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Types of plaster

For right choice of material is necessary to know types of plaster, their fundamental differences, and at least some characteristics of the product price.On what are the types of plaster and how much they cost - on.


  • types of plaster: Fundamentals
  • Types plaster structure:
  • Purpose and types of plasters by type of binder:
    • Mineral plaster cement-based plaster
    • acrylic, acrylic-based (polymer plaster)
    • Silicate plaster with a basis to "liquid" potash glass
    • silicone plaster on the basis of a silicone resin
  • Types of plaster on the method of applying
    • plasters for manual application
    • machine plasters
  • kinds of decorative plaster relief
    • plaster Venetian plaster
    • to other decorative plasters are:
  • Types of plaster: VIDEO
  • Special types of plasters

types of plaster:

basics necessary to distinguish textured plaster (stucco structure) of lubricative, t.e.ordinary plaster and wall finishing plaster - materials are different because different is the price for them.O

bmazochnaya thick plaster - base, and is used for leveling walls under the tiles, under tiles or painting.In other words, obmazochnye plaster - is the foundation, the preparatory layer, which is not a topcoat wall.Structural plaster is possible not only to create a decorative surface, at the same time and will be uneven vertical wall.This type of material is considered to finish.

textured plaster equally good both for internal works (decoration of walls, ceiling decoration and finishing of the interior design elements), and for the exterior (street textured plaster facade of buildings - the material is aesthetically attractive and high-impact).

detailed article about «textured plaster»

Photo 1 - Decorative glazing coated with a matte, glossy or pearl effect

Photo 1 - Decorative glazing coated with a matte, gloss or pearlescent

Species plasters share by type of binder, the structure of the coating on the fieldapplication, method of application.Types of plaster for quality rather difficult to identify, becauseeven purchasing costly mixture has all the chances to put the material without complying with all the technological requirements that will damage the surface of your budget and nerves.A cheap plaster does not always mean "poor quality."

TIP: If choosing not sure when buying guided by plaster average price category known brands.Do not skimp.Before buying an expensive plaster is better to consult an expert in advance (for example, decorative plaster Italian ("Venetian") can be expensive - the price of finishing plaster Imperiale is from $ 148/4 kg, at a rate of mixture - 0.20 kg / m²).

Types plaster structure:

  • curly plaster bark beetle (Reibeputs) - the price of $ 69.71 / 25 kg (FEIDAL);
  • coat (plaster Rollputz) - the price of $ 89.71 / 25 kg (FEIDAL);
  • plaster lamb (Kratzputs) - the price of $ 79.53 / 25 kg (FEIDAL);
  • plaster paint (Streichputs) - the price of $ 78.71 / 25 kg (FEIDAL)

textured coating depends on the size and shape of the particulate filler used in the instrument and processing methods of applying the material.

Photo 2 - Synthetic Venetian plaster, creating a mirror effect marble

Photo 2 - Synthetic Venetian plaster, creating a mirror effect marble

Purpose and types of plasters by type of binder:

Mineral plaster cement-based

It drywall - a mixture, which is necessary for the application of dilution with water.This type is used on almost all surfaces of mineral bases.A distinctive feature: it is water vapor permeable plaster, non-combustible material.Because cement plaster - a rational choice of material for the outer insulation.

Among cement-based plasters can distinguish subtypes:

  • cement-lime plaster (natural cement-lime plaster leveling the basis STARTVELL-21, the price of 5.9 $ / 25 kg leveling cement-lime plaster Polimin BC 1, the price of 3, $ 65/25 kg);
  • cement-sand plaster (stucco exterior waterproof cement for preliminary alignment of walls and ceilings Weber Vetonit TT, the price of 9.05 $ / 25 kg);
  • plaster - the easiest plaster (plaster Knauf universal environmental Rotband, price 9.2 $ / 30 kg).

Among gypsum plasters common subspecies - plaster starting (rough plaster), which can be used when working with durable and solid base in rooms with normal humidity as well as in kitchens and bathrooms to prepare the surface for further finishing (German simple plasterHP Home Knauf price 5.5 $ / 25 kg).

IMPORTANT! Despite the high degree of water resistance, in wet areas is a special sanitizing plaster, for example, Ceresit CR 62 WTA - hydrophobic plaster, price 40.6 $ / 25 kg.

