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The ceiling is made of plastic: step by step installation manual

When the question of the budget repair is acute, it is necessary to look for compromises.Most often, a reduction in wastage of materials and wages and salaries fall exactly ceiling work.If the alignment of the ceiling plaster you can not afford it, consider making the ceiling of plastic.

Figure 1 - Installation of ceiling.

Figure 1 - Installation of ceiling.The scheme works


  • Installation of plastic on the ceiling: the advantages
  • Mounting plastic ceiling
  • installation guide profiles
  • Install hangers and ceiling profile
  • Filing plastic panels and installation of ceiling moldings
  • Council of Masters
  • plastic ceiling with his hands: VIDEO
  • plastic panels for ceiling: the price

Installation of plastic on the ceiling: the advantages

Plastic, mainly chosen for finishing non-residential buildings as a stylistically neutral surface of the ceiling.

The apartments and cottages plastic - a favorite material for finishing ceilings in bathrooms, at least - in the kitchen.

material is not afraid o

f water, and frequent changes in temperature, when the organization is well-ventilated premises are not moldy, do not take a lot of ceiling height.Plastic easy to collect and, if necessary, make out.Plus: there is a possibility sectional replacement of damaged ceiling coverings , which undoubtedly reduces the cost of secondary repair.

However, one of the main benefits of redeeming ceilings of plastic lining - cheapness.

Judge: plastic panels from the ceiling is an average of $ 3.5-5 / m (the price includes the purchase of materials and assembly of the ceiling), the cost per square meter of material - from $ 1.7.

The cost sheet for finishing ceilings of GCR is $ 7,5-8,2 (approximately 3 m²) to set the plasterboard will have to pay another $ 4 / m, and buy additional adhesive mixture and the profile (with mounting platesdrywall to the frame), reinforcing mesh and plaster for the treatment of joints sheets.It turns out a solid difference: $ 3.5-5 / m for finishing plastic and almost $ 9 / m² for finishing drywall to the frame.

Photo 1 - Installation of ceiling moldings

Photo 1 - Installation of ceiling moldings

Mounting plastic ceiling

ceiling of plastic panels, in fact, this mixture of lath and plaster ceiling.From the latest in mounting the plastic frame using the system of organization, plus the finishing process is very similar to installing the rails.

Installation Steps plastic ceiling:

  • installation guide profiles;
  • installing hangers;
  • ceiling installation profile;
  • installation of plastic panels;
  • installation of ceiling moldings.

installation guide profiles

1. Back down from the ceiling of 7-10 cm and fix the guide profile on the perimeter.

IMPORTANT! gap of up to 10 cm is necessary to start up later under the plastic ceiling electrical wires and install recessed lighting fixtures.

2. For accurate measurement, use a laser level.

3. When installing the ceiling of a plastic lining do you do in rooms where the walls are decorated with ceramic tiles, installation guide profile can be somewhat complicated: to drill the mounting holes in the tile directly through the guide rail can not be - can put together ceramics.A bar in this case special drill drill on the markup, and only then into the prepared holes fix the profile.

4. If in doubt the reliability of fixing and that will stand the weight of the rail mountable design, use anchor nails of at least 60 mm.

5. Step mounting profile on the ceiling must be at least 50 cm.

IMPORTANT! When using anchor nails on the tile they should not clog, and wrap.

Photo 2 - headlining panels on the frame

Photo 2 - headlining panels on the frame

Install hangers and ceiling profile

ceiling profiles must be installed perpendicular to the arrangement of the panels of the plastic lining.

1. profile cut to the desired length, is inserted into the guide profile.

2. Perform markup future mounting hangers.

IMPORTANT! Note: the profile should not take place at the points of installation recessed luminaires!Also, the guide and ceiling profiles should not be fastened with screws, assuch fastening the plinth to the ceiling exactly will not.

3. Pendants can also be mounted with dowels nails.

IMPORTANT! If you get a nail dowel into the cavity ceiling ceiling fixture can be hard to keep.To solve this problem, you can, using special anchors for ceiling (or do dowels and screws, if the anchor at hand was not).

4. ceiling profile components should be located at a distance of no more than 30-40 cm from each other.Even without the installation of cross rails to collect a frame with your hands can be tough and durable.

Photo 3 - Plastic ceiling in a country house

Photo 3 - Plastic ceiling in a country house

Filing plastic panels and installation of ceiling moldings

Before installing plastic slats or panels need to spend at the implement frame stream all the necessary communications.After installation of the plastic to make the wiring, or the lamp can also be set.Panel plastic ceiling - not cloth seamless, dismantling of the panels you will have the opportunity to correct deficiencies.However, this extra work.

1. On three of the four walls of the set ceiling moldings: on one wall parallel to the baseboard put panels, two others - perpendicular.

2. plastic panels of the first row sawed to size and inserted into the baseboard.The opposite side of the panel must be secured with screws to the ceiling profile.

3. next panel for the first mounted in an open slot, and securing the other end of the screws to the profile.

4. The work concludes with the ceiling moldings to the fourth wall.

So you can mount not just a simple ceiling, and a two-tiered.The difference in the work will be only in a framework of complexity facilities.

Council of Masters

1. installation of plastic panels on the ceiling to perform better together.Another pair of hands in this case will never be superfluous.

2. plinth to secure the plastic panels must be special - mounting rather than decorative. This baseboard must be slots for installing panels.

3. plinth fixed to the guide screws on the perimeter.However, the last wall in the completion of the installation it is attached liquid nails

4. Carefully operate the screws to avoid damage to the plastic panels.When fastening screw screwdriver keep strictly perpendicular profile.

Photo 4 - Plastic rack ceiling in the bathroom

Photo 4 - Plastic rack ceiling in the bathroom


ceiling of plastic panels - a solution not only to repair the toilet / on the balcony, but also in the bedroom.However, in the view of these ceilings must be different: in the first case to be relevant plastic slats, and the second - plastic plate.The photo below shows examples of how plastic suspended ceilings can be used in different rooms of the apartment.

If you are going to sheathe the ceiling surface of the plastic, remember that the main thing for ceilings of living rooms - not granulate with wide panels.

to room did not look cheap, better to choose a plastic panel width ot40-60 cm. White plastic majority with finished sanitary facilities.But the panel embossed, painted in tone, say, different types of wood may hide the budget nature repair the ceiling.Watching such as good painting or papering the ceiling wallpaper.

plastic ceiling with his hands: VIDEO

plastic panels for ceiling: the price

How much is a particular type of plastic panels depends on the technical parameters of the panel: the size and thickness of the section.Standard

lining (rake) is about 10 cm in width and 9 mm in thickness.The cost of this - $ 2.1 / m².

panels that mimic natural materials or painted in a certain color are more expensive: for example, the panel "Lux" color "chocolate" with the parameters of 0.1 m / 6 m / 8mm costs around $ 4 / m², the panel "Ash" in the parameters0.25 m / 6 m / 8 mm is 4.5 $ / m².

Sales also have higher quality for the type of plastic to the ceiling.Price starts from a $ 5-5.5 / m².Speech on the bunk plastic lacquer oak (0.25 m / 6 m / 9 mm) and mirror plastic plates (0.25 m / s to 6 m / 4 mm).