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The interior of the bedroom in the attic - not only romance

Design bedroom in the attic is often associated with an idyllic setting, which is inherent in the people, leading a bohemian lifestyle.

Practice shows that attic floors can be fitted beneath anything.

bedroom interior in the photo above might well be called a romantic, that did not detract from the dignity of Flawless finish bedroom.

Photo 1 - Interior attics

Photo 1 - an idyllic setting in the attic bedroom

Photo 2 - Interior attics

Photo 2 - bedroom loft-type space is the most popular of this type

Bedroom, nevertheless, remains a perfect leader among the attics.

Photo 3 - Interior attics

Photo 3 - Loft can accommodate an arbitrarily many other facilities

Depending on the size of the house, attic can hold an arbitrarily many other facilities, both combined and separate.

Photo 4 - Interior attics

Photo 4 - Example bedroom occupies the entire roof

is an example of the bedroom, which occupies the entire roof of the house and having almost everything that is necessary for normal living of the whole family.

Photo 5 - Interior attics

Photo 5 - Even with loft beds can be converted into a billiard

presence of one or more beds in the room does not forbid to turn the attic, for example, in the billiard room.

Photo 6 - Interior attics

Photo 6 - House with shaped roof sets the tone for the interior of the attic Attic

different sizes: a house with a roof shaped sets the tone for the interior of the attic;the same can be said about finishing the top of the room.

Photo 7 - Interior attics

Photo 7 - Finishing works inside the attic depends on the type of roofing

finishing inside the attic depends not so much on the desires of the owner, the type of roof.As ground floor below the attic so the top of the building may be part of the normal wall.A arched structure of the ceiling in this case is not an obstacle for plaster and trim conventional materials.

Photo 8 - Interior attics

Photo 8 - Lack of beds may be compensated differently

lack of beds, for that matter, any other furniture, can be compensated in different ways;In this case, full compensation was due to the completion of the internal quality of the attic floor.

Photo 9 - Interior attics

Photo 9 - Separate architectural roof elements can serve as a frame for the future of interior design attic floor

Some architectural elements of the building, or rather roof, can serve as a frame for the future of interior design attic floor.Here the window is represented as a central element symmetrically balancing all the items of the room.

Photo 10 - Interior attics

Photo 10 - Perfect for space-ceiling

likely attic was combined with the latter: the perfect solution for space ceiling.