm.This forumchanin decided to avoid mistakes in the design of their machine.
Step139 :
- For me, the most difficult is the production of the screw.But it was easier than I thought.Assuming auger will consist of four blades (2 pcs. On each side of the center), and the middle blade 2, and that the final diameter of the screw is 300 mm, I started to count feather blade.Shovel width took approximately 600-640 mm.The width of the blades - 120 mm.
The forum folk craftsman gave very detailed mathematical calculations and even published their draft.To produce a helical blade he decided diameter of 300 mm and a width of 220 mm and a width of 70 mm working part.For this forumchanin used metal sheet 2 mm thick - Bulgarian and a jigsaw to cut out a ring, and then use them in the clutches stretched spiral.The work was hard physically.
follows from the same steel Step139 manufactured blades carved from metal corner plates and proceeded to assemble the screw together.On a flat surface perpendicular to the blade welded to the shaft.From the measured 220 mm blades and weld the two side plates.After that clamps clamped to the blades and blade plates and all this boil.Central bar of each blade when it is necessary to press firmly to the shaft, and jumpers for each pair of blades - to stay strictly opposite each other at a distance of 110 mm from the side plates and blades, t. E. In the middle.Metal 4mm forumchanin cut disc diameter of 110 mm and fastened to it with bolts crown of stars on the back of a motorcycle "Minsk".Then cut the shaft to the size considering the gaps with the side walls.
In search of metal for the side walls Step139 searched the whole neighborhood.There was even thought to cut to pieces a public trash, but in the end, the metal still found.And as the most difficult part of the job - making screw - it has already been done, further events developed rapidly: Validating manufactured housing bucket, set screw, chain and drive the remaining parts.His snowthrower party began to collect a week before the New Year, and in January, spent the first test.
Step139 :
- If someone would meet to do snowthrower, attach all possible with washers engraver, twist the lock nut on the shorter, pinch death.The other day I unwound bolt (he stands on the yoke, which presses the gearbox to the engine).Okay, I saw fixed front and rear, but it would be split into two parts.Vibration, though small, is still there.
detailed story Step139 how he collected snow tools, photos of all schemes, calculations and manufacturing process of the unit, you will find this topic in our forum.And if you have already had the experience of assembling snowthrower or other garden machinery, share it with other members