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Types of plaster: technological and prices

Here is an overview of grades, specifications of different types of plasters and the price of these materials.Plasters provided in this material are systematized on the principle of using the material as a leveling compound or finish.


  • leveling plaster
    • Cerezyme
    • Plaster Plaster Plaster Knauf
    • VOLMA
    • TEPLON - plaster with insulation (plaster UNIS)
    • Plaster Plaster Prospectors
    • Bolars (Forman / Foreman)
    • PlasterVetonit Plaster
    • UMKA
    • basis of plaster
    • Plaster Plaster Bergauf
    • Kreps
    • Plaster Plaster Hercules
  • Decorative plaster
    • Cerezyme (decorative plaster)
    • Decorative plaster Bolars
    • Bayramiks:plaster decorative plaster mosaic
    • San ​​Marco (St. Mark's): decorative plaster
    • Caparol: decorative plaster
    • Plaster Silk Plaster
    • Plaster Dufay (Dufa)
    • Parade: plaster decorative plaster
    • Oikos (Oikos)
    • Plaster Derufa

leveling plaster

Plaster Cerezyme

most popular in a series of dry mixes - cement plaster: plaster Ceresit CT 24 and

CT 29 for repairs, plastering, and thin-layer leveling of cellular concrete or mineral substrates, respectively.This material is placed on an average of 3-30 mm at a rate of a mixture of 1.5 kg / m².

Price plaster averaged 6.7 $ / 25 kg.

Colours plasters Cerezyme

Photo 1 - The color plasters Cerezyme

plaster Knauf

In a series of materials for hand-made products presented gypsum plaster Goldband (Goldband, wall), popular among the masters of stucco Rotband (Rotband universal plaster) and Rotband Pro.


  • consumption have shown a mixture of types of about the same - 0.8 kg / m²;
  • layer thickness is from 5 to 50 mm;
  • drying time - up to 7 days.

material Price: $ 4,5 / 30 kg, $ 9.62 / kg and 8.3 30 $ / 30 kg plaster Goldband, Rotband and Rotband Pro respectively.

gypsum plaster MP 75 for mechanized application presented by a series of products, consumption of which an average of 8-12 kg / m² (price M 75 - 6,25 $ / 25 kg).

important element for any work - a well-prepared substrate.The repair of the premises for these purposes can be used starting stucco HP START KNAUF cost from $ 5.3 / kg 30.

IMPORTANT! on the market are not uncommon substitutable products.For plaster Rotband, for example, that the EC plaster TG40 cost 8.6 $ / 30 kg.With the same success it is possible to work with stucco Perfecta (Perfect) - the price of 8,5 $ / 30 kg.

As regards cement-based plasters, here represented 6 species, the most popular of which are Gryunband KNAUF - Thermal insulation plaster for facades Knauf Unterputts -tsementnaya facade plaster.

Cement plaster KNAUF: price

  • «warm» plaster Gryundband costs about 6.6 $ / 25 kg;
  • facade plaster Unterputts - $ 6/25 kg.


Plaster Plaster VOLMA-layer master knows well: it is quality and affordable material domestic production.At a flow rate of material in 8-9 kg / m² (layer thickness 1 mm), it dries on average per week and costs around $ 8-9 / 30 kg.

One of the most cost plasters - VOLMA-layer

Photo 2 - One of the most cost plasters - VOLMA-layer

TEPLON - plaster with insulation (plaster UNIS)

Thermal insulation plaster TEPLON Unis - the material is quite expensive, but the cost justifies its long service life and insulating propertiesplaster.

average cost of this material is about $ 9/30 kg of dry mixture (although Gray TEPLON is cheaper than similar materials of other manufacturers - only 4.8 $ / 30 kg).The manufacturer is also engaged in production and other plasters, for example, the facade and basement - a series of "Silin" (price 8,325 kg).

permissible thickness of the use of these plasters - 5-30 (50) mm.

dry up for the standard mixture of gypsum - for 5-7 days.

