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So what is your style of minimalism?

Leaving chaos and confusion to the outside world, minimalism in the interior can convey absolute calm.

Minimalism translated as living with less: less color, less glare, less visual noise, less - good.It is not a sensory deprivation or ruthless cleaning, it has more to do with the choice to focus on a few elements that are really in need of love, not an excess of senseless objects.Why does it work?People tend to crave a minimalist style or hate it.

If you are in a building that attracts you?Most likely, you are attracted to the simplicity and convenience of a calm air.In a troubled world, to find a soothing oasis of calm is very difficult.Your attention is such an oasis, and you will not believe it, maybe somebody's workplace.

Tranquility in style and minimalism

Photo 1 - Calm minimalist

Minimalism suggests contraction.Back to basic necessities, especially when it is a workplace and it begins with the harvesting of excess clutter.If you have a stripped-down look, it's probably from the beginning you do not have redundant attri

butes.Everything has to be necessary and practical.Sweep "debris" from the table, remove the unnecessary huge paintings and fabric, carpets and roll with a couple decide color of the walls and determine the place for one of the outstanding works of art.This is perfectly acceptable, even say it is desirable to have a minimalist space of a single object no harm in it.As in this room, to give individuality created several accents: a bold olive green walls, high-gloss surfaces of wooden furniture, a few bright parts on the shelves, favorable light.

The cozy interior

Photo 2 - The cozy interior

Furniture introduced into the space with a minimalist style must be careful to ensure that most of its visual appeal.Think about what's important in your room.You need three tables and a couple of sofas?With a minimal amount of furniture you have to have everything in order to maintain an optimal level of livability, especially if it's working office.Once you decide what to keep and what to skip, review seating, tables, case goods, and other parts, which are sleek, pared-down profile and lack of ornamentation.

Minimalism does not mean uncomfortable - there is no need to perch on hard chairs.Look at the picture, you see something like that?There are not enough well-matched in style sofa, modern design coffee table and a few high chairs for receptions and all these things will allow you and your guests to relax with ease.

Matched sofa, designer coffee table and high stools

Photo 3 - to pick up a sofa, designer coffee table and high chairs

create a lot of visual activity, even in the absence of trinkets possible by color.Select restrained neutral, which are gentle on the eyes.White is the quintessential minimalist color, but not crystal clear, as cream, beige and perhaps even hacks.If you crave more expressive stroke of color, try without disturbing the guests in the room too far, making a space not too much "cosmetic."Hang up, as in the photo, a few small photos above the sofa.

You can not leave your windows completely naked?If you need to add processing windows make it possible to form a unit, such as matches blinds.If the rest of your space is very streamlined, you could implement a simple curtain, but make sure they are made of thick fabric in the color, which does not stop the eye.But back to our subject, this is the best zanaveshivanie windows and even more so because it is beneficial and absolutely not intrusive high frame colors.

photo materials provided by design studio "Egoist»