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The ceiling is made of cloth - to be or not to be

When the ceiling is significant irregularities, have to find an alternative to plaster.One of the best one for quick alignment of the ceiling - suspended ceilings.Fabric or PVC, they are mounted "no sweat" and create a nice, smooth surface.The ceiling of the tissue is less common than film, due to the fact that far fewer firms are engaged in its production.

Basically the market supply of fabric ceiling is formed by such trademarks as the German Descor, Clipso Swiss and Italian Cerutti.Besides fabrics have ceilings and other features.

Photo 1 - seamless fabric suspended ceiling Clipso

Photo 1 - seamless fabric suspended ceiling Clipso


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fabric ceilings

  • Despite the fact that the fabric is a synthetic material with special impregnation, manufacturers are positioning it as more eco-friendly material (compared to PVC).Product Safety European firms confirmed the findings of exam
    inations and certificates.
  • Fabric ceilings - seamless in the width of the room up to 5 m. In larger web width connected that does not spoil the appearance of the ceiling.
  • material is much stronger than the film more resistant to damage, resistant to temperature, not afraid of overheating and frost.
  • To install a ceiling does not require heating of the material and facilities.
  • Most fabrics can be dyed (and even repainted several times), there is the possibility of applying printing.
Photo 2 - Fabric Ceiling Cerutti

Photo 2 - Fabric Ceiling Cerutti

Disadvantages fabric ceilings

  • high cost.
  • small selection of colors: mostly pastel range, most of the color and appearance of whitewash.
  • Basically the fabric is not moisture resistant: even if the fabric with special impregnation hold water, it will still get wet and after drying would be unsightly.
  • need for more frequent and more thorough cleaning: the fabric is easier to smear the film and also absorbs odors.

thus uniquely hard to say which is better ceilings PVC or fabric: and they both have their pros and cons, and both good and not-so reviews.

Based on the properties of fabric ceilings, they can be recommended for dry rooms in which there is a clear threat to the flow of the ceiling, such as living room, bedroom and children.

Photo 3 - Stretch ceiling Clipso

Photo 3 - Stretch ceiling Clipso

Installation fabric ceilings

As already mentioned, the installation of fabric ceilings not require heating, so you can install the fabric ceiling with his hands.In addition to the very fabric need special accessories - plastic moldings, clothespins tissue ceilings, dowels and screws for attaching them and a special spatula to fill the fabric prints.

Unlike harpoon fastening systems PVC ceiling, fabric ceiling does not require precise patterns.

Fabric ordered to 15 cm wider and longer than the ceiling area, baguettes - the size of the perimeter of the ceiling.

First the perimeter markings stretch ceiling: the measurements are made at the level put labels kicking line using paint cord.As noted lines installed baguettes: holes drilled in the wall and a baguette, the wall anchors are hammered into which screws are screwed baguettes. before installing them is measured length of baguette on each wall and the joints baguette is cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

canvas mounted prints from the middle of each side.First fastening web runs every 50 cm, and then around the perimeter.When ready, cut off the excess fabric.

Photo 4 - Drapery fabric walls and ceiling

Photo 4 - Drapery fabric walls and ceiling

drapery fabric ceiling

Fabric ceiling with their hands - it's not just stretch fabric ceiling.One of the oldest methods of home decoration - decorating cloth.

Making the ceiling with a cloth can be performed with the use of improvised means: for beautiful draping from the center to the edges of the room, you can use a small round hoop attached to the lamp and the wall mount and ceiling fit hooks, fishing line, tape, rail, clipsetc.

decor fabric should be light, especially beautiful translucent fabric.The fabric may hang loosely, only partially covering the ceiling, can be thick upholstered ceiling and other options.

Fabric ceilings - price

cost ceiling drapes will depend on the selected material.Keep in mind that the need for decorating fabric-piece seamless otrez, or rather roll of fabric.

Price Deskor tissue stretch ceiling - from 800 rubles per square meter (material + installation).Purchase separately fabric Deskor small wholesale will cost from 285 rubles per square meter.