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on the market finishing materials Mural occupy their rather big niche.The proposal of this kind is formed by a variety of wallpaper companies.Factory production is mainly foreign, domestic Mural mostly made to order.Especially proven German wallpapers have become recognized leaders in this area.Next will be considered as the Mural of Germany and firms from other countries.


  • Manufacturer
    • Wizard & amp;Genius AG
    • Mr Perswall
    • Wall & amp;Deco
    • Rasch
    • A & amp; G design
    • Erismann
    • Eijffinger
    • Affresco and Applico
    • Komar


Wizard & amp;Genius AG

Wizard - a major Swiss manufacturer of photo wallpapers, begins with the release of a small poster in Zurich.For 45 years, the production has grown and expanded considerably.Today the company offers a wide range of patterns and sizes, also available as posters, murals, art prints, and widescreen wallpapers.One of the most popular collections - catalog Ideal decor.

Product Features: huge selection of drawings is consta

ntly replenished by photographers, print quality, excellent color reproduction, detail, color saturation and brightness, good technical characteristics - strength of the material, the density of the paper, ink quality, ease of installation.

One major advantage - relatively low price.In Moscow, a unit of the Mural Wizard will cost from 900 rubles, in Kiev - from 260 hryvnia.

Wizard Genius AG, Cherry Trees wall mural 00385 183 x 254 cm 00385 183 x 254 cm

Photo 1- Wizard Genius AG, Cherry Trees wall mural 00385 183 x 254 cm 00385 183 x 254 cm

Mr Perswall

Swedish company belonging to the group Eco-Borastapeter, produces wallpapers, famous for its eco-friendliness and qualityperformance.A distinctive feature of the Swedish wallpaper - that are available in size wallpapers.Moreover, apart from the choice of a variety of their own collections, Mr Perswall offers if you want to become a creator - to order the production of wall photos of your own pictures, and the price will not change.

these wallpapers in Moscow will cost 2500 rubles per square meter, which is about 625 hryvnia for Ukraine.

Mural Mr Perswall Fashion P140104-4

Photo 2 - Photo Wall Murals Mr Perswall Fashion P140104-4

Wall & amp;Deco

Wall & amp; Deco - young and not cheap Italian wallpapers.The company offers the possibility to print the selected image in the desired size, some photo panel can be in several colors.In addition to this flexibility, the company has an original creative design and high-quality vinyl coating.In Ukraine there are brand photowall with a similar name WallDeco, print custom wallpapers.

Price Italian Wall & amp; Deco - about 125 euros per square meter.Ukrainian WallDeco cost from 135 hryvnia per square meter.

Wall Mural

Photo 3 - Mural Wall & amp; Deco Gio Pagani GPW1312 ROOMSET


Mural (Germany), popular in more than 100 countries.The scope and diversity of the range of wallpaper, photo wallpapers hits, and more than polutorovekovaya story inspires trust and respect.The company describes its products as the embodiment of quality, style and comfort, it is justified.German Desktop different German quality control and European sense of style.The cost of most of the collection is focused on the average consumer.Price Mural Rush Germany in Kiev on average starting from 650 hryvnia / 2600 rubles per sheet.

Mural Art Rush.

Photo 4 - Mural Art Rush.846751 Taj Mahal

A & amp; G design

Czech factory that produces a whole range of different colors and sizes of photo wallpapers.Ag design have nothing to reproach - neat Mural on a budget.Price of Czech photowall in Moscow - from 860 rubles, in Kiev - from 250 hryvnia.

A Mural

Photo 5 - Mural A & amp; G Design art.0479FTS


Erismann - another Desktop from Germany.Like Rush, the company began its history in the 19th century.Reliable European raw materials and advanced printing technologies allow Erismann wallpapers do not lose the leading position in the market of photo wallpapers.Production has excellent design quality and technical characteristics - wallpaper strong, resistant to external influences, "breathe" and are safe for human health.Erismann wallpapers have German and Russian production.Photopanel collection Mischen Possible - it is a novelty, so the price to be specified in the shops and on websites.

Erismann wallpapers collection: Mischen Possible, boxes 75h280 cm Art.

Photo 6 - wallpaper Erismann collection: Mischen Possible, boxes 75h280 cm Art.2164-02


Dutch Desktop from one of the oldest factories in Europe, which has a reputation, proven over the years.The company is known for its developments and innovations in the field of wallpaper.Environmental safety, bold designs and a wide variety of figures - is Eijffinger.Price Mural higher than that of other companies in Moscow, it begins in the best case from 12000 rubles.

Mural Eijffinger Next Flutter art.

Photo 7 - wallpaper Eijffinger Next Flutter art.FFWN393007

Affresco and Applico

Affresco - popular young Russian company producing wallpaper, murals and wallpapers.The difference between the company's products from other manufacturers - is that it is essentially Mural frescoes.The web is a non-woven backing and a very thin layer of plaster on top of it.These wallpapers are safe for health, do not fade, waterproof and look elegant in any room.Price photowall-frescoes in Moscow - about 5000 rubles per square meter.Applico - Russian company working in the same direction.

Afresko, France Mural ID11290

Photo 8 - Afresko, France Mural ID11290


Again Mural Germany.The company produces different wallpapers of different themes, such as National Geographic catalog contains samples of photowall with images of nature and cities, and Marvel - with children's comics.The most cost-effective option in good price as photo wallpaper Komar in Moscow - from 790 rubles, in Kiev - from 188 hryvnia.

Mural on the wall Flowers Komar 8-705 Otaksa

Photo 9 - Mural Wall Flowers Komar 8-705 Otaksa

Purchase Mural of various brands can be, for example, in building hypermarkets, such as Leroy Merlin in Moscow and Kiev in the new line.See options and order exclusive wallpapers sites other than the manufacturer specified above, please visit the company KLV, wholesale purchases can be carried out in the company Witerra.

interesting option offers INTERIO-NOVA - print pattern on one of the cuts of the same wallpaper, which will be papered the entire room.Many sites offer wallpapers Ortho having the texture of plaster, achieved by means of PVC spraying. Antimarker- Mural coated , which can be washed and is convenient to use on the walls and furniture are offered on the same site.Many domestic manufacturers to produce and children's Desktop, for example, with the themes of Madagascar, Cars, Winx, etc.

Thus, the Russian and Ukrainian companies, even without such a history, reputation and turnover as the European company, so you can order almost any desired type of photo wallpapers.