Plaster Prospectors

In the arsenal of the company and five proposals, including gypsum plaster for machine and hand use, standard type plaster, gypsum-cement mixture MIXTER and Optimum.

Besides gypsum-cement mixtures (from 10 kg / m or more), material consumption is about 10 kg / m².

Setting time mixes - up to 7 days.

permissible thickness of 5-50 mm.

Price plaster miners on average 8.5 $ / 30 kg.

Plaster Bolars (Forman / Foreman)

Bolars company offers a wide range of plaster mixtures on gypsum and cement based.These easy to apply plaster on masonry, concrete, aerated concrete and stone.

In a series of plaster Bolars are standard gypsum plaster bagging 20 and 30 kg, plaster facade, facade frost-resistant and heat-insulating mixture.

consumption standard plaster: 2.4 kg / m² (layer 10 mm).

Water vapor permeability - 0.23 mg / mchPa.

layer thickness - up to 5 to 60 mm.

amount of water in the solution - 0,6-0,62 l / kg.

Price plaster SIVA (Siwa) Bolars: 8.4 $ / 25 kg.

Vetonit Plaster

company Weber-Vetonit (Weber-Vetonit) in our market presents a number of dry mixes, including cement water-resistant and water-resistant cement lightweight plaster (Vetonit TT and VetonitTTT respectively) for the repair of facades, you can use cement plaster Weber StukCement (layer of 30-50 mm).The price of this plaster is about $ 11.5 / 25 kg.

Plaster UMKA

TM UMKA produces a range of environmentally friendly thermal insulation mixtures.Among the most popular products of the company: a mixture of insulating plaster for base and top coat (UB-21 and UF-2, respectively).

mixtures are plaster cement binder with lime.Consumption of this mixture is about 3.5-4 kg / m at a cost of $ 17.5 material / 7 kg.

basis of plaster

company produces the basis of plaster, cement and decorative plaster facade at reasonable prices.Choose the appropriate type of plaster, you can on the table:

Photo 3 - Selection of the basis of plaster

Photo 3 - Selection of the basis of plaster

Plaster Bergauf

Bergauf Cracking produces gypsum plaster (Putz Gips) for walls and ceilings, a papering, frost-resistant cement plaster with water repellent(Rutz Zement) for facades, lightweight plastic plaster (Bau Interier) for manual and machine-application method, cost-effective, easy to apply and processing of insulating cement plasters (Bau Facade) for facade work without spackling.

price of this group does not exceed the average categories: plaster, for example, costs $ 8.6 / kg 25.


IVSIL company produces gypsum plaster for manual and machine application, high strength cement facade plaster for interior and exterior, heat and sound insulation plaster for interior and exterior use, as well as decorative textured plaster of the "bark beetle"and facade plaster type "coat" at reasonable rates.For example, buy a soundproof plaster Termosil possible for $ 21.9 / 12 kg, and the consumption of the mixture does not exceed 3 kg / m² (layer 1 mm).This material is cold-resistant and can withstand up to 50 cycles without compromising appearance or physical characteristics of the plaster, because the price is justified.

Plaster Kreps

Catalogues plasters Kreps distinguishes us from the presence of a rare item for the market - the release of a special plaster for the restoration work.These are the mixtures Antique-Antique-1 and 2.This plaster on the basis of lime, sand and coarse fractionated modified with additives, as part of as containing synthetic reinforcing fibers.

Kreps Antique Formulations can be repaired and restored historic buildings and monuments of masonry, concrete and reinforced concrete.

cost of the material, from 7.2 $ / 25 kg.

IMPORTANT! Restoration plaster is also represented in a series of materials Runit (cost 7.1 $ / 20 kg).