I wonder what the people in the Soviet Union in the home due to the shortage of materials was a success so-called "Armenian plaster" - a homemade mixture of fine sawdust soaked with water and placed on a wall, then putty plaster.

acrylic plaster, acrylic-based (polymer plaster)

It is finished plaster, for the application of which does not require mixing due to the initial aqueous dispersion of the mixture.It can be applied to all kinds of mineral substrates, and also on the old coating dispersion.This type of mineral plasters inferior in terms of water vapor permeability, but the stability of the climate it is better.

example, Ceresit CT 64/2 (Cerezyme CT 64) granular acrylic textured plaster "bark beetle", the price of $ 40.8 / kg or 25 Kreisel ACRYLPUTZ / 2 (Kreisel Akrilputts) interior acrylic plaster "Kameshkovo", price 44.4$ / 25 kg or protective finishing plaster Dune (Dune) by Clavel - incombustible plaster odorless.

Photo 3 - Glossy plaster

Photo 3 - Glossy stucco

Silicate plaster with a basis to "liquid" potash glass

This compound is also sold as a finished product.Plaster with liquid glass, mineral substrates apart can be applied to the silicate coating.This type of plasters characterized by high vapor permeability.Colours modest than acrylic plasters, and the material is much more expensive polymer blends.Silicate plaster can be applied only over silicate primers.Repainting and repairing such coatings can only silicone or silicate materials.By Western standards, the use of this type of plaster is not allowed due to their relative toxicity.

example, CAPAROL Sylitol-Fassadenputz R 30 silicate plaster "bark beetle" (latex roller plaster), the price of 112 $ / 25 kg.

silicone plaster on the basis of a silicone resin

It is finished finishing plaster.Apply a plaster can be for all types of mineral substrates as well as old dispersion coatings;performance vapor permeability and water, soil release properties of the material is very high, because of all the above, this material - the most durable.A significant, but it is expected drawback: the high price.

example, Baumit SilikonTop / 1.5 (Baumit Silikontop) modeling silicone plaster "lamb" $ 87.65 / kg or 30 CAPAROL Amphisilan-Fassadenputz K 20 silicone "Kameshkovo" plaster 117.1 $ / 25 kg.

Photo 4 - Plastic structural plaster, creating a smooth reliefs

Photo 4 - Plastic structural plaster, creating a smooth reliefs

Types of plaster on the method of applying

plasters for manual application

Finishing plaster is mainly applied manually applied to the surface of the walls of plaster lighthouse, lighthouses dent in itand in between the slats snapped the basic structure, align the rule will be overwritten and grind.

example, plaster VOLMA-layer for manual application, the price of 9.1 $ / 30 kg.

machine plasters

These are special types of plasters for applying the solution by machine (in several layers at the thick-layer lining of the walls: the primary coating, and then - the main part).Machine method is suitable for large areas as well as in the case where the performance is of paramount importance.Such plasters are marked accordingly on the packaging: "MN".Machine plaster - a high-quality plaster, ie,as a result of the brigade customer receives a perfectly flat surface, the plaster cast, made in such manner, subject to the application of technology, does not crack.Machine plasters - is not only a wall decoration, but also ceiling (maximum 15 mm layer).

example, the plaster layer VOLMA-MN price 6.5 $ / 30 kg.

In addition, some plasters are suitable for manual and for machine application.

Photo 5 - Decorative plaster to the skin effect of wild animals

Photo 5 - Decorative plaster to the skin effect wildlife

Types of plaster Decorative plaster

, perhaps, the most expensive link in the series of finishing materials, but also the most attractive.Thanks to modern technology structural decorative plaster can mimic almost any surface, while retaining important physical properties: decorative plaster - it's mostly water-resistant breathable plaster, often washable and shockproof.

to decorative plasters include three types of materials:

  • type "plaster relief";
  • type of "Venetian plaster";
  • type "smooth finishing materials."

relief plaster

relief plaster - a durable material that can be applied to any surface, while the surface of the wall requires little or no preparation.

