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Mirrored ceilings


  • Brief description of mirrored ceilings
  • Mounting mirrored ceilings
  • Decorating mirrored ceiling
  • Types mirror surface for finishing ceilings ceiling
  • What better - matte or glossy?
  • mirrored ceiling: the price
  • How much is the installation of mirrored ceilings?

Brief description of mirrored ceilings Mirrored ceilings

relevant in office and residential buildings: lobbies, restaurants, gaming halls, swimming pools or bathrooms will look, first of all, more and more light, and secondly,presentable.Mirrored panels are practical: they are easy to install and ventilation grille and fire safety system.

ceiling mirror you can not simply expand the room and visually smooth the serious defects: the curvature of the walls, irregularly shaped ceiling recesses or projections on its surface.

Photo 1 - mirrored ceiling in the bathroom

Photo 1 - mirrored ceiling in the toilet

The decoration can be used not only standard colorless glass, but also blue, bronze, gray, green, blue, pink mirror, tinted mirror, and the mirror in t

he style of "Antique".

mirror plate size can vary depending on the customer's wishes and peculiarities of the room in which is mounted ceiling.

sale, of course, there are the standard mirrored tiles.So, you can buy a square plate with a length of 292, 395, 495, 595, 895 and 1195 cm, as well as the size of the rectangular section 295h595 and 295h895 cm.

Photo 2 - Mount the mirrored ceiling in public areas such as salesrooms or casino - to make the right decision

Photo 2 - Mount the mirrored ceiling in public areas such as salesroomsor casino - to make the right decision

Regardless of color or size, these plates are versatile and have the same mounting system, because different options to combine several colors and sizes, as well as other types of ceiling (cassette, suspended ceilings).In addition to the standard installation, the installation of panels on the ceiling mirror can be made on the diagonal.

Optionally mirror plate can have a facet - beveled and polished granite on the perimeter section.Since the ceiling will look noble.

Photo 3 - The mirror in the hallway ceiling

Photo 3 - a mirrored ceiling in the hallway

Mounting mirrored ceilings

to the basic ceiling mirror mounted using a universal suspension system T-24 and T-15 (pr-va Donn (Germany), Geipel (Germany) and Armstrong (England), Albes (Russia)).The fastening system can also be of several colors: painted chrome, gold (gloss and matt), metallic (silver), the color of the "raspberry", have a black or classic white.

visibility settings of the guide:

  • T-24 - 24 mm;
  • T-15 - 15 mm.

Length guide:

  • primary carrier rail - 3.7 m;
  • intermediate rails - 1.2 m, 0.9 m and 0,6-0,3 m.

Universal fitting must be fixed to the base ceiling with special hangers.

IMPORTANT! For those ceilings are not given something reliable, it is important to be aware that one such suspension on each square meter of the ceiling is able to withstand a load of 30 kg.

After fixing the main guide profile to it by means of special quick-release locks secure the intermediate rails (the locks are on the terminals strips).

Photo 4 - a mirrored ceiling with a colorless pattern

Photo 4 - a mirrored ceiling with a colorless pattern

ceiling mounting system allows you to hide any underceiling engineering services: air and water pipes, elektrotrassy.

also include undoubted advantages of such ceiling - the ability to easily replace damaged sections.If necessary, you can make out with his hands hanging mirrored ceiling, gaining access to the base ceiling, to conduct any repair work, and raise the ceiling again.

Decorating mirrored ceiling

addition to selecting colors and decorate facet mirror ceiling can also be patterned on the glass, made in different techniques work.

There are several types of decorative pattern applied to the mirror, among them - a colorless and colored drawing.

colorless figure represents an image without filling the varnish, the color of the main receiving light: when the green backlight will get greenish images when blue - blue.

colored pattern is created on the basis of a colorless.The difference between them - in the pouring of the base image with special paints with pigments.The color pattern on the ceiling mirror and looks brighter and bigger.

Types mirror surface for finishing ceilings


  • mirror reflective surface with a natural mirror image;
  • mirror matt surface is completely matte with the possibility of color in various colors;
  • translucent glass surface is made of frosted glass (for buildings, requiring a soft matte coverage).

IMPORTANT!On translucent frosted glass, you can leave a colorless figure, which would give the appearance of the ceiling of restraint and elegance.

Photo 5 - Seamless mirrored ceilings

Photo 5 - Seamless mirrored ceilings

Standard types pattern applied to the surface of the mirror:

  • drawing "straight edge";
  • drawing "corner edge";
  • drawing "fragment";
  • images and centered;
  • drawing done around the holes for lighting devices.

ceiling What is better - matte or glossy?

Glossy give more glare and reflections, frosted easier to clean and they look restrained.So it all boils down basically to the taste of the buyer.

functional or technical differences between these mirror panels there.

mirrored ceiling: the price

Buy mirror panels can be as low as 35 $ / panel 600 by 600 mm.

How much is the installation of mirrored ceilings?

in Moscow - from 370 rubles. / M²;

in Kiev - from 75 UAH. / M².