Shutters for garage doors

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Garage ... the magic word for every motorist.I would like to home favorite car was cozy, beautiful, comfortable, and gates shutters fully meet these demands, because there in the garage doorways more often.In this type of door a lot of advantages, but there are drawbacks.All this we will discuss in this article to determine the choice, enjoy the purchase and delight your car take care of it.


  1. How are garage gate shutters shutters
  2. advantages over other types of gates
  3. Installing shutters gates roller shutters
  4. Select automatic or manual?
  5. Pros and cons shutters

How are garage doors Shutters Blinds

very active part of our modern life, moved from Europe and the United States, where they are used everywhere.The broad Russian soul and the gates to the garage loved wide - opening them, we engage not only the part that is designed specifically for entry of the machine, but also by two meters on each side.Now, with the increasi

ng number of cars and the high price of land, the luxury can afford not all.A metal shutters solve the problem of the place - they practically do not take it.

name "shutters" consists of two words: the British roll - «roll" and Russian "shutters".This gate is easily rolled up above the door and hide in a special box.

consist of

  • separate rolling profiles (lamellae are also called), connected in a continuous flexible web,
  • special hinges that hold it,
  • guides movement,
  • fixing components (key lock switchhandle, remote control).

shutters are made of three materials:

  • steel
  • aluminum
  • plastic

the first time they were made to protect the windows.The idea caught on, and like the great came to the gate.However, the shutters for garage does not make plastic, but steel and aluminum are used everywhere.

Steel shutters reliable, durable, well protected against the ingress of the gate, as well as rain, snow, neighborhood curiosity.Steel durable aluminum bending and cumbersome to attempt to damage the fabric.Sometimes, if the car is worth, shutters made of armored steel.On the steel shutters garage price significantly higher - a minus.

Aluminium gates also work well, they are lightweight, durable, reliable.And the cost is quite reasonable.They are cheaper than the steel shutters, durable, because they do not rust and are more convenient to use just because of its low weight.

advantages over other types of roller shutter gates

shutters favorably with other types of gates.As mentioned above, they occupy significantly less space than the conventional garage doors.

They protect the garage from intruders.Insurers even the cost of premiums for insurance for these garages gate lower.Also unexpected but pleasant advantage.

If you need some adjustment, the components for roller blinds is not difficult to buy.

Since aluminum from which most often are made shutters, painted in different colors, such as the gates remarkably fit into the architecture of the building, and in general outdoor ensemble.

are close to roller shutters, sectional gates, made of sandwich panels with a polyurethane foam layer between the panels.They are not as mobile as gates roller shutters, but retain heat.Now shutters and sectional doors are about the same demand in Russia.

Installing shutters gates

install shutters should preferably specialist, although with this particular difficulty does not arise, and a person who knows how to handle construction tools.If you are a long time in the garage gate shutters repair them too narrow profile does not require knowledge.

roll has a width of 70 to 140mm, depending on the garage opening.To the canvas was more reliable and sound insulation, using polyurethane foam it is more profitable in terms of strength.Guides are fixed so as to be opened the gate, either the movement from top to bottom (usually), or - the right-to-left (you can on the contrary, left to right).When you minimize the roll falls into the compact rectangular box.This box, if it is located on top, it took at least 25-30cm that should be considered when planning such a goal.Under the guide must be removed from both sides of 15 cm.

Select Blinds automatic or manual?

shutters should rise and fall (go to shift if they are horizontal) with a lever.In some models, this lever works with a manual drive, in others - from electronics.Pros and cons are obvious: manual control heavier, but cheaper, with a remote control - everything is much easier and more expensive.

device manual drive:

The device manual drive

shutters are closed in both cases by means of locks - sliding crossbars on the last slat.

The automatic drive:

The automatic drive

Recently manual closing doors is increasingly giving way to automatic.The same "principle of laziness", as with the TV remote control: just press a button!

Works Automatic electricity.If it is shut off, the shutters are automatically unlocked with a special key.Speed ​​to complete closing of the gates - for about three seconds.Few bother to electronic shutters price - with electronic gate drive cost about $ 350.

problem occurs if the garage walk children or pets - they can get under the automatic gates shutters at the time of their movement.To avoid this from happening, inserted into the web motion sensors.Yes, it's expensive, but it will help to avoid accidents.The price of such sensors is about a third of the cost of the entire leaf shutters.

Pros and cons shutters

shutters appeared in our country not so long ago, but have already found their admirers and private buildings, and in the shops, at work, in stores, garage cooperatives.Because of the ideal in the world does not exist, shutters have their advantages and disadvantages.When you purchase is necessary to assess and weigh all that later just enjoy your purchase.

shutters Pros:

  • Compact and the ability to install in any doorway.The only exception - the web can not be infinite, it is not put in the garage more than four meters, and garages are - a rarity.

  • Burglar.This property is the first to note when choosing this type of gate.In addition, shutters can be equipped with alarms.

  • Practicality.The gates do not require much care, lubricants, paint and more.

  • design solutions.Roller shutters - is a beautiful, stylish, fashionable, expensive.Any architectural style of the building is well suited for installation.

shutters Cons:

  • shutters can not be used in a warm room as a door.They miss the outdoor air is easy.Their task - to guard the entrance, because preferably non-insulated garage or the installation from the street or from inside the usual gate.However, the latest version of the cost is not justified.

  • freezing of slats and mechanisms of movement.In winter, when the moisture easily passes through the gap between the metal slats in the web, on shutters can accumulate ice and raise them is problematic.Because first you need to knock on the canvas, knocking icicles, and then open it.Preferred canopy over the garage doors of such freezing.To obey the locks can hold the power cable under the gate.A mechanism for the movement to use a special spray.

  • garage shutters on the price is quite high.Even minimal installation costs of the gate with manual transmission are not cheap, and all sorts of extra features, such as auto-up / down and stop probes, the price is added.

In general, motorists still prefer shutters in their garages: practical, reliable and easy to open / close the gate.