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Types of windows.

lot of pieces on the installation of windows describe milestones.However, installation of plastic windows - is not just a fixture on the anchor frames and foaming joints.If it is a self-replacing windows, you need to know much more.What types of windows exist, see later in this article.


  • kinds of windows by the method of opening
  • kinds of windows for the construction
  • kinds of windows for source material
  • kinds of windows intended
  • Services for the installation of windows: a complete package of services and nothing else!
  • materials for the installation of windows
  • Installation of windows: you need to have on hand
  • final installation of windows: all strictly according to the contract!
  • Warm
  • installation of windows Installation of plastic windows.VIDEO

Select window wisely!

Not all windows are the same.Yes, most of them have an adjacent design - white matte frame and sparkling glazed.But if you look at the root, by the same shell can hide a completely different product.

kinds of windows by the method of opening

By way of opening the window is divided into:

Deaf window

installation of plastic windows of this type can be carried out only in areas where ventilation ensures its air conditioning system.The huge minus - problems with cleaning the windows from the outside.Plus - the reliability of the design.They can be used in shopping and entertainment buildings, industrial buildings, as well as staircases and technical rooms.

traditional design

Traditional window design lets you open it out.It may be supplemented by the ability to open a window inside the room.Easy to clean and durable.

type windows

Folding windows allow the window to leave in the mode of ventilation.However, if this is the only function of the window fittings, clean it will also be difficult.

Swing-out system

Swing-out windows system is one of the most functional.

Sliding windows

Installing sliding windows allows you to win a useful area of ​​the oversized rooms and perfectly complement the design of any room.

Figure 1 - Types of windows by the method of opening

Figure 1 - Types of windows by the method of opening

kinds of windows for the construction

  • windows single glazing.
  • double glazing windows and windows divided into paired and separate binder.

This feature will significantly affect the sound insulating properties of the window system.

kinds of windows for source material

  • Wooden windows.Eternal classics today received a second life by the brand of ecological construction.Manufacturers: Wicknorm (Germany), Schöb Fenster (Germany), KNEER (Germany).
  • PVC - plastic windows.Installing evrookon now associates with PVC profile, however, under the "Euro-windows" means an improved system windows, provides more acoustic, thermal and vapor barrier through the use of modern technologies and materials.Manufacturers: VEKA (Germany), REHAU (Germany), DECCO (Poland).
  • installation of aluminum windows are produced in most public buildings and industrial premises.Manufacturers: ANTON WETZEL (Germany), TUR-PLAST (Poland).
  • Plastic windows.Often the material is confused with simple PVC windows.However, there is a difference - construction Plastic windows stronger by reinforcing the amplifier placed in a PVC profile.Manufacturers: Baufen (Bulgaria), KBE (Russia, Germany).

kinds of windows intended

  1. Approved;
  2. shockproof;
  3. tinted;
  4. energy saving;
  5. half-mirror.

We would like to say about energy-saving windows.It is understood that the data from the inner side of the window will be covered with deposition of silver atoms that create reflection effect and will help retain heat in the room.

However, when you try to sell a box hanging on the proposed product characteristics thousand, beware that salesmen called "energy-saving" window can actually be made at all on energy-saving technologies, and do not even have anything to do with them.

Photo 1 - Manufacturing windows

Photo 1 - Manufacturing windows

The same applies to the windows and fire. Not every window is sverhstoykim to the effects of fire. Glass fire-resistant windows and profiles, among other things, also have their own characteristics - fire resistance (SHS 15-60) for a package thickness (16-38 mm), the rules of weight (38-76 kg / m²), etc.

Figure 1 - Window block fire

Figure 1 - Window fire unit

If you are really interested in buying a fire box, note the directories of certified products from Schuco, JSC "Bavarian House" and CORAL.

If with a choice of the type of facade windows of a little understood, the more windows on the roof and not say a word (especially on the choice of the dormer). Firstly, it is a particular type of window products, because the requirements for it to him much more: due to the fact that the design of the dormer window becomes part of the roof, it must have at least III safety class and be accompanied by a full complete set of materials for the installation.Then, without much savings to be trusted only to trusted brands FAKRO, ROTO or VELUX.

Services for the installation of windows: a complete package of services and nothing else!

To let the purchase and the installation of a window to chance risky.If you did not have the relevant experience, you can easily miss with measurements or selecting glass.

And if you decide to seek professional help, be aware that you are right to demand performance of the whole sequence of works:

  1. Measurement windows.
  2. delivery.
  3. installation of windows.
  4. finishing slopes.
  5. Service.
  6. guarantee.

