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Design project of the kitchen.

Frequently asked questions about what a design project kitchen as he can be, and what to expect from the final result of the design project.


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Kitchen Design ProjectQuestions and answers

What is a design project?

It is a comprehensive work of the designer - design of a new image of your kitchen or any other room, consisting of:

  1. Obmerochnogo plan binding all the utilities room.
  2. Planning solution (the plan of arrangement of furniture, zoning areas and so on.).
  3. Mounting plan (dismantling / installation of partitions, structures and utilities).
  4. plans ceiling space, lighting, placement of electrical, floor coverings (plus an indication of the material used for repairs in each region) and others.

How much is ?

cost will depend on the composition of the design project.Components: working drawings help in the selection of

materials, three-dimensional visualization.

there a relationship between the cost and complexity of the project?

No-cost design of the project will depend on the projected area.

Does the cost of development time?

No, if you do not change the projected area specified in the contract.

What are the terms of development?

Timing depends on the efficiency of the customer (how quickly the customer will respond to requests of the designer, the company plans to negotiate granted, illustrations and drawings).When it comes to small areas, the design project can be completely ready in two weeks.Optimum (no rush) - within one month.

What is the order of payment?

Basically, the designer full payment is made only after receipt of the final result of work by the customer on your hands.Pre can be made only an advance payment (around $ 150).However, the terms of payment, as well as the amount of payment should be negotiated individually.

Do you need to obtain a three-dimensional visualization of this service, or you can refuse?

When it comes to repair and finishing work, the need for 3D-visualization is not.It is only a good example of how it will look kitchen of the customer.

how to choose materials?

materials for the realization of the project, most companies do not pick up in stores and catalogs for manufacturers and only after consultation with the customer.Ideally, after the discussion of selected materials designer with the customer to be made check-out party for the purchase - for the inspection of selected material "live".

Can I opt out choice of materials designer?

Yes, however, so you'll spend much more time on the independent selection.Professional cope with this task faster and more productive.

Will appear in the route of the design of engineering systems?

Yes, this is a required parameter of the project.Without it, the project design would be just a picture taken from the head, and not thought out a complete system of organization of kitchen space.

Could be included in the design project of electrical design kitchen?

should distinguish between engineering and design projects power.If the first popunktno should be itemized and calculated power, the number of lines, cable cross-sections, and so on., The design project indicate only the location elektrotochek (sockets, switches, lamps, etc.).Elektroproekt - a particular type of work, because it must be carried out as an engineer, and only after the signing of a separate agreement of the parties.

If the design project involves redevelopment of premises, whether it is legitimate?

Yes, because any redevelopment must be consistent in specialized institutions (coordination should ideally be conducted by specialists hired by the design office).When the need for such work in the room design project will include payment of working time spent by the designer on the agreement.There is also the possibility of harmonizing and by the customer (the value is not affected).

How will the project work?

After signing the contract, and of the advance payment for the designer, usually two or three days will have to go to the object to perform measurements (this step can be performed without requiring the presence of the customer).After the measurements for two to three days, the designer will have to phone the customer to arrange the first meeting, at which the parties will fill the list of technical specifications, will discuss the implementation of the project preferred styles, colors, functional areas, etc.The first meeting mainly takes about 3 hours.And then in due course designer will be sent to the customer options for redevelopment areas, floor plans, lighting, ceilings, furniture and so on.

What design program specialists often work?

most often to perform working drawings using AutoCAD or ArchiCAD, for three-dimensional imaging - 3D Studio MAX + VRay.

In what form the customer can get the finished design project?

project documentation is often transferred to the customer on paper (A3), and in addition - in electronic form (in picture format JPG / Adobe PDF).

Design Project Kitchen:

Picture 1 - Example of visualization of the design project

Picture 1 - Example of visualization of the design project

Picture 2 - Example of visualization of the design project

Picture 2 - Example of visualization of the design project

Photo 3 - Example of visualization of the design project

Photo 3 - Example of visualization of the design project

Photo 4 - Example of visualization of the design project

Photo 4 - Example of visualization of the design project

Photo 5 - Example of a drawing of the design project of apartments

Photo 5 - Example of a drawing of the design project apartments

Ready kitchen design projects: the advantages and disadvantages

Instead of ordering a unique kitchen design project can be designed to take advantage ofstandard design (without redevelopment).Part of these projects are presented on the Internet and you can read them for free, but you will only be available visualization elements without forms of calculations and drawings.In this case, focusing on the image, you will be able to pick up the necessary elements of the interior or to make furniture in one of the factories of the country.

Be the plan main living room, especially if the customer knows exactly what he wants, or even willing to buy ready-made work -variant save time with the same high quality of work and its level of productivity.

$ cost

estimated cost of works:

kitchen design project can be ordered at the price of 50 $ / m² with a total floor area of ​​less than 100 square meters.