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Plaster on the grid.

plaster grid is usually used in complex cases - for example, when working in the new building, where the walls still give a precipitate with too obvious cracks and irregularities.


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plaster grid

laths can be:

  • Metal Polymer
  • Fiberglass

general consensus on the role of the plaster walls of the grid is that the grid improves the adhesion of the solution with the wall and does notformed cracks.However, some argue that this is just a myth, and all the powers of the mesh are visible cracks in the cover-up, rather than in preventing them.Whether grid in this case - you decide.The thickness of the grid depends on the set conditions.

Metal mesh plaster

Photo 1 - Metal mesh plaster

use the technology of metal mesh?

  • grid of metal should be used when applying plaster 3 cm and above.If the walls are no prepared to work - using netting.
  • tape Measure the height of the walls from the roof to the
    ground, if you work on the facade, roll a roll and cut the nets and the desired height of the web.
  • How to strengthen the grid on the wall?Straightening grid fix nails or screws on primed wall.Standing next to polotka have whipped each other by about 10 cm.
  • Mix the plaster solution.
  • first primer can throw a trowel or shovel, and then flatten the rule.The second layer should be thinner, it gently smeared a large spatula or trowel.If the mesh looks out - add a third layer.
  • If necessary, you can use the finish filler to smooth out minor irregularities.
Plaster on a plastic grid

Photo 2 - Plaster on a plastic grid

specifics of a polymer network is:

  • polymer mesh endure chemical exposure, and therefore does not spoil the topcoat spots.Most often, the polymer network is used when applying textured plaster.
  • process begins, as before, with the measuring and cutting fabrics to size.Fastening mesh may be different ways.Pier dense basis may be applied to the wall thin layer of mortar and pressed into a grid, or, if conditions allow, a stapler to attach the net.
  • Then evenly apply plaster to the grid is not visible.
  • When working with polymer network, repeat steps as when wallpapering - from inside to outside.
  • way, because of the elasticity of the polymer network mesh can stretch and bubble, so work carefully.

grid for plaster.Types and features

As we have mentioned, the grid for plaster is of three kinds: metal, resin and fiberglass.Why do I need reinforcing mesh?Grid plaster used when applying plaster on wood, brick or concrete facades, as on such surfaces plaster can crack and peel off.Grid plaster facade taken a strong and broad.

The desired length of the grid cut with scissors for metal

Photo 3 - The desired length of the grid cut with scissors for metal

So metal grid divided into 4 types:

  • mesh fabric.Sold in rolls.The material is thin, but flexible and durable, woven from wire of various sections.Has 1x1 cm square cells.
  • Rabitz (braided mesh).The diameter of the cells - 2x2 cm. Typically used if you need to apply several layers of plaster.
  • welded wire mesh.Cells square, is most often used to prevent cracking plaster walls with active sludge.Made of galvanized or coated with a polymeric composition bright low carbon wire.Most often sold in rolls of a width of 1 m.
  • expanded metal mesh.Applied with a small flow of plaster.Diamond-shaped cells are arranged in a checkerboard pattern.Sold in rolls.

If you need a grid for plaster interior walls, there is more likely to use a polymer or fiberglass.Deciding what kind of grid used depends on the application.Plastic mesh often used inside buildings, wire mesh - on the facades.

Master noted that in most cases, made of plaster reinforcement ae throughout the wall surface, and fragmentarily on those areas where the overlap different surface finishing, for example.However, if the plaster is applied on the ceiling or in a new building, the grid should be used on the entire surface.

There are certain requirements for the grid used for plaster reinforcing:

  • mesh must be resistant to alkali, so should be treated spetsrastvorami.Otherwise, in a short time, the grid may start to decompose, and a plaster layer will begin to lose strength.The signal for this will crack on the surface.
  • mesh density should be between 150-170 g / m, so that it retained the elasticity and strength, and can withstand various types of loads.
Facade finishing grid

Photo 4 - Finishing facades grid

plaster grid.Price works

  • Rostov-on-Don, installation of metal mesh in the plaster layer of 40 mm, from 100 rubles / sqm.
  • Donetsk, Arrangement of plaster grid of 8 UAH / sq.m.

grid for plaster.Price

  • Kiev, Grid emery Blumberg, the price per piece 24.50 USD
  • St. Petersburg, Plastic mesh for plaster reinforcing TENAX «Armaflex", 39.77 rub. / Sq