Commercial Property

Office advertising company.

Advertisers - people creative, with an unusual approach to life and creative vision of the world.For them, the imagination - is a reality that they create at your desk.Therefore, it is important that the working environment has stimulated the generation of creative ideas, inspiring and adjusts to the fruitful work.

When drafting an advertising campaign office interior design studio "Egoist" is focused on creating an environment where creativity and creative reigns.To this end, the designers used bright colors, plasterboard construction, glass partitions, plastic and wood, lots of light, decorative accessories and original elements.

Office of Artistic and creative ideas

For Office advertising company designers have picked up a bright range: beige, milky.Neutral colors do not distract from the work process, do not tire, set to a positive mood and long work.Therefore, the core staff designers have provided bright open offices, like the box.In each such office is two jobs submitted a table and chair

s, upholstered ottomans and shelves for storage of documents.

Creative office

Photo 1 - Creative office

large space allocated for reception and ritsepshina.To create a light atmosphere designers used wheat-beige shades and bright lighting.The walls are decorated with bright paintings designers with an advertising character.For visitors provided black leather chair, which is located near the coffee table.Area ritsepshina fringed brown glossy tiles.Ritsepshin behind which is the office manager of an advertising company, made of light-brown wood.

Area ritsepshina

Photo 2 - Zone ritsepshina

For two conference rooms equipped with glass designers offices.They are compact to fit more tables and chairs, red and gray, as well as a plasma screen for presentations and the necessary equipment.Originally decorated ceiling imitating a wooden surface.It mounted little lamps and funny lamps, reminiscent of the molecule.When making the office of the advertising company designers also used the abundance of various green plants in large pots glossy.

Glass offices

Photo 3 - Glass offices

Design Office advertising company to be very bright, positive and imbued with the spirit of creativity, imagination and originality.

photo materials provided by design studio "Egoist»