Sectional doors "Alutech": for those who want to save

However, there is another way: as to dispose the funds to buy and fun to receive, and avoid major expenses.Those who seek to keep the golden mean, follow the wisdom of Cicero: "Do not be greedy - is wealth, not to be wasteful - income."However, is it possible to save on a major purchase, such as a sectional door?Of course, but on one condition: if - the product of "Alutech"!

The main advantage of such protective structures - their reliability.In addition, the goal of "Alutech" have a number of advantages that make them profitable for the purchase of future owners.

profitable - to keep warm

What are your costs for heating the garage?Surely, they make up a significant amount of that puzzles you every month.Well, thanks to the high thermal insulation properties sectional doors "Alutech" you can cut costs.The first obstacle for a cold sandwich panels will be a record for the garage door thickness - 45 mm!Each panel contains a crush proof EPDM-seal that prevents the appearance of gaps between the panel

s and provide extra heat protection.

And that's not all!Along the perimeter of the gate mounted elastic polymer seals.They do not miss the room of any precipitation or cold.As is known, the highest heat losses occur through openings in structures, including - through the gate.Thus outstanding thermal insulation characteristics sectional doors allow you to save on energy consumption.

Without repair no cost!

possible not to spend money to repair the gate?It is, if you purchase sectional doors from "Alutech".Their design is characterized by extreme reliability and durability.The gate covered with paint composition of high quality, resistant to wear and weather.Directing with zinc coating staunchly resist corrosion.Because of corrosion-resistant materials and fittings made so that even after 15 years of operation sectional doors "Alutech" will delight you with its appeal, and you do not have to spend money on their painting or replacement.

save not only on appearance but also on the internal structure of help is another feature of the sectional door "Alutech".They use the balancing spring, has the resources to 25,000 open-close!If every day you will use four times the gate, they will last about 17 years, and after that time you put new springs.

Additionally you can save by using a special type of sectional door "Alutech" - with built-in wicket.It keeps the resource gate, reducing the number of cycles of opening and closing, and saving you time.For example, if you're heading to the garage for an instrument, you do not have to completely lift the gates, you just open up the gate to a moment later to be in the room.


Everyone knows that the services of the architect - fun not cheap.Choosing the gate "Alutech", you can decide to become an architect!The manufacturer provides the ability to be happy to plunge into the fascinating creative process.And as a result - you create your own sectional doors of your dreams.You can do this by selecting the types of sandwich panels and color from the rich color palette.This will create a gateway that will be in harmony with the architectural style of your home.Accurately and completely free to choose the perfect option can be developed with the help of the specialists of "Alutech" color matching program.I met her on our website

Save time and money

Optionally, the sectional door is equipped with an automatic.You need only click once on the button on the remote control to the gate to open or close on their own.Advantages of the automatic control will become apparent in bad weather: to open the garage, you will not have to leave the car in the cold or rain.Avoid unnecessary spending on clean clothes and shoes, and you save your good mood, and cash.

Safety - First!

It would seem that such an impressive design as the sectional doors "Alutech" difficult to be easy and safe to use.However, this is a mistake: you can not be afraid for yourself and your loved ones health.The panels are designed in such a way as to prevent jamming of the fingers between door sections.In case the spring fails, there are special devices that block the fabric and prevent it from falling.Moreover, if the opening gate run across any obstacles, they stop.All security systems are supplied with the gate, they do not need to pay extra.And this, too - a way to save!

The bonus - a good mood!

to cheer yourself up, it is not necessary to go to shopping.Shopping - an expensive pleasure, and will bring joy for a short time.Meanwhile, you can enjoy your life on a daily basis.One look at the sectional door "Alutech" to your face lit up a smile.Start your day with this aesthetically perfect design, and it is bound to be good!

Select sectional doors and enjoy the favorable comfort!

you can order sectional doors "Alutech" in all regions of Russia at official dealers of the Group of companies "Alutech", as well as looking into the "Window ordering" on the site

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