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Mural in the interior (19 photos)

Interior has a huge impact on mood, activity, quality of work and leisure, in ability to live tselom.Poetomu selection of interior decoration - an important stage in shaping the future of their own spirit, and even many smokers zdorovya.Vo recommended pastel range, restraintcolors.This is useful, but without bright interior accents will dull and boring, that will act oppressively.Ways to diversify, add zest to your home, very much: all kinds of combined painting, decorative plaster, murals, wallpaper, including wallpapers.


  • Mural interior
  • Ready Desktop and wallpaper under the order - a form based on the base material
    • Mural paper - eco-friendly and cheap
    • Fleece Mural - strong and breathable
    • Vinyl Mural - dense, but notvery natural
  • Types
    • size
    • Location drawing
    • Texture Coating
    • Ink
  • What are wallpapers - ideas
    • Design classic wallpapers and
    • Trendy youth trends - pop art
    • Vintagewallpapers and
    • Macro shooting
    • panoramic wallpapers
    • prospect
    • Glow Mural
    • A few ideas
  • Print photowall

Mural interior

«flew, hurry, buy the painting!" - thinkingMural on, I remember this phrase from the old movie "Operation Y" in which the hero Vitsin traded large posters - such themselves photowall relatives.Indeed, fashion glue wallpapers on the wall returned to us from the recent Soviet past.

decorate the wall or part of wall-paper with landscape, still life and reproductions of paintings was made decades ago.

basically got Mural on the wall kitchen, "living" are also in the hallway or in the closet, but in other rooms a welcome decoration was used no less.

the millennium wallpapers in the interior began to meet only in the older homes and apartments and country houses (the last sometimes as a patch for the wall in need of repair).

Mural on order from Crete

Photo 1 - Mural on order from Crete

Today wallpapers in the interior - it's a fashion trend that is used is much broader than its "fathers." Photo interior becomes an opportunity of self-expression , indicator of taste and style.Desktop - a universal material that can be a decoration in the living room alcove, a fresh solution of the office, and even create an exclusive interior in a cafe, restaurant or other public place.Photos entered in a variety of styles, even in such as retro and Provence.

One reason for the popularity and prevalence of modern photowall - is the ability to order the printing of all liked the photo or image in any format and stick him on the wall.Wallpapers and custom wallpapers, catalog which allows you to select factory-ready version, popular par as looking at a variety of second is often breathtaking.

Desktop Factory are cheaper contract, but an individual order, plus - an opportunity to choose a photo or rusunok that will not be repeated in another interior, but not so on the factory production.Diverse, colorful and different sizes Mural, catalog or to order - it's not the only criteria for the diversity of the world FotoDEKOR.Wallpaper for the walls are made of different materials and different technologies, so we should not overlook.


Photo 2 - Bears

Ready Desktop and wallpaper under the order - a form based on the base material

Mural paper - eco-friendly and cheap

Mural paper have the same properties as conventional paper wallpaper.They are eco-friendly, breathable and inexpensive.Their disadvantage is that Mural paper very short-lived .Their term of office may be an average of 5-10 years.But, despite its relative fragility, paper wallpapers are in high demand.Especially good paper wallpapers in the bedroom.

Paper wallpapers from company Stenagrafika

Photo 3 - Paper wallpapers from company Stenagrafika

Fleece Mural - strong and breathable

Fleece wallpapers are stronger than paper.Shrinkage cracks on walls and plaster do not affect the appearance of the wallpaper.In addition, these wallpapers are resistant to scratches, and good air permeability make them suitable and even recommended for children's rooms.

Fleece Mural Floral 8NW-917 Passion of Komar

Photo 4 - Fleece Mural Floral 8NW-917 Passion of Komar

Vinyl Mural - dense, but not very natural

Vinyl wallpapers hardest, but the least useful of the three listed species.They are produced on a paper or non-woven backing layer with the application of vinyl.They can be washed, they are not afraid of injury and thus are useful in the room who can not do without contaminants (for example, in the kitchen and hallway).