Plaster Hercules

«Set» plasters from this manufacturer, as well as most other standard: cement plasters are presented with a mixture of lime-cement, plaster facade and the standard M100 cement plaster;plaster mixture - plaster Rotger, a plaster mix for machine application, as well as white mortar;in a series of decorative - plaster "bark beetle".At a flow

mixture 1mm 1.43 Kg / m² solution should contain at least 0.26 liters of water / kg, as for cement mixtures, the flow here slightly less than - 1 kg / m² and a water demand of the mixture - 0.5l / kg.

materials company Hercules can be called one of the most efficient in terms of cost - is 7.5 $ / 30 kg.

Plastering masonry materials company Baumit : 1 - masonry cement , 2 - mortar Baumit MPI 25 ;3 - primer Baumit Grund;4 - glue for tiles Baumit Basic;5 - flexible grout Baumit Premium Fuge;6 - Baumit Silikon silicone sealant

Photo 4 - Plastering masonry materials company Baumit: 1 - masonry cement, 2 - mortar Baumit MPI 25;3 - primer Baumit Grund;4 - glue for tiles Baumit Basic;5 - flexible grout Baumit Premium Fuge;6 - silicone sealant Baumit Silikon

plaster for leveling walls and insulation of facades of buildings at relatively low prices, you can also see in the catalog companies GLIMS (Russia, leveling, as well as decorative plaster Glims Velur), Typhoon (Belarus Series LUX / Suite), Ekaterinburg, Gypsum (Russia, plaster Gifas / Gifas) Kreisel (Maschinen Putz - machine lime-cement plaster), wins (TM35 Elite Aegis), ABS (ABS, starting plaster Siva), Terralit (warm plaster piece1) Biteks (Germany, textured plaster facade),

negative reviews online are most often found on the stucco "Sindica" from Khabez (cost 6.5 $ / 30 kg).The dissatisfaction of users causes cracking plaster after drying, as well as difficulty in sanding and polishing the surface.

Brozeks Giperplast (gypsum-perlite) - 5.3 $ / 25 kg.
Standard (plaster) - 7.3 $ / 20 kg.

There are also special types of plasters, a protective function to a greater degree than their "younger brothers."For example, X-ray protective plaster barite FullMix, price 24.68 $ / 25 kg

Decorative plaster

series of decorative plaster open, perhaps the most budget material (if the word "budget" in general fit into this category of finishing materials).

Cerezyme (decorative plaster)

In the class "budget" remain the most popular type of plaster "bark beetle" and "Kameshkovo" plaster creating grooves on the surface of the plain and projections.Technical characteristics of the materials are seen in the table below.

Specifications plasters Ceresit

Photo 5 - Specifications plasters Ceresit

Ceresit CT 35 (grain 2.5 mm) is worth about $ 14.5 / 25 kg, that for decorative coatings sufficiently low price (compared to plaster of woodworm is Senerdzhi26 $ / 15 kg Classic Cord of SELA - 70 $ / 26 kg plaster roller LAKRA - 24 $ / 15 kg).

the Budget three plasters also make the type of plaster "lamb» (Kratzputs) and "coat» (Rollputz).The price of these types of plasters does not exceed $ 40/15 kg.

IMPORTANT! For coloring dry mix requires a special color scheme (for example, product catalogs callers from Tikkurila, NOVACOLOR, TEX COLOR or Alpa).

Decorative plaster Bolars

Kameshkovo plaster and plaster bark beetle can be found almost every manufacturer.The company offers to buy Bolars Kameshkovo plaster in packing of 25 kg at a price of 51.2 $ / 25 kg.

Photo 6 - decorative plaster Kameshkovo Bolars.

Photo 6 - decorative plaster Kameshkovo Bolars.Specifications

Bayramiks: plaster decorative mosaic

Acrylic plaster - a pretty rich in choice of materials class finishing materials.

