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The interior of the bathroom in the house: ergonomic and stylishly

How to make the interior of the bathroom in the house of a stylish and ergonomic?

When building or remodeling homes do not spare funds for equipment spacious bathroom. majority of our fellow citizens perceive the bathroom as a place of routine, and not pleasurable place for relaxation and recreation.This perception is, in fact, caused by an area of ​​bathrooms in apartment buildings, as well as the high cost of high-quality sanitary ware.

the way, also applies to the stereotype perception of the adjacent bathrooms both impractical and uncomfortable room.Although European designers concurred that bathroom without toilet - room inadequate.

No less can cost design idea for the organization of the bathroom in a private house.However, once everything is done, you will feel the difference: it was worth every penny spent!

Here's how to beat the resulting space:

Consider the option to install the bathroom is not in the standard point - in a corner or against a wall of the room, and in the middle.If

the "pull" of the walls of the bathroom you still something interferes, place it diagonally from the far corner of the room (or corner).This option gives the spatial arrangement of the opportunity to demonstrate the amount of available space, which can be increased, hang a mirror on the floor or, for example, setting a mirrored ceiling.

Installation bath diagonally in the corner

Photo 1 - Installation of the bathroom in the corner diagonally

Experiment with the materials used, sticking to one style.With porcelain, for example, good harmony and light natural wood tiles, and bathrooms with a copper - a dark room and finishing textiles.

The combination of materials in the interior of the bathroom

Photo 2 - The combination of materials in the interior of the bathroom

bathroom, if the area allows you to be equipped not only a standard set of interior, but also to mount a free-standing bath with shower.

Bathroom with shower

Photo 3 - Bathroom with shower

In a wooden house himself the doctor ordered to set the bathroom with a sauna.

Bathroom with sauna in modern style

Photo 4 - Bathroom with sauna in modern style

Bathroom with sauna -

Photo 5 - Bathroom with sauna - 'compact' idea for the bathroom with a small area

If you rest up in a warm bath does not like, the habit of restand relax while taking baths can be generated by setting the bath gidroboksom.Several programs provide a range of water supply of good feeling!

Bath with gidroboksom

Photo 6 - Bath with gidroboksom

In combination with a gas stove or other autonomous water heating system, any of these baths - a pledge of good mood.