Vinyl wallpapers on non-woven backing - decorative panels PKF Bass , a collection of Your Planet , the Golden City

Photo 5 - vinyl wallpapers on non-woven backing - decorative panels PKF Bass, a collection of Your Planet, the Golden City


Ready Desktop wallpapers and custom - types on the basis of other characteristics


dimensions may photowallbe very different from the poster to a larger size.The standard ratio of the width and length of the factory wall photos - from 0.97 / 2.2 m 3 / 4.2 m, although each of the manufacturer has its own standards.In addition, the order can buy even a giant high quality wallpapers.Simple Desktop smaller sizes - seamless, wallpapers bigger size consist of parts, which is usually two to eight.Print the order on the company uses rolling wallpapers of different sizes and materials.Ready wallpapers sold in a roll twisted and packed into a tight tube or box.

Huge Mural

Photo 6 - Huge Mural

Location drawing

By location pattern wallpapers are horizontal and vertical.If you plan to narrow angular Desktop, it is better to choose the vertical pattern, if the whole wide Mural wall - horizontal.

Vertical Desktop from the company ArtPoligraf

Photo 7 - Vertical Desktop from the company ArtPoligraf


Mural can be matte or glossy, smooth or textured.With matt or gloss and all so clear, but the invoices, which often offer manufacturers photowall following: plaster, sand imitation of various fabrics, painting - brush strokes.

Mural with texture of canvas

Photo 8 - Photo wall with the texture of the canvas


Desktop Factory are made on the basis of good quality, and usually do not need additional coverage.However, if you choose, for example, paper wallpapers to order, many firms for a fee offer lamination - the application of a protective film on the substrate.Qualitative laminated wallpaper - washable, washable.In addition, if necessary, that the surface had patterns - a particular texture or used water-based ink, it is necessary to order lamination.

Glossy Mural Madagascar Russian production

Photo 9 - Glossy Mural Madagascar Russian production

Ink Printing photos with higher resolution is performed on water-based ink - they perfectly capture the color, but not compatible with all the basics and are not resistant to external influences, especially to lightshort-lived.Eco-solvent inks provide high photographic quality print, but not resistant to mechanical damage, also require additional coverage.UV-curable ink reception to all influences, applied to any substrate, but the most expensive and somewhat detrimental.

What are wallpapers - ideas

Design classic wallpapers and

Surprisingly, Mural has a place even in a classical setting.Style, which features luxurious decor, accept the use of such decorations as frescoes and mural.Elite Desktop imported luxury - an excellent alternative to the present painting on wet plaster.Modern technologies allow to printing photo wallpapers recreate realistic paintings of great masters.Texture Mural imitating plaster does not impoverish the interior, but, at the same time, reduce the price of some of it.In the same way you can simulate any wall covering, corresponding to the classical interior.

Mural in the classic interior

Photo 10 - Mural in a classical setting

Trendy youth trends - pop art

direction of Native American fine art of the last century has survived to the present day and feels great, especially in the apartments and houses are decorated in the style of a loft- Factory and attic.As an element of the interior, pop art - this is the original posters and painted large canvases, respectively, to recreate this style, you can use photo wallpapers of different sizes.Stylish creative wallpapers in this category - it is a special kind of abstraction that plays modern and retro objects, large lettering and create some sense of collage.You can choose a fun and funny colorful compositions that will lift your mood.

Posters Pop Art

Photo 11 - Posters Pop Art

Vintage and wallpapers

for vintage interior design are perfect in technique Mural sepia, black and white, with the effect of aged, worn.Appropriate photo depicting aged newspaper clippings and other printed publications (probably a combination of text and images), notes pages, images of old objects, romantic places, such as the Eiffel Tower, etc.Some of the above creation of pop art themed retro as can fit into vintage.

Mural in vintage style

Photo 12 - wallpaper in vintage style

Macro shooting

Macro image of herbs and flowers, dew, insects - the best wallpapers for relaxation and unity with nature.The relaxed atmosphere created by the plot and the color and the feeling of being in the garden, forest or meadow will bring peace and comfort in the house, but at the same time, will give strength and full of energy.Natural green and orange colors in the decoration of the walls - a guarantee that the depression in the house or foot."Live" wallpapers are ideal for those who plan to all, including the repair of feng shui.