Because of the difference in the amount of pellets and grains that make up the relief plaster can create any kind of surface: rough plaster under the mud hut (Bousillage Rustique by Clavel, Rustic antique stucco imitating adobe, price $ 93.1 / 7 kg)under the skin of a crocodile (Safari by Clavel, the price of $ 158.7 / 5 kg), plaster-stone imitation (Riviera by Clavel, with fiber-plaster, the price of $ 146.25 / 25 kg or plaster Travertine - "plaster stone", which imitates travertineprice $ 184.1 / 25 kg), plastic plaster (Provence Antique by Clavel, the price of 261 $ / 25 kg, by the way, this plaster can simulate virtually any surface - and drizzle, and rose petals).Artificial surfaces with proper application techniques will be virtually indistinguishable from the natural: it does not matter, it will bark or noble marble.Incidentally, the Venetian - repellent plaster, so that the wet cleaning will not harm the expensive coverage.

Photo 6 - Decorative coating with the effect of sea foam

Photo 6 - Decorative coating with the effect of sea foam

Venetian plaster

Venetian plaster - a complex in the expensive decoration material, creating a truly unique surface.The beauty of Venetian in the optical effects created due to reflux of light in the layers of plaster.Unlike other single layer of plaster that does not finish: the volume is plaster, the number of layers which can be from 3 to 10!Venetian can simulate Marmur (plaster Trevignano (marble plaster), Veneto (glossy marble surface) by Clavel, price, respectively, 267 $ / 25 kg and 198.7 $ / 25 kg).

little cheaper Clavel is Venetian plaster VGT - $ 58.8 / 16 liters.

Venetian, as you might guess, is named so because of the geographical indication - after regeneration technology began to use it in Venice, and the method appeared long before - back in ancient Rome, because sometimes this kind of finish can be found by name as "Romanplaster. "

Photo 7 - textured plaster fiber-c, simulating the texture of natural stone

Photo 7 - textured plaster fiber-c, simulating the texture of natural stone

By location invention, a method of decorating the walls with plaster can also distinguish these types of finishes:

  • Munich plasters (acrylic dispersion with marble chips), the average price of 109$ / 25 kg;
  • Danish stucco (more commonly known as "liquid wallpaper"), the average price of $ 8.75 / 1 kg;
  • Moroccan plaster (glossy analogue Venetian), the average price of $ 135/5 kg;
  • Byzantine stucco (subspecies Venetian), the average price of $ 56/5 kg;
  • plaster-American (plaster "rain"), the average price of $ 26/7 kg.

Style Name plastering should not be confused with the geography of the location of production.For example, "French plaster" - goods TM Senideco or Blancor, Japan - synthetic plaster from the company Silk Road, Turkey - Siva plaster or stucco improved Bayramix.

Photo 8 - Natural Venetian plaster effect of polished marble

Photo 8 - Natural Venetian plaster with the effect of polished marble

to other decorative plasters are:

Pearl, "silk" plaster (Refecto by Clavel, thin-layer plaster for finishing, the price of $ 35.6 / kg 5), liquid plaster by a velvet or velor (Arabesco by Clavel, velvet art stucco, price $ 278/5 kg), a beautiful stucco with glossy-matte fancy pattern (Sabbia by Clavel, fine-grained plaster, price 117.18 $ / 25 kg)etc.

above it mainly was about ready plasters that do not require the addition of water and of a solution.Sure, they are more convenient to use than the dry mix, they do not need to paint and spend time on the batch.However, the dry

decorative plaster on the market are also popular.Basically, due to low availability.For example, Polymer decorative plaster "bark beetle» Ceresit CT 35 costs only $ 13.5 / 25 kg and warm stucco Diamant (Knauf) - 8.6 $ / 25 kg.

IMPORTANT! For insulating walls is also suitable "winter" vermiculite and perlite plaster, the price - from $ 8/25 kg.For warming the house is also suitable Warm plaster "Teddy Bear" (the price of $ 21.25 / 25 kg).

Photo 9 - Natural lime plaster Marmorella Stellar on the basis of special varieties of Italian marble with gold , silver and bronze patches

Photo 9 - Natural lime plaster Marmorella Stellar on the basis of special varieties of Italian marble with gold, silver and bronze patches

Types of plaster: VIDEO

Special types of plasters

to special types of plasters include finishingMaterials for facing surfaces carrying increased loads or in situations of particular risk.To finish of such objects can be used flame retardant (fire-resistant, heat-resistant), frost, rengtgenozaschitnaya, acoustic or water-resistant plaster (stucco waterproofing).

example, fire- and heat-resistant, heat-resistant modern plaster TFS-170 ByProc, the price of $ 8.75 / kg or 25 barite plaster X-ray protective FullMix, the price of $ 24.68 / 25 kg.

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