Company Bayramiks (Bayramix) provides customers the opportunity to purchase the mosaic plaster, the main advantage of which is a thin-layer finishing coat: layer thickness of only 1-2.5 mm!Material Price - $ 51/25 kg.At a flow rate of acrylic plaster of 2 kg / m² single package may be sufficient for plastering of 12 square meters.

Plaster OPTIMIST optimist

TM represents a range of decorative finishing materials, among which we can find the same pitted plaster (stucco 0dnako this brand is already sold as a finished product, the price of $ 38.78 / 15 kg), decorative coatings "Byzantium""Roman stone", "Sea Breeze" for domestic work, several kinds of material "Venetian plaster" (by the way, compared with the global brand Clavel, also representing the Venetian in our market in terms of prices of products of TM optimist looks attractive: Stucco Encausto of Clavelworth about $ 155.9 / 25 kg and similar products optimist - 70 $ / 15 kg).

IMPORTANT! Stucco veneciano (stucco Veneziano) or Venetian plaster - it is expensive.Note that the stack must be areial m 3, or even in all 10 layers of pre-treated with a special start-layer walls Venetian and topcoat jammed protective wax.And let flow in the Venetian finishing layer is on average 0.15-0.2 kg / m², exactly one package will not do.

San ​​Marco (St. Mark's): decorative plaster

in the company directory, you can find more than two dozen titles univelnyh coatings.The most interesting among them are Cadoro - decorative coating c silk moire effect (price $ 54/1 liter), Marmorino Classico (Marmorino classico) - mineral decorative coatings "marbled" with quartz grain 0.7 (price 242 $ / 25 kg).

Venetian plaster San Marco Stucco Veneziano.

Photo 7 - Venetian plaster San Marco Stucco Veneziano.Palette

Caparol: decorative plaster decorative plaster

Caparol - quality material, designed primarily for exterior finish (stucco facade).The company is silicone and acrylic decorative plaster such as "pitted" and "Kameshkovo" at the price of 118 $ / 25 kg.

Plaster Silk Plaster

Decorative plaster from Silk Plaster - it's just like in the application and use liquid wallpaper for as low as $ 11/1 kg.A package of such plaster (class "economy") generally lack the processing 5m² with a minimum thickness.Lovers experiment finished, without departing from the scope of the budget proposed by the company should be interested.

Plaster Dufay (Dufa)

finished plaster "bark beetle", "lamb" and "coat" is also in the catalog of loofah.The cost of materials in this case is from $ 58/25 kg.Among other commodities also have a rare "exhibit" - plaster for computer tinting.Not every manufacturer can boast the presence of this product in his range.The advantage of computer tinting synthetic stucco - a wide range of colors and smooth staining.The cost of this material is between $ 60/25 kg.

Parade: decorative plaster

«Fur Coat" from Parade is worth 55.6 $ / 15 kg, which puts this product in the medium price range.The manufacturer also offers a high-quality liquid wallpaper off the shelf without the need for dilution (the price of 59 $ / 15 kg, cheaper products Silk Plaster almost three times).In addition, Parade manufactures stucco imitating stone surface wax and glaze.A nice addition to the product lines - special primer for decorative plaster manufacturer - Parade PUTZGRUND G100 PROFESSIONAL (price $ 21 / 2.5 liters).

Stucco Oikos (Oikos)

Below are the technical specifications for decorative plaster line of the Ukrainian company Oikos - plaster Ottocento Antico Velluto (the price of $ 75.5 / 1 L) and plaster Travertino Romano (Price $ 25 / m, taking into account the cost of the material).

Photo 8 - Specifications plaster Ottocento Antico Velluto

Photo 8 - Specifications plaster Ottocento Antico Velluto

Photo 9 - Specifications plaster Travertino Romano

Photo 9 - Specifications plaster Travertino Romano

Plaster Derufa

«bark beetle" and catalog plant Derufa.Material cost - $ 26/15 kg.At sufficiently economical consumption of the mixture (1.3 kg / m²) the material is one of the most profitable to buy (mid-market).