If you encounter a company, is not the whole range of services, better look for another artist: for example, sales of Windows without installing unnecessarily losing money for you, because the very least have to look for workers.In addition, production and installation of windows must meet the state standards, and in most cases guarantee you high-quality manufacture and installation according to the rules may only certified firms.Otherwise - as you know, in accordance with whether all done.

Read a detailed article about the proper installation of plastic windows on GOST

Moreover, before starting work, you must know exactly what to get as a result: stipulate that the workers included in the basic package of services for the installation of the window, and it will need topay separately.

Figure 2 - The vent valve in a cut

Figure 2 - The vent valve in a cut

Additional features you can offer more when ordering at our office.Never refuse to consider such proposals: for example, good glazing should not fog up, but additional precautionary measure may be the installation of valves in the window (special ventilation systems) or, say, for greater control over the function of airing the room offered an option - installation of the comb onProfile window.

purchase will be worthwhile if the actual address to the representatives of well-known brands - REHAU , VEKA (front windows) or VELUX (skylights) and others.

All of them - and centuries, and Velux, and Rehauas well as any other respected manufacturer, the official web site provides a list of offices and representative offices in some cities of the country.Because you can be sure that the production and assembly of Euro windows for your apartment you really trust the professionals.

materials for the installation of windows

important not only to those who have provided services for installation, but at the same time and the workers are.If you encounter installation of windows for the first time, do not trust themselves to the choice of materials and installation work.

Remember!Fabrication and installation of windows - business professionals.

Even when it comes to buying or foam sealant, without specifying the exact list of the characteristics of each product to be sent Stroymarket not worth it.Moreover, most of the manufacturers of world renown themselves happy to provide its customers a full range of materials, the purchase of which greatly simplifies all or, in extreme cases, will recommend a company whose profile - assembly and installation of plastic windows.

Installation of windows: you need to have on hand

installation of window units is impossible without:

  • foam;
  • silicone;
  • dowel-nails;
  • anchor plates;
  • screws;
  • plaster.

Continuing the theme, give an example.All necessary materials for the installation of windows can be found in the catalogs of many manufacturers, but one of the companies providing materials and components for the installation of windows in full is Bauset : foam, silicones, cleaners and pistols to him, mounting tape, tides,window sills, slopes of chemistry for windows, auxiliary materials for installation - all the way up mosquito nets and casings can be found in the manufacturer's catalog.

Figure 3 - catalog to install windows Bauset

Figure 3 - catalog to install windows Bauset

Among the auxiliary, but very practical devices - the heat shield for a comfortable installation in the cold season.Inflatable screen assembly is fixed to the strut in the window opening from the outside after removal of the old window frame, thus closing the room by cold air infiltration.

final installation of windows: all strictly according to the contract!

In practice, few people complaining about the quality of the windows, but many - for the installation of window systems.Mistakes in the installation can lead to at least fogging of window glass, as the maximum - in damage of glass (e.g., glass to cracking due to the curvature of the installation frame).

avoid unpleasant situations and loss, removal and installation of windows installation wizard must only be carried out in accordance with the contract, which guarantees a quality installation.

turn to the most common type of installation of windows.

Photo 2 - The use of a heat shield for installation in the cold season

Photo 2 - The use of a heat shield for installation in the cold season

Warm installation of windows

Treaty on heat installation should include:

  1. GOST requirements and basic technical standards that will guide the team during installationworks.Having at hand the technical requirements, the installation of windows, you will understand, will become noticeable mistakes masters.Trying to control the installation process, do not hesitate to ask questions sometimes just uttered the remark could just fix the flaw.
  2. Treaty should contain an accurate and detailed construction drawings.The claim to the finish installation window will be justified and easily provable direct indication of the inconsistency of the result with the previously planned.Thus, in the drawing, among others, shall be designated the depth and height of the installation, the alleged assembly gaps, dew point and gateway nodes with walls of windows, and installation method - by a quarter or (the latter requires additional work).
  3. should be clearly spelled out the date and time of the installation of windows and slopes.
  4. Agreement must contain the warranty company Executive is installation work, not just the window system manufacturer's warranty.
  5. So how to check the installation of the window fully you are unlikely, the installation and repair of windows can be controlled by the company.If the contract has a point on the object can leave the controller to lock the installation of plastic windows: video or photo from the facility will be a perfect proof if you need examination of the work performed.
  6. contract also involves the description of the value of all the basic and additional works (dismantling of the old windows and trash removal), material requirements for the installation and the list can be specified and the requirements to be placed (for example, the temperature at the site).

installation of plastic windows.VIDEO