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Furniture the hands - the philosophy of dreams

said that a man in my life is to build a house, raise a son and plant a tree, but there came a moment when it is necessary to supplement the fourth utterance act.So, this man must make furniture, and no matter what it is - a simple stool or a modern kitchen.After all, just about furniture made with their hands, you can say that it is made with the soul.

Although many people believe that in order to make furniture by yourself you need to have specific knowledge or a set of sophisticated tools, practice shows that any business begins with the first step and pass this way you can help users experts and professionals.

believe that it can be described as the furniture made by yourself, because it makes your own hands!But where to start?

founder Pirate Woods Workshop, Carpenter Alexander friedge.

- You could say that the first step begins with your desire.Also, from my own experience I can say that quite a lot of time should be spent just to learn how to hold fast to the hand tool.

Then as much to the fact there was accuracy in measurements.That is why it is important not to delay their desire to make their own furniture for an indefinite period, and begin now: try, make mistakes, and achieve results to be proud of!

main advantage of furniture made by yourself - you get a customized solution of personal problems.


head of the carpentry workshop Avtor, cabinetmaker Denis Andreev :

- Furniture made yourself better sample almost everything, but it should be remembered,so much depends on your experience and on the correct approach to the work.Therefore, the design and manufacture of furniture should be split into the following steps:

  • first part of the project is the design.At this stage the appearance of the product and its functional features.You can use ready-made forms developed over the centuries, transforming them under the existing size and interior.And it is possible to create something unique and its author.

furniture makers need to have knowledge of material properties and design that should be considered during design work.

  • second part of the project is the construction.Iesolution to technically realize the sketch into a functional and technological product.This includes the materials, methods of connecting parts, keeping operating conditions and loads.

most important thing - it's careful control of the size, accounting for all clearances from walls and ceilings.

  • third part of the project - is the development of manufacturing technology.You must decide how and what to make with the help of one or another part of the future product, taking into account of the available tools.And in what sequence and then assemble furniture.For example, it is better to do first - painting or assembly.

choice of material:

Often, furniture made of spruce or pine, but it is good this stuff?

Alexander friedge:

- In the manufacture of furniture to be used, such as the type of wood - oak, beech, ash, maple.And at work it is necessary to remember that saving on some small things, you can easily ruin the overall impression of all this work.

pine and spruce - this is more a structural material.And best of all they are suitable for the fabrication of frameworks of houses, beams, rafters and sheathing of the house.For the furniture is wood in their properties are too soft, and in appearance - too easy.From inexpensive breeds are best suited for furniture beech and - oak, ash, maple, larch.

important rule - wood should be dry.There are two options: either buy a ready-made board drying chamber, either on their own to cut the wood into planks and dried.

user of our forum with the nickname Natovich shows by example - what can turn an old oak.After all, as practice shows, the main take the first step!

- Why I stopped on oak furniture?I worked with pine, it is much easier, faster, more predictable results and boring.Yes nice, but qualitatively.But I looked at and forgotten.So I chose a tree, it is better that you will not find.Sturdy, beautiful, with obvious positive energy - what else do you want?

Keep in mind that the fine oak dust is very toxic.Although himself Oak cause any harm to health can not swallow the dust during the processing of wood should not be!

Production designer furniture is impossible without the use of the products, forged in the smithy, but there are some secrets.


- In the manufacture of furniture yaobhozhus just a grinder, a hammer and an anvil.Cold forging is not you hot!And then the character you want!


But before you start making furniture with their hands, you need to understand what tools are needed for this.And if you can often hear the opinion that the more tools, the better - should still adhere to the golden mean.

So, a minimum set of tools consists of the following:

  • electric drill with a set of drill bits for wood and metal;
  • Electric jigsaw;
  • Cordless Screwdriver;
  • Fraser capacity of about 1200-1300 watts;
  • screwdrivers and hammers;
  • Rulers and triangles.

To mark excellent marker for thin CD ROM.

