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World of relaxation and comfort.

Each of us wants to be happy to spend their free time.Go to a cafe, where you are surrounded by the atmosphere of relaxation.We asked, and this is possible?To create an atmosphere of relaxation in a cafe or restaurant, you must use a different design solutions that would bring a certain mood.This is possible only if clear idea of ​​the interior, as well as an artistic image of the room.All of this is determined by the location of the institution, as well as its name, which plays an important role in determining the design of the interior.

offer to evaluate the design solution for the arrangement of the cafe "Chocolate".


  • Joy chocolate lovers
  • modern bathroom
  • dressing room before the bathroom
  • Hall "Provence»

Joy chocolate lovers

room full of white and chocolate shades.The atmosphere is not loaded.Area for meals and relaxation is located on the perimeter of the walls in the form of comfortable couches and large tables with lighting.Interesting idea designer also displayed in

racks on the walls, in the form of large paintings associated with chocolate, coffee and gourmet drinks.Lighting is not noticeable, but very original, it converts in the room atmosphere of relaxation.This room is for true chocolate lovers everything they love around them here.

The ideal decoration of the hall for chocolate lovers

Photo 1 - The perfect decoration of the hall for chocolate lovers

modern bathroom

bathroom is executed in a minimalist style.Near the door that serves area for hand washing, and also hosts a large mirror, and a mount for hand towels.One of the bathrooms is executed in white color, the second white chocolate flowed.Doors bright colors with glass matting inserts.The two bathrooms are quite comfortable in their placement within, nothing more.

Two design options combined bathroom

Photo 2 - Two design options combined bathroom

dressing room before the bathroom walls

executed differently.One wall is completely mirrored, and the second with the image of the city in black and white colors.Near the mirror wall are three padded stools and white chocolate color, as the three parts of the chocolate bar.The room itself is filled with gray - white shades.Being in this room, you find yourself in a completely different country.

Beautiful design to the changing room toilet

Photo 3 - beautifully decorated waiting room before the bathroom

Hall "Provence»

Provence - one of the most beautiful historical areas of France, where most tourists like to stay, what to enjoy this unforgettable atmosphere.Hall of who have not traveled to the sea and abroad.Visits feeling that you are on the streets of France.The designer is conveyed in the design of the two walls, which depict landscapes in black and white colors.Furniture classic style tender bright colors, good lighting, are placed on the walls of the old photos of streets in France.Paul filled chocolate shade flooring, which supports the idea of ​​the name of the cafe.

The hall with the atmosphere of France

Photo 4 - Lounge with an atmosphere of France

photo materials provided by design studio "Egoist»