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Children's room: the subtleties of arrangement

Children's room or children's entertainment center - a perfect venue for leisure at the time of the child, while adults need to leave.

In our country, the business of gaming arrangement of closed areas for children in the shopping malls and major entertainment centers began to develop no more than 10 years ago. But today it is difficult to find an institution in which there would be, at least, a small children's corner.


  • Children's room: how it is beneficial
  • opening of a children's playroom: you need to do
  • Design children's playroom: the subtleties of arrangement
  • Children's play area for the house

Children's room:how it is beneficial


Photo 1 - Option Organization children's room

To open a children's playroom not need any license for educational activity, no proof of qualification of employees, and funds for the organization of this event will take much less thanthe opening of the development center or kindergarten.

For example, if the area of ​​the playroom will not

exceed 30 m² (while it should be up to 20 children every day), the cost may be around 10 thousand USD

This amount, by the way, includes:

  • pay repair (about 15% of the total);
  • purchase of equipment (about 65%);
  • rent (10%);
  • officially registered firms (5%);
  • wages of employees (5%).

The average monthly cost of care and maintenance of the site can be around 1500 USDThis profit can reach the mark of 3200 USDThus, we have approximately 1.5-1.6 million USDnet profit.

In the case of large areas, such as a game room with 70 m² (up to 70 children per day), the resettlement site will need about 31, 1 thousand USD, while the monthly cost would be approximately 2500 y.e., and the amount of income - 5200 USD

IMPORTANT!A favorable prognosis can come true only under the condition that everything for the playground you have chosen a profitable location (great cinema, supermarket, shopping mall and so on.).

children's playroom can also be arranged at the kids' store, but this group often does not bring profit institution, asUse nursery for children Visitor Center is free.

During the search space guided by the growth in demand of such services where there may be more likely target audience, thirsting to buy you an hour, two, three free time?For example, in the sleeping areas are not yet equipped children's backyard playground, your game room (especially in cold weather) may be almost the only available means of entertainment of the child.

opening of a children's playroom: you need to do

You must register a company in the tax office.There are two ways of registration: as a company or as FE.The last option - the best sincesuch registration cost will be cheaper, but in the future you'll get more financial opportunities (for example, the possibility of preferential tax regimes - UTII and USN and the patent form of taxation).

Decide NACE codes.It is better to specify: 92.7 (meaning: other activities, recreation and entertainment).

Register the company in the Pension Fund and other funds, vnebyudzhetnikah.

Get cash register / strict reporting forms (they must register with the tax authorities).

Give room intended for arranging the playroom, in accordance with the requirements of a legally and Rospotreba.

Design children's playroom: the subtleties of arrangement

Playground maze

Photo 2 - Children's labyrinth (20 square meters), prices from 5600 USD

for building children's playroom anew to reinvent the wheel is not necessary, and if we are not talking about the organization of a children's corner in the status institution (metropolitan restaurants, for example, copyright indulge closed gaming corners), you can buy children's maze of 20 m² (see. photo below) from 5600 USDThe waste also include the organization of the workplace for the employee lockers, or lockers for storage of things - it is about 400 USD

These spatial structures are often made to order for one month, but can be purchased ready-made (eg, sales).Game mazes can be as high as 100 m² or sold in the form of a platform 10 meters.The package may include mazes game slide, obstacle, the shaft passage, staircase, soft module elements for climbing, swimming pool with plastic balls and so on.

In the case of purchase, rather than buying a ready labyrinth design must be drawn up-Draft, under which manufactures and assembles object.

is important to consider the age limits and content of the object selected depending on the age group of potential visitor attractions: the mazes can combine both entertainment for children from 3 to 12 years, and be aimed at a particular age.

If we talk about a playroom for the little ones (from 1.5 to 4.5 years), it must involve a seating area with padded toys, various emerging designers (required major parts!), Tables for creativity and so forth. SuchCorners can be installed by parents in the kindergarten as an alternative to outdated playground.

How can we organize the playroom?

Photo 3 - Example of a kindergarten playroom

Children's play area for the house

any child's room Interior shall mean the area for games.Everything else - the subjective: it will play a more active or quiet, educational games, how much space you can take to organize such a playing area - 2 m², or in the room of 12-36 m², how much to spend, etc.

In the case of overlapping, remember that the child should be strictly observed:

  • area of ​​sleep and rest;
  • play area;
  • area of ​​the workplace;
  • dressing area.

Thus combining the first and second items are not recommended for one simple reason: the game berth you will only provoke the child to the activity at the time when it is time to turn off the light.Although, I confess, sometimes sleeper so succinctly woven into the interior of the game that you can let your child pretend to be Mowgli, lying down to sleep in a tree house, or go to Madagascar in search of treasure on a huge bed-ship.

Games children

Photo 4 - Games children's room in a nautical theme

Zone in nautical style

Photo 5 - Sea style in the design of the play area in the nursery

Moreover, the "gaming zone" does not necessarily have to be impenetrable "jungle" with a thousanddecorative elements, sometimes enough and boards for painting, ladder rungs, or that it is possible to make their own hands and without prompting designers.

Board diversifies the interior of child

Photo 6 - Blackboard in interior nursery

Allow the child to draw on the walls of children

Photo 7 - One of the best entertainment of the child - drawing on the walls

As for ideas for arranging children's play area at home, their designers abound:

As organizovut play area in the nursery?

Photo 8 - Idea organizations play area children's room

The original design of children

Photo 9 - The implementation of a design project in the interior of child

How to share in the children

Photo 10 - Separate game and sitting area in the nursery

How to combine the bedroom and play area?

Photo 11 - Simple alignment option.Sleeping area and a play in the form of slides