Sometimes it so happens that it is necessary to work on the product, as appropriate in- tended not at hand, how to be in this case?As practice shows no hopeless situations, and there are lots of ways to solve this or that problem, for example - for sawing boards at the required angle in the absence of tortsovotsnoy saws can make homemade prisposlblenie - tsulagu and has with its help to make the cut at a right angle to you.

Often, novice master the question arises: Is it possible to somehow connect the wood products without using nails?You must agree that the cap can damage the appearance of the product.

Alexander friedge:

- The easiest way to use a dowel or slats.To connect to the drill and dowel enough watchful eye, and to connect to the lamellae need Jointers.


To make the finish product type needs to be painted, and there are some features.

Alexander friedge:

- When painting wood with acrylic paint, then a good result can be obtained using multoprenovy cushion of foam.Paint so - we put a lot of very thin layers with intermediate drying and easy sanding fine sandpaper.Do not grind only the last layer.If we paint coating based on oil or wax, you can try this: the first layer is only slightly dried out and dirty, apply a second coat.So we allow the first layer to absorb deeper, closing his second layer.

painting - a field for experimentation.

Personal experience forumchan

So what is the features of the manufacture of furniture with his own hands, or one might even say, the philosophy of this process?

user of our forum, Sergei Ilyin (forum name SergeyI )

- How to start manufacturing furniture with his own hands? probably have to be a curious . It's like a child - it is necessary to try, that is metal, which is wood, glass or plastic.The most difficult thing in the manufacture of furniture - a wish.And if you want, then have patience and perseverance.

With self-manufacturing of furniture to avoid excessive complexity of its design - it is more difficult than constructive, the harder it will continue to work.

And if philosophy is the manufacture of furniture is the desire to make the first step on this path, what can we say about the pros and cons of self-manufacturing of furniture?

Sergey Ilyin:

- Often, during the construction of a private house there is a need for a wide variety of furniture and if you buy it, it can lead to significant financial costs.Also, one of the advantages of self-production of furniture becomes the fact that it can be done gradually, in accordance with the materials, technologies and tools that you have.

independent manufacturing furniture are functional, as it is best you know what it should be.Also, furniture should not cause trouble.

The experience Sergei, apply the following constructive approach in self-manufacture of furniture for your home - it collects it, screwing to the wall.

- The furniture in my house does not have a ceiling, and zamebelnogo podmebelnogo space, which eliminates the need to periodically clean the dust, which greatly simplifies installation and extends the living space.

After assembling the base of the front facade is closed.

This approach allows:

  1. reduce manufacturing costs is not relevant in this case parts - rear wall, upper and lower shelves.
  2. Furniture "bolted" to the wall turns unusually strong even with a minimum of parts.
  3. such furniture have no cavities between the back wall and the wall between the lower shelf and the floor, between the top shelf and the ceiling.So, there is no place where they could accumulate dirt.

Practice shows that our customers, particularly impressive looks furniture made antique .

User Experience ForumHouse with the nickname leon42:

- The interiors blend of aged wood, stone, metal, ceramics - a trendy, always taking place style.Allowing to plunge into eternity and feel like in the Middle Ages.

to fresh wood looked a century, using the technology of artificial aging of wood.What do with wood in natural moisture conditions, wind, temperature and sun for decades, can be achieved by treating the wood in a special way.

brushing - is a preliminary step to further texturing .The new board, subjected to brushing, will look like new, only textured texture.But if the right cover board, it would seem that she spent in the street for more than 15 years.It looks more natural dark color.

therefore wood with smooth and textured unexpressed, such as maple and beech, are not suitable for the manufacture of furniture to the old days, most suitable for this process, respectively, soft and medium hardness wood.For example, a pronounced texture of larch, spruce and pine.

At the final stage of the tree tinted if desired the skins fine sandpaper to wood structure has become more contrasting, and varnish.The result is a decorative elements on the one hand supporting the beauty of antiquity, and the other having a high strength characteristics.After all, each item will be unique, keeping your hands warm!

As the saying goes, every the longest road begins with the first step, and making furniture with their hands begins with a simple desire to realize his dream ...

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