Photo 13 - Macro

panoramic wallpapers

Panorama - home "window to Europe" or somewhere else.Panoramic view of any city or tourist attraction decorate modern living in urban style and create the effect of a huge window.Especially popular widescreen panorama evening city.

Panoramic Desktop TOKYO-71115067 (online store

Photo 14 - Panoramic Desktop TOKYO-71115067 (online store


This type photowall able to greatly increase the room.As a rule, wallpapers with the prospect of long portrayed galleries, stairs and similar objects, creating the impression that the room continues.

Mural Perspective

Photo 15 - Mural prospect

Glow Mural

Unusual fluorescent Mural - new exclusive finishing materials.They highlight the fact that the day they look like ordinary wallpaper, but in the dark when the special illumination, the image becomes three-dimensional, shines and radiates brilliance.

Glowing Mural Brillants 3D Papyrus Classic

Photo 16 - Glowing Desktop 3D Brillants Papyrus Classic

A few ideas

Wedding photos and self-portraits easily turn into a Mural on the wall or part of it.The same can be done with your favorite photos of people, including celebrities.Extraordinary individual will like realistic surround images that give the impression of motion, for example, running toward the animal.Mural can also serve as an imitation of other finishing materials, such as masonry.

Realistic three-dimensional wallpapers

Photo 17 - realistic surround Mural

wallpaper for ...

  • For Office Desktop suit the most diverse subjects - it all depends on what a company profile.For a variety of lounges, of course, will be much broader than the reception.Example for the photowall in the office - use photos of the model in the barbershop or beauty centers, pasting wall panoramic photo wallpapers with a view of the skyscrapers in the construction companies, etc.
Desktop office

Photo 18 - wallpaper office

  • Home photowall anything is possible.It all depends on personal preference, room, style, interior, etc.There are universal themes that are suitable for the bedroom and hallway and dining room, and even for the gluing on the balcony.This, for example, images of nature, flowers, grasses.As for color, lilac or purple wallpaper in the bedroom will promote good sleep.Orange in the dining room will add appetite, and blue - on the contrary.
  • Children produced special wallpapers with cartoon characters and lovely panache.Especially good for children's Desktop-antimarker are not afraid of moisture and dirt, even childish delineation shkodnymi handles.New trend for bathroom design - wall photos under glass .On the prepared wall glued wallpapers and protective film that closes the top of whole or part of the glass panel.Also used for printing pictures glass on canvas and other materials that photo wallpapers can be called a stretch, but at least is related wallpapers.
Mural in the kitchen under a glass apron

Photo 19 - wallpaper in the kitchen under a glass apron

  • furniture, oddly enough, is also possible to glue wallpapers.On the fridge, on the cabinet door or you can purchase or order a photo panel, but without this protective layer finish quickly unusable.The best option for furniture - self-adhesive wallpaper.
Wardrobe decorated with photo wallpapers

Photo 20 - Wardrobe decorated with photo wallpapers

Print photowall

Contents apartment or a house to your liking is easy.Create

renovation project - even half the battle, the most difficult thing is to choose the materials that can be combined for the desired result.The same applies to the choice of photo wallpapers.The most economical option - to find out about discounts, though selling photowall significantly narrow the range of choice, as the decline in prices, as a rule, occurs only on part of the production.The next version - just watch catalogs and choose, though, even with the broadest choice of a particular interior can be nothing approach.And finally, the most versatile option - printed wallpapers.

There are two ways: to see samples and choose the desired print or bring your photo.Use your own pictures to cost an additional amount, as it should be transformed into a format with higher resolution.As already mentioned, the laminate also will be considered separately.

Despite the relatively high cost of the latter option, the main thing that the photo size, base, texture and barrier properties will be chosen by the customer himself.

factory price of wallpapers in Kiev - an average of 150 hryvnia, in Moscow - mostly from 600 rubles per unit (small panels, the size of the door).

cost of printing photowall to order in Kiev - from 115 hryvnia per square meter in Moscow - from 600 rubles per square meter.