Home Design

Cottage 240 sq.m.

Cottage Novomoskovsk - is a work of art.Design is designed for creative people who love the extraordinary ideas, a riot of colors and unusual solutions.The cottage is decorated in a modern style with splashes of bold elements of pop art.

The interior is characterized by graceful lines smooth, rounded forms, an abundance of natural materials and modern design décor.Every room in the cottage has its own original flavor, full of light and bright colors.Due to design solutions cottage created a cheerful, comfortable and stylish atmosphere.


  • Original Living
  • Cheerful spalenki
  • modern office

Original Living

The cozy living room with elements of pop art

Photo 1 - Spacious living room with elements of pop art

Living in modern style with elements of popArt.The color palette is preferred warm, cozy and bright, cheerful colors.In the living room replete with brown, beige, wheat, gold, red and orange shades.On the walls of bright textured wallpaper.The interior design uses plasterboard, designer original arches and deepening.Tha

nks to a smooth linyam and plant forms, living room looks very cozy and welcoming.

The warm and joyful colors of the interior in the living room

Photo 2 - The warm and joyful colors of the interior in the living room

When making a living abundantly used natural wood light wood: parquet flooring, railings, stairs, shelves, cabinets and closets.The ceiling and one of the arches are decorated with stained glass, like the glare of the sun.The living room is well located soft bright sofa with a coffee table in the original one side and chairs, a sofa and a television in the other side.

Cheerful spalenki

spalenki is available in two versions.In a first embodiment, a bedroom decorated in soft shades of brown.The original, warm and very comfortable bedroom in modern style.

Bedroom with unusual ceiling in the form of the sun

Photo 3 - Bedroom with unusual ceiling in the form of the sun

On the walls of textured wallpaper.Unusual ceiling made of drywall and resembles the sun.It mounted lamps and lighting.The furniture is made of light-brown wood has rounded lines, simple and concise.To the room did not seem too monotonous, it made a bright orange accent with the help of the bed and pillows.

Light green bedroom with original ceiling

Photo 4 - Dark green room with original ceiling

In a second embodiment, a bedroom decorated in bright green and yellow colors.Furniture made of light wood.Original shelves and cabinets have rounded shapes.Soft red couch with yellow pillows to make bedroom design juicy summer tone.The highlight is a bedroom ceiling.Due to lighting and fixtures, it looks like the alien ship.

modern office

Cabinet also made in the Art Nouveau style and is available in two versions.

Ideal for light office workers thinking

Photo 5 - ideal for light office workers thinking

In a first embodiment, an office decorated in the color champagne.Design comfortable, lightweight, ideal for light workers thoughts.The office has all the necessary furniture: a wooden shelving for books with drawers, shelves, a large round table and a comfortable leather chair.

The original version of the design office

Photo 6 - The original version of the design office

second option is more creative.Rounded bookshelves, cabinets and abstract painting on the wall give the interior a special originality.The ceiling is made imitation of the frame with a picture of a white blob, as a symbol of creativity and talent.

photo materials provided by design studio "Egoist»