Commercial Property

Store Polo Ralph Lauren

original design project Developed by "Egoist" Clothing "Polo" in the shopping center "Passage".The interior of the store requires a bright juicy notes of design, glossy surfaces, plenty of mirrors, niches and shelves.

Much attention is paid to lighting designers.Multiple lights make the room refreshing and is located on the purchase of goods.By combining bright colors with cool undertones, the store created a cheerful and positive atmosphere.The design meets all requirements of store of fashionable and stylish clothes.Using the play of light and color, marketing approaches, the designers created a modern interior, which, on the one hand, does not impose anything, and does not distract, but on the other hand, encourages customers to act.

Trade Hall stylish and fashionable clothes

When designing a trading floor designers have tried to use the most functional space.To visitors was comfortable and pleasant to choose clothes, the designers have taken care of the convenient location of shelves and nic

hes.Built into the walls, they do not clutter up the space.Furthermore, shelves capacious and practical to use.

The design of the trading floor

Photo 1 - Design a trading hall

Since it is a fashion store with a wide range, the design involves not only an abundance of niches and shelves, but also, racks, cabinets and tables.All pieces of furniture are arranged so that buyers immediately drew attention to the clothes that they are.The availability of space for the vendor that will host the cash register, laptop or other equipment and materials needed to fix the sales and customer service.Above the seller designers drew up a large emblem of the store.

Practical arrangement of furniture

Photo 2 - Practical arrangement of furniture

To make the walls, floor and ceiling designers chose a combination of bright red color with a light beige tone.The surface looks shiny and reflective.Through the center of the room held a red band, the remaining space decorate beige.The ceiling is encased many small lamps, so the store shines and shimmers.On the walls hang small paintings with thematic amusing drawings.The room has many mirrors, so that customers could see themselves from different angles and at different angles.Dressing room designers have placed at the very end of the hall.

photo materials provided by design studio